Life’s Game

Life’s Game

A Poem by Destinyxi

This poem is about my grandma. She was just diagnosed with depression today. This poem is directed at God, if there is one.


Life’s Game


Don’t you dare

Take her from me

You do that

And I swear

To you

There is no

Turning back

She’s not

To be taken away

You took her husband

From me

The one man

I truly loved

And now you want

To play games

Make her oh so sad

Making doctors

Offer her drugs

I’ve had it

With you

And your games

Life isn’t about

Passing the finish line

And those who don’t

Are disqualified


It’s not about that

You take her from me

And you are not

To be forgiven

If I could reach you

I’d grab you

And throw you onto

This earth

Show you how hard

It is

To live

This life

And pass the finish line

You’ve taken him

From me

Isn’t that enough?

Why her?

Tell me

Why her?

Not satisfied?

Want to play more games?

I forfeit

And I’m taking

Her with me

You can’t have her

She’s mine

Not yours

This is no game

These are our lives

You have him

Keep him

But leave me with her

She’s all I have left

And she’s all I want

I forfeit

© 2012 Destinyxi

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This is beautiful. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful.
I've had similar arguments with God/life. I lost any faith I once had when I was very young. It's a tricky place to be. A low one. But I prefer believing that 'these things happen' to believing there's someone out there who isn't trying to stop them.
Thanks for sharing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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May your heart hold the strength you need to deal with existence
and may hope fill you and your dreams and be your guiding star.

"Blessed Be..."

Posted 8 Years Ago

so sad .. immediately the picture of a cancer hospital sprang to my mind

Posted 8 Years Ago

My heart breaks as I read your words and feel your strength behind them. I understand how you feel and I am very sorry that this is happening to your Grandma and to you. I know it's hard, I have had my faith tested, more than once, and to this day...I believe that He is not cruel, even though I don't always understand the reasons. Just give her your strength and love, as I can tell that you do.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is so beautiful. You know that kind of ache you getin your chest when you see something so amazing and glorious it just brakes your heart? Where you have to take a few deep breaths to heal it. I got that.
I love how your threatening your very beliefs. It's like 'Take her, and that's it. I'm done with you.' It just shows how strong your love is for your grandmother.
Inspiring :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

i can understand your feelings. i really liked the poem and the conflict in it..but..there are things which are not to be stopped however powerful we are, i dont like the idea that you face fate to say this thing is not to be done..because simply you cant even stop it from happening to you yourself! death never differentiate among the good and the bad, when it is time for any, its over..thank you for sharing..i have really enjoyed this tragic poem..

Posted 8 Years Ago

It is filled with anguish and a real struggle to find meaning. A moving poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I can feel your pain and emotion your frustration. It's a beautiful poem for a tragic topic. I hope your grandma great well soon

Posted 8 Years Ago

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