Everyone Dies, The worst ever fanfic

Everyone Dies, The worst ever fanfic

A Story by Detective Watts



In a galxy far far away Luke Skywalker and Star Wars were walking in a desert in Tatooine in the dessert. Suddenly a bunch of grumpy storntropers came out from behind a rock and angrily yelled

“Grrrr we shoot you now for some reason”

but lucklily a death star crash landed on them and killed them so that they were dead and then Darth Vader jumped out and said


then Luke Skywalker and Star Wars and Darth Vader flew the Death Star to Corruscant to kill the Emperor.


“Emperor, we are hear to kill you so that you will be dead” said Darth Vader

“Grrrr” replied the emperor

“You will never kill me alive”

Then he fired his nuclear death gun and killed Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker and Star Wars so they where dead but then Spider-man came and punched tThe Emperor in the face with his fist.

“Muahaha, now i shall kill you spider-man and steal all your fruit loop”

“Look behind you”s said spider-man and he looked behind himself while spider-man shot him with a gun so that he would be dead and no longer be alive.


“yay” said all the peasants, “now we will build a statue to make and spider-man that will celebrate him statue with Glenn Beck under the hood down in my crib while we whale on Snape killed Dumbledore”


“Spider-man and the spidey-statue hoped in the melonium falcon and drove it to the taco store to buy some pizzar from the tony robinson

“Tony robinso, give us your pizza said spider-man to tony robinson.”

“But i can’t” replied tony Robinson

“Why not?” asked spiderman and spider statue

“Because this is a taco stand”

And spiderman and spider-statue laughed and laughed as the sun whent down from the sky and the birds and the bees made honey. 

The End

© 2010 Detective Watts

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Author's Note

Detective Watts
Wrote it after reading half life full life consequences

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This had me laughing so hard!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on October 19, 2010
Last Updated on November 22, 2010
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Detective Watts

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