Friendly Love

Friendly Love

A Screenplay by Desmund Tiny

first part


My name is Kisa, and this is my story. It was Valentines when I found out that my boyfriend is cheating on me. The next day I throw him a big tantrum.

Jason: Look, we don’t click anymore…I’m not okay with you..... you're like a statue in bed..... i'm sick of it.... let's break up......

Kisa: Wait, Are you dumping me? Why?! Wait!

*Jason ignore my pleas and walked away*

The next day

* I was walking with my friends, Althea and Jena. *

 I told them everything what happened and they pity me.

Kisa: I couldn’t believe that he cheated me and I got also dumped …..


Althea: That guy doesn’t deserve you.

Jena: yeah, he doesn’t deserve you….. don’t be sad now…. You can find a man who’s faithful to so cheer up!

*Psssst!! PsssssT!!!*

Josh: Howdy ladies?? 

Althea: still beautiful duh...... *fliiping her hair i the air*

Jena: How about you Josh? Still sad with your unrequited love?

Josh: hahhahah... Shhhhh.....

             * althea and jena leaves*

Josh and I lives under the same roof. His mother and my mother are close friends and also officemates too. We’ve been friends since kindergarten.We're like a big family. He likes to act mean to others but he’s actually nice.

Josh: You've been cryin' all night? aren't you? Coz you look like a panda.....

Kisa: Whatever.....

then suddely Josh grabbed my hands and he dragged me to a restaurant.

At the restaurant

Kisa: *sob sob sob* He replaced me with another woman, he cheated me arrrg I hate him!!! he even told me that I am like a statue in bed...... * then eat a lot*

Josh: *deep sigh* so you still like him?

Kisa: It’s not like that….. the only thing I couldn’t accept is the fact that he two timed me and he actually dumped me after the valentines….. My pride was hurt…I want to revenge!!!! I want him to feel miserable…. Arrrrg……but I don’t know how….

Josh: Don’t involve me there…….

Kisa: Fine….. do still have money??? * grins*

Josh: you didn’t bring your purse again… you’re not yet done, you’ll get ft with you gluttony.

Kisa: what? I just ate a little….

Josh: yeah right… just a little… * look at the finished dishes* a whole pizza, two plates of porkchop, one plate of lasagne, sticks of barbecue, a  giant parfait and still you’re hungry? * smirk*

Kisa: *puffed her cheeks* I want to eat!!! *suddenly leaves*

Josh: so it's really true.... hahahahahah

Kisa: what true?

Josh: those who has a heart break have four main desires... Desire to Eat, Desire to be Busy, Desire to sleep and desire To have Someone.... *grins*

Kisa: maybe...... hmmmp....

I was pissed off that time and unreasonable left him and rushed to go home. After a few minutes he got home with a plastic of foods and Cans of Beer I guess. I was sitting at the couch and we just stare to each other.

Josh: still hungry? * he grins* let's have drink..... I'll listen

A few beers open and lots of food have already eaten...

Kisa: I want him to cry like I did, to plead like I did.... *sob sob sob*

Josh: you really want to take revenge?  it's ok...... i'll help you......

I was really drunk and I have fallen asleep like a rock.....

The next day

It was beautiful sunny day but I feel uneasy. I remember that he would help to take revenge but I really don’t have any Idea what is he goin to do. The whole day seems normal. Nothing happens at all. Josh and I walked home like the usual.

On the way

I saw Jason and his new girlfriend and I think they have a serious quarrel

Jason: What?! I’m not two timing you….. believe me please… I never cheated on you.

Tisha: No, you said you never had someone..... you dumped her because she refuses to do it??? and if I refused to you're just gonna uggh!!! I feel sorry for myself and for that woman... we're breaking up

Tisha leaves

Josh is so ashamed of himself. He was dumped in front of many people. I feel sorry for him but inside my mind there’s a small voice saying “ he deserved that!”

Jason saw me smiling at myself. He walked towards me and got angry

Josh: you planned this right?You spread those rumors. You destroyed my life! You damn witch!

Kisa: I don’t know what are saying…..

Jason grabs my arm violently but somebody pull jason from his back

Kisa: josh!! 

Jason: who the hell are you?

Josh: I’m this witch’s warlock…. *he Punched Jason in the face*

 it was your fault no hers, and those aren't rumors

Jason: what?!!

Josh: I’m telling you … “don’t you ever touch her nor insult her moron”

Jason got scared. I was scared too because  Josh is filled with scary aura but somehow I feel happy.

Josh: are you OK?

Kisa:did you tell to his girlfriend? did you?

Josh: not exactly….. actually I told one of my friends that you were cheated by this guy. That friend of mine has a girlfriend in the tennis club who has a game practice with the tennis club of the school of Jason’s Girlfriend and then you tragic love story got spread like a virus

Kisa: I don’t want to be your enemy… you’re scary

Josh: don’t worry I will never do that to you promise

Kisa: Giggles that’s why I love you!!! You’re the greatest Best friend ever!

Josh: *Mubbles* yeah I love you too……

Kisa: what?

Josh: *smirked* nothing

© 2012 Desmund Tiny

Author's Note

Desmund Tiny
My first screenplay.... hahaha.... =3 it may not bee that good.....

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I love it when my names in writings.... gives me a better understanding. Oh and a more satisfying view of the perspective of the writer behind the scenes, Good write. Thank you for sharing. Cheers. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

I don't know a thing about screenplays, but wouldn't it be easier if you wrote it in third person?
But good job anyways! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

actually.. i didn't read it all.. but because you're happy to made this screenplay.. 100 for you....

Posted 8 Years Ago

T'was really interesting but the arrangement of lines are quite confusing...
Good work...Medyo nga may mali s grammar pero ok lng, understandable p rin nman eh! I don't really care about grammars and spellings as long as I can still understand the idea.
Besides, I love the fight scene, wahaah! XD
Nice screenplay.

Posted 8 Years Ago

daming kulang..... aysus

Posted 8 Years Ago

Don't say it's not good!
I can say it's pretty good! It needs just some corrections in grammar..
Nevertheless, the storyline is perfect. :)
I can't help but smile when I am reading this.
And you have the perfect ending for this amazing screenplay.
Great job!
I am looking forward for your next screenplay! :))

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Desmund Tiny
Desmund Tiny

I just want the name "Desmund Tiny" because it is one of my favorite character in the Novel "Darren Shan" but you can call me Des. ^^, errr.. Hello to my old writings!~ wew it's been years I gues.. more..


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