Ciro, A Star

Ciro, A Star

A Story by DemonicSableye

Not based on a true story. About a person whos friend committed suicide and he must cope with how little he knew his friend.

No one really knew Ciro. Just a weird kid that was there, and nothing else. Never spoke, never seen at lunch or after school. But he was definitely someone. But maybe no one knew him after all. Not even us. We thought we did. Well, we did, but not enough. He hated most YouTubers, loved all books published before 1893, and wanted nothing to do with nearly everybody. Hid in the bathrooms at lunch, waited inside his locker until even the janitors left to go home. Ran to every class, but always arrived late. Never completed problem number 18 on any assignment. Loved the sun. Liked the feel of paint brush bristles. Disliked the letter ‘M’. Hated the earth. But knowing random things about someone doesn’t mean you know them. You know ABOUT them. But no one knew Ciro. Not enough. 

Stars burn for 10,000,000,000 years. But, stars do eventually burn out. After they use all their hydrogen, they collapse into themselves and die. The weirdest part is that it all is done by themselves. They just stop working and die. But, they don’t usually die in peace. They create a black hole, sucking everything close to them into nothingness. Ciro was a star. He was overlooked everyday, but gave off light to those who could see it. He seemed great and almighty, but was burning inside. He, like a star, ran out of juices to function. And he collapsed, died, and created a black hole. Sucking those close into eternal emptiness.

© 2017 DemonicSableye

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Added on March 21, 2017
Last Updated on March 21, 2017
Tags: Ciro, Star, Suicide, regret, self hate, hate, short