A Witch and Her Cat

A Witch and Her Cat

A Story by Elle M.

The bond between a witch and their familiar...


Tessa plopped down in the center of her magic circle. The spell failed again, after the sixth try. Tessa let out a sigh; she was exhausted from trying time after time. She stood up and closed her circle. Tessa rubbed her eyes trying to get rid of the tired feeling from staying up till three in the morning working magic. She blew out her candles reorganized her alter and dragged herself into the kitchen. "Tessa," Tessa jumped at the sound of her mother's voice. 

"Mom, what are you doing up so early?" Tessa pulled her long brown hair out of her eyes. Her mother sighed and looked down on the counter. A large Smokey grey cat sat on the counter in front of her mom purring as her mother stroked its long fur. "Grey woke me up; apparently someone was practicing magic in my den without permission."  

Tessa bit her lip and folded her hands behind her back. "I'm sorry mama, it's just-" Tessa was cut off by Grey's meow. He stood up and jumped off the counter, he disappeared out into the hallway. "You’re trying to find your animal guide still aren't you?"

Tessa nodded, "Yes ma'am, I just want a familiar so bad."

"Have you tried contacting it threw dreams." 

Tessa nodded, "I haven't had a dream every time I tried, for some reason they just won’t show themselves." 

"All in good time baby, your guide will show themselves when you need them." 

"But when-"

Grey's meowing distracted them from their conversation. Tessa craned her neck to see Grey sitting by the front door. He stood up on his hind legs, pawing at the door and meowing loudly. "What on earth is he meowing at?" Tessa's mother headed for the door with Tessa following close behind. Tessa's mom looked down at her companion who looked back with beautiful blue eyes. "Mom," Tessa froze in the hallway and leaned against the wall watching her mom and her familiar eyeing each other. "Tessa," Her mom looked back at her with a smile on her face, "I think your dream just came true." her mom slowly twisted the door knob and the door creaked open. 

Tessa's eyes lit up as a tiny tortishell looked past her mom and Grey and stared directly at her. She was tiny probably no older than two or three months and her olive green eyes were bright with personality. She was skinny and wet from the early morning rain. Tessa ran for bathroom and grabbed a fresh towel. The kitten was still sitting in the doorway, shivering in the cold. Tessa stopped short in the hallway waiting for her mom to give the kitten permission to enter. The kitten looked up at Tessa's mom who nodded, "I invite you in, welcome." with a wave of her hand she welcomed the kitten in. She came in immediately, paw over paw and stopped in front of Tessa, she noticed the tiny kitten had no tail as well, a Manx, her favorite breed. They made eye contact as Tessa slowly bent down to scoop up the kitten. The kitten purred as Tessa wrapped her in the towel and dried her fur. 

Tessa smiled at her mom who smiled back, she knew she had found her familiar. 


~~4 years later~~

Tessa could feel the energy swirling around her as she meditated in the center of her magic circle, her familiar asleep soundly in her lap. "Tessa!" her mother’s voice snapped her out of her concentration. Her mother stood in the door way with Grey at her feet. "I'm going out for a little bit to go shopping. I'll be back in about an hour, do you need anything?" 

Tessa shook her head, "No I'm good," she looked down at her familiar, "Poppy's good too." She stroked her cat’s head who purred in return. Her mother smiled, "Okay, see you later then." her mother left and she waited until she heard the door click shut. With her concentration broken and her inability to refocus she stood up on her numb legs. "Ah!" she punched both her legs that sent a tingle down to her feet. She fell back on her butt and looked down at her familiar. Poppy stared back at her, sitting quietly next to Tessa as her master tried to wake up her legs. Tessa gave up quickly and looked around her mother’s den. The four watchtower lanterns were still burning, the circle was still active. "Well what do you want to do now?" Tessa asked her familiar, Poppy blinked slowly then padded over to Tessa's mothers alter that they shared. Poppy jumped onto it and placed a paw on Tessa's mothers Book of Shadows. "Poppy you know I'm not allowed to touch her Book of Shadows. Poppy meowed and padded the leather bound book. She used a paw to push it open. Tessa, being curious moved closer to the alter. The book was opened to a page that caught Tessa's interest immediately, "Contacting a dead love one? Hm." Tessa's mind struck an idea and a memory, today was the eight year anniversary of her father’s death, he died fighting in the war in Iraq. "I don't think it's a good idea Poppy."  Tessa touched her familiar's head. Poppy meowed and hit Tessa's hand with her paw. "Okay, if you stay in the circle with me." Poppy meowed again and nodded. Tessa huffed, "Fine," She picked up her mother's Book of Shadows and placed it in front of herself on the floor as she sat down. She lit a white candle and placed it between her and the book; Poppy took a seat in front of the book and stared intently at Tessa. Grey, who they had forgotten about, meowed angrily. "Grey, I forgot you were there." Tessa stammered, "Please let us try this, I want to get in contact with my dad." Grey huffed.

"Please Grey, if you want you can keep watch to make sure we don't mess up." Tessa pleaded. Grey meowed and nodded; he entered the circle and sat down next to Poppy who rubbed her shoulder against his in thanks. Tessa began and chanted the spell her mother had written down in her Book of Shadows. 

A sudden rush of wind caught them all off guard. Poppy began to growl and hiss so did Grey. There was something unfriendly in the room; the energy was heavy and dark. Tessa's heart began to pound as the unfriendly energy circled around the magic barrier. Poppy and Grey stood up and arched their backs. A large black mass manifested in the corner of the room. "Oh Gods." A chill ran down Tessa's back, and a physical chill gave her the ability to see her breath. Poppy hissed louder and spat at the mass. "Leave evil spirit!" Tessa scrambled for her mother's alter, she opened the cabinets underneath and grabbed a bag of salt. She sprinkled a little in the palm of her hand and flung it at the black mass. It dissolved immediately and the malevolent feeling disappeared with it. Poppy walked the full length of the barrier three times then came back to her witch's side. She sat in her lap and rubbed her head with Tessa's. Tessa kissed her familiar on the head and Poppy kissed her Witch on the nose. "Thank you for keeping me safe Pops," she looked at Grey who came over to sit in front of her too, "you as well Grey, thank you."


Tessa was still shaken even an hour after closing her circle. The cats had been unwilling to leave her side ever since the incident happened. All three of them sat on the couch trying to get their minds off of it. Poppy sat in Tessa's lap, purring as her witch stroked her back. Grey was still on guard, unwilling to let anyone get hurt. The door's lock clicked and Tessa's mother entered. Grey ran to greet her, Tessa and Poppy a little slower. Tessa stopped in the archway and bit her lip. "Mom," she said nervously. Her mother looked up at her daughter, "You went in my Book of Shadows didn't you?"

Her mother always had an uncanny ability to tell what Tessa was thinking although she claimed she couldn't read minds. "Yeah," Tessa bit her lip, "I'm sorry."

Tessa's mom scooped up grey and cradled him in her arms, "its okay Tessa I forgive you. I was like you when I was your age." 


"Yeah, I use to always get caught in my Mother Book of Shadows but that how we learn right?"

Tessa nodded and smiled at her mother. "Come on, let's make some dinner." Tessa followed her mother to the kitchen with Poppy following close behind.


© 2013 Elle M.

Author's Note

Elle M.
Ignore any mistakes please! I hope you enjoy!!

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Nice job by the way, very interesting... keep up the good work, and I won't mention all of the mistakes you made ;P

Posted 10 Years Ago

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