So much for evil

So much for evil

A Poem by Abd-afeez

people finds it easier to do evil and difficult to do good


i'm meant to learn,
From the ferocious portal of woe.
From my within clangour rise,
From the feud within my soul.
I'm clamped to confusion,
Over a land of topsy-curvydom.
I search for peace over our sand heaped ground,
But i only could find its piece,
In the very jaw of death,
I'm cloaked in rubies and gold,
But my soul,
Remain smudged in my grime,
Of stinking evil.
A tinge whisper gathers hope,
Stuffing such hopelessness in my ears,
I don't believe in hope,
Comfort me not,
The sky brilliance looms,
Wishes on angel's hide.
I'm thirsty for divine drops,
Of holy cleansing water,
My soul shall drag me no more,
To the abyss of rot.
Lascivious stirs, agony within my legs,
My loin yearns to be smothered,
See the luscious excesses,
My soul ill-got it needs,
My emotions is bereaved,
Lust it beseech.
So upon my gaze spreads a reflection of hate,
I've hurt minds,
My reputation scorched black.
I've ventured beyond the status of a mortal.
I adjure powers,
To oppress my kind.
But only my ignorance pulls me deeper,
I'm in the very feet of this abyss,
Soon i shall land in hell.
So much for evil,
So little for good.

© 2012 Abd-afeez

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It seem evil is winning. I saw a video yesterday. Soldiers killing small children the same age as my grand boys. 9 young boys and girls being murdered in Libya. Broke my heart. How could a human being kill a child? I wish I knew how to fix this world. The Arab world is very old and wise. I pray they try to stop the slaughter and bring peace back to the region. Brother killing brother is the worst crime. Time for the madness to stop. I like your thoughts. I pray daily for a safe world for all children. Thank you for the excellent poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Keep praying please, i never cease in prayers too. An evilstrisken world is all i seek. thanks for t.. read more

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Added on November 17, 2012
Last Updated on November 17, 2012
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Ibadan, Nigeria

Am just so creative and prolific. Am from south western nigeria. And am currently studying biochemistry. i really love the science world. Here you see a piece of ink on paper and on it you see result .. more..