Chapter 2.

Chapter 2.

A Chapter by A LaDy NaMeD D

introducing three new main characters.



             In an abandoned warehouse in a district not visited female screams emerged. Inside was a gruesome sight. Eric watched as the young girl who couldn’t have been a year over sixteen screamed as her body was being twisted at unusual and painful positions. This ritual of cutting the body at certain angles and then writhing the blood out of the body was something they did often, and enjoyed watching. Eric appeared to be a young man at the age of twenty. His skin was cream colored and his eyes were an unusual shade of red. He and those around him wore black robes with a brown rope around the waist. He licked his lips as he watched the last of her blood being emptied into the giant black cauldron that sat under her body. Walking over to the cauldron he dipped a finger into the dark red substance and licked it off of his finger. He motioned for the operators to bring the next one in. He watched as the girl was pulled into the room. She looked to be about the same age as the one whose corpse was being lowered to the ground. She was short, about five two with dark red hair and deep green eyes. The same shade of green as the one they searched for. He could see the outline of her soft breast through her sweat drenched dress and grinned at her. The fact that she had a look of terror aroused him. When they were done with her, he had plans for her body. He watched as the roughly tied the chains around her arms, legs and neck and then pulled her up over the cauldron. His followers waited for him to motion for them to begin. And after looking once more at her face, her eyes pleading for him to reconsider, he gave the signal. His thoughts drowned out her screams as her bones broke.
            “Soon,” he said, “Soon our Queen will be back to take control of these pitiful humans.”
           Ryan sat in the back of the club at a table that was located in the corner. He was tall about six foot six standing up and had pale white skin. His eyes were chocolate brown and his silky black hair was tied into a ponytail. He wore a black shirt, black jeans and black bicker boots. His leather jacket hung on the back of his chair and his black sun glasses sat on the table next to his glass of Jack Daniels. He watched as the people in the club danced, drank, and talked. Every now and then some female would approach his table and try to spark a conversation. They usually lost interest when they realized he had no intention of speaking to them. He had always had an issue with indulging in meaningless conversations. Especially when he knew the only thing that would come from speaking to any of them was a one night stand.
             “Ryan,” said the voice of an elderly man sitting down in the seat on the other side of the table.
              Ryan gulped down his drink and said, “You wanted to see me?”
             The man looked at him and said, “You always were straight to the point. Yes I wanted to see you; the order has an assignment for you.”
             “The Order…sounds important.” Ryan said folding his arms over his muscular chest.
             “It is very, I myself requested you for the job. As you know Blake was killed the other day, we think it is somehow connected to the oracle.”
              Ryan looked at the old man and said, “The oracle? The oracle doesn’t kill.”
             “True, but Vampires do.” The man said slowly.
              Ryan looked at him and said, “Okay and? What does this have to do with me? You’re acting like this has something to do with that prophecy of yours.”
             “It does.” The old man said calmly, “Blake attempted to attack the oracle.”
             The old man shrugged and said, “If this has anything to do with the prophecy, it is because her blood smelled intoxicating.”
             Ryan sighed and said, “Explain how the scent of her blood would drive Blake of all people to attack her.”
             “Every two hundred years an oracle is born and her blood is irresistible to all who drink blood. Something about the scent of drives the predator wild, blinds them. It takes one with extremely good self control to even be near it without going mad.”
              “And this has what do with me?” Ryan asked slowly.
              The old man smiled and said, “We want you to keep her safe, watch over her and protect her. Our very existence relies on her well being.”
              “What’s in it for me?” Ryan asked slowly.
              “We will grant you anything you want.” The man said slowly. He pulled out a large brown envelope and slid it towards Ryan.
               Ryan looked at it and said, “Fine I will.”
               The old man nodded and Ryan stood up and grabbed his jacket and put on his sun glasses. He picked up the envelope and without so much as a good bye to the old man walked out of the club. When he reached his motorcycle he pulled out the contents of the envelope. There were pictures of the oracle and general information. He flipped through the packet of information, not really reading it, just looking at the words. He paused when he got to her pictures. She looked so similar it sent chills through his spine.
                “Katrina.” He said slowly and then looked at the name on the first page of the packet, “Zoelle Thomas, you look so much like her.”
                Jade sighed as she honked the horn in her car waiting for Zoelle to appear. She was five six with long silky black hair and chocolate brown eyes. She had honey brown skin and because of her Japanese mother, almond shaped eyes. She honked her horn again and Zoelle appeared two seconds later with an annoyed look on her face. She hated it when Jade her best friend of three years rushed her. Zoelle got inside of the brand new black Lexus and gave Jade a look.
                “I was coming dag; you always have to rush me.” Zoelle said leaning back in the seat closing her eyes.
                Jade shook her head and said, “Your hopeless, if it wasn’t for me you’d be late all the time. Anyways did you hear the news this morning?”
                “You know I don’t watch the news. Why what happened?” Zoelle asked as Jade backed out of her driveway.
                Jade began driving and said, “Well you know I told you I read in that bullshit magazine that some wacko’s have been claiming to see giant wolves? Well this morning some lady said she saw a bear or something going into the forest. Animal protection took her seriously and went into the woods near the lake they saw the remains of this huge wolf. They showed pictures and everything, it wasn’t a normal one.”
                “Near the lake?” Zoelle asked.
                Jade nodded and said, “Yes near the lake.”
                Zoelle ran her fingers through her hair and thought back to last night. She had woken up and just assumed it was a dream. Now she knew it was not. Jade stopped the car when she parked in her usual parking space at the school and the two girls got out. Zoelle stretched her arms out and looked at Jade with a raised brow.
                “Do you think there are more?”
                Jade shrugged and said, “I don’t know I hope not. I would kind of be pissed if I woke up one morning and saw a giant wolf in my kitchen trying to eat Ziara, actually…I take that back the little girl needs to go.”
                “Oh your little sister isn’t that bad, she’s actually adorable.” Zoelle said, “At least I would miss her.”
                They began walking in the road near the school and Jade said, “That’s because you’re nice.”
Just as they were about to cross the road where the busses parked a motorcycle flew by them, causing them to jump back out of its way. Both girls watched as the person on it, obviously male parked in the space next to Jade’s car and got out. Jade stormed towards him and Zoelle groaned as she followed behind her, hoping nothing bad would happen.
                “Sorry about that—“started the man taking off his helmet when Jade slapped him.
                “Excuse me not only is that rude, but you could have really hurt, better yet killed us. Are motorcycles even allowed on these premises?”
                The guy who had to be at least six foot four ignored Jade and looked at Zoelle with an apologetic look on his face, “Sorry about that I didn’t hurt you did I?”
                Zoelle shook her head and said, “No not at all, and I apologize for my friend she tends to overreact about things like that.”
                “No problem, and yes motorcycles are allowed,” He said looking at Jade, “My name is Ryan by the way, and I’m new.”
                Jade glared at him and said, “Yes because I think we would’ve noticed you before, you’re tall and you look like you came straight from a biker movie, what are you sporting anyways?”
                Jade walked past him and looked at the motorcycle and said, “Hmm this is new, a Harley Davison XL 883 Sportster, Ape handle bars, I see you’re the cruising type of person.”
                Ryan raised a brow and said, “Do you own a bike?”
                Zoelle laughed and said, “Does she? She’s all about cars and motorcycles.”
                “Anyways yes I do, Suzuki 2008 GSX-R1000, purple and black.” Jade said looking at him folding her arms over her chest.
                Ryan grinned and said, “I love a girl on a motorcycle.”
                “Really now? You said you’re new, I can show you around school. And you can follow me home and I can show you my bike. It’s my pride and joy.”
                “Sounds like a date.” Ryan said.
                Zoelle shook her head and said, “Excuse me, I don’t mean be the Raid on ya’ll roach fiesta, but Jade you have to drive me home, because you drove to school. But she’s free tonight after that so you can take her out to dinner and let her show you her pride and joy.”
                Ryan grinned and said, “Okay. Sounds like an even better date.”
                “By the way, I’m Jade, and my very outspoken friend here is Zoelle.”
                “Well it’s nice to meet you two beautiful young ladies,” Ryan said grinning.
                Zoelle laughed and said, “Anyways I’ll catch you two love birds later, Jade I’ll call you if I make it to the car before you do.”
                “Okay Zoe,” Jade said and Zoelle walked back towards the school.
                The day passed just like any normal day, other than the fact that there was a new addition to the Zoelle and Jade duo, making it a trio. Zoelle could tell that Jade was starting to like Ryan a lot, and he seemed like a cool guy. That wasn’t going to stop her from having a talk with him. Although Jade was older, and could handle herself pretty well, Zoelle was still protective. Zoelle sat in her classroom with her head resting on her arms and a chewed on the back of her purple ball point pen. Only five minutes left of the detested chemistry, yet time seemed to be moving as slow as it could possibly go. Her teacher stood in front of the class room still writing on the board and talking at the same time. Zoelle learned early on that her teacher dedicated every minute of class time to teaching. She threw as much as she could into the last minutes of class. Zoelle sat up when there were only two minutes left to make sure she copied all of her homework down. And made sure all of her books were in her book bag. The bell rang just as she was zipping it up and she let out a sigh of relief. She quickly left the room and walked to Jade’s car to see Ryan next to his bike with his arms folded.
                “Hey, you got her pretty fast.”Zoelle said with a smile on her face.
                Ryan nodded and said, “Yes I couldn’t take another minute of that Physic’s class. I almost ran over here.”
                Zoelle nodded and said, “I know how that is, I hate science.”
                “Anyways I should be going, I’ll see you on Monday,” Ryan said getting on his bike and putting on his helmet, “Tell Jade I’ll see her tonight at Starbucks.”
                “Okay,” Zoelle said and he turned on his motorcycle and rode away.

© 2008 A LaDy NaMeD D

Author's Note

A LaDy NaMeD D
work in progess tell me what you think

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Its pretty cool. Kind of a scary start, though, lol. Awsome story line, and, as always, I can't wait to read more.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Once again, you've created an enjoyable read. Keep Writing =]

Posted 12 Years Ago

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HI!!!! It's been a LONG time and a lot has changed. I think the only thing that hasn't changed is my want to be a published author. I typically write erotica, but i'm know to dibble and dabble in .. more..