2: Investigation of A. McCarthy, Age 42.

2: Investigation of A. McCarthy, Age 42.

A Chapter by Destiny Newjade

A mystery... Who is to blame?

Alexander Burgess McCarthy, Age 42. Location: Null, CA
I had no idea it would turn out this way -- a complete federal investigation, the police involved, my own next-door-neighbors being sent to jail. I mean, years ago, when I was real little, I used to think all that stuff was pretty cool. I remember my brother and I used to act out police officers and master criminal minds in our little childish games. But really, this is really different. 
I'm not really sure just how the idea grew, but I think I first noticed something going on one evening in late July. I had just finished a hard work day and, upon coming home, I went straight to the couch to have a rest and maybe take a little nap. Aiden and Aimee, my two sweet little twin toddlers, romped on the floor around my couch. My teenage son, Aaron, was in the the next room, talking on the phone a bit. I was just drifting off -- the constant chaos in a house full of kids can often be lulling -- when suddenly my ears caught something alarming. 
I sat up and listened a bit harder. Aaron was just saying, "...shouldn't do something like that, Jeremy! It wouldn't be fair to the rest of our neighborhood. It could even be dangerous..." Then his voice dropped a little lower and I couldn't hear anything else. 
Trying to be as casual as possible, I made my way towards that wall to the room that Aaron was in, and pressed my ear to the wall. Aiden and Aimee looked at me quizzically. From my spot at the wall, I could hear Aaron's voice perfectly.
"What kind of a joke is that?" Aaron retorted. 
A pause.
"Jeremy, that's not funny at all. Seriously. I mean it. What would my dad say about that? What would your dad say?"
A few seconds.
"I know we all like joking and stuff, and I guess you would think that it would be fun, but this is going too far... Who knows what would happen..."
A long pause. 
"Of course I won't. Help you get yourself skinned and caught by the police? No way."
Several seconds...
Then, angrily, "NO! Absolutely not. Don't think for a moment that I'm a chicken!" Another Pause.
"Okay, okay, Jeremy. Sheesh. I'll do it. I'm no scaredy-cat."
Then the phone beeped -- he had hung up.
What had Aaron gotten himself into now?

© 2012 Destiny Newjade

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Destiny Newjade
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I love how the story is building just from investigations! I now have confirmed the prank is going as far as I had expected, but I'm still extremely curious on what the prank is and how it will progress next!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Goodness, you are hanging me on edge with what the joke they played was. AHHH, must keep reading more!

EDIT- Wait, where's the next chapter??

Posted 8 Years Ago

"But really, this is really different." This is repetitive. Maybe say it's way different or very different.
Good chapter :) I'm even more curious as to what they did now!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like the situation in this chapter. I like the feel of question and anger. I like the conversation and the good question at the end of this chapter. A excellent chapter.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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