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G R E E D 

The world has, had, and will always be enveloped with sin. Envy, lust, sloth, pride, wrath, glutton, and greed. It is human nature to portray which sin we relate to the most but in truth they all lead to one. The envious want what the others have. Glutton wants to consume anything and everything. Lust needs to relieve itself of pleasure no matter the sex , no matter the time. Sloth wants to be left alone, move at it's own pace. Pride needs to feel satisfaction, fulfillment. Wrath is pain, anger. It wants to spread its outrage, its annoyance whether its willingly or against it. Greed is an intense selfish desire. Do you know what all the sins have in common. Want, need, desire, all verbs that are rooted to selfish intent; all rooted to Greed. 

The city of Makom was no different. Years had passed with each generation failing to produce what the previous could. Intelligence, strength, determination, even simple street smarts. The world was supposed to move forward into a future with advanced technology, utopia's, peace treaties, a cure for cancer. Instead the world became a battle zone. With less intelligence the world was forced to move in the only way they knew how; war. The country broke off into three organizations. The Gold, The Bronze, and The Silver. Each organization drew up aptitude test to see which citizen went where. Children above the age of six were immediately drafted into boot camps. When the children turned ten, they were all forced to take the test to further determine their worth. 

If the children reached a score of ninety or over they were shipped off to a private institute located oversees. They'd be labeled as a representative of their organization and given strict regimes to assassinate or overthrow the other's. Those who failed to reach a score of ninety continued their days at the boot camp, training ever so harder to become soldiers of mass destruction. Love? Emotion? Fear? All would be ridden from each and everyone one so that when the tolls of war was raged they'd assume victory.

What happened to the adults? 

The previous generations that remained living were all auctioned off at a world wide association event, a cease fire called "The Nodos". The Nodos collected all the bright minds in one area to auction them off to the highest bidder of either organization. The scheme behind this was to cross breed , to pick the geniuses and have them conceive a child. This child would be labeled a prodigy and unlike the children of the newer generations, this child would have the ability to not only grow within the arms of its parents but receive education from all countries. The child would then later be introduced to combat programs. If the child and the organization had enough money then they'd be able to enroll the prodigy in their 'Hell' program; a program that enhanced the prodigy further past any human limitation possible. 

Such a program however was a myth for the amount one would have to spend would be an obscene dollar amount that had the capability of buying out every country on the earth. The Hell program was on the brinks of being marketed out until a new organization had bought the program and all of its rights. This new organization had also debuted their appearance during a skirmish between The Gold and the Silver, the new organization silencing both organizations with only ten men. That event was later known as 'The Intermission' and the relevance of the organization G R E ED. 

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Added on March 7, 2018
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