Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Detective Watts

Cries of terror rang out through the streets of Boston as the Confederate zeppelin fleet reigned fire and mortar from the sky onto the terrified populace taking shelter in the ruins below. Pockets of resistance fired back at the iron-clad behemoths, but their muskets did nothing to the heavily armoured belly of fleet and the massacre continued.


Just as the resisters courage began to give in and the Union’s final stronghold was on the verge of destruction a new battle began in the skies. A Confederate traitor shot the hinges of the door to the flagships helm and ran in, guns drawn and aimed at the dozen guards surrounding General Lee.


“Put ye guns down nice and easy now, no one has to get hurt ‘ere.”

The guards looked to their general for orders. Lee took a step away from the renegade soldier before raising his hand to the guards. They dropped their rifles to the ground and moved a step back.

“Tha’s better. See, no one has to get hu-“

Suddenly, a bullet flew through the air, hitting the traitor’s heavy, brass pistol and knocking it across the room. He looked to his right and saw; on an overhanging platform, a group of Confederate snipers.


The traitor leapt behind a nearby support pillar before they could continue firing. General Lee pulled a pistol from its holster and his guards picked their muskets off the ground and trained them on the sides of the pillar.


“Come out Norton, you can’t hide forever, this is the most advanced airship on the whole continent. Guards in every room and three miles from the ground. You can surrender now or you can die!”


Behind the pillar Joshua Norton pulled a complicated, brass device from his pack, pushed a lever down, and placed it on the ground. The machine’s cogs and pistons began moving faster and faster, steam poured out of it and the room was filled with an increasingly shrill squeal. Joshua quickly put on a pair of goggles, stood up and got ready to run for Lee.


Within seconds the machine reached a climax. Pressurised gas was released from a chamber in the machine and filled the room within seconds. General Lee and his guards fell to the floor, rubbing their eyes and screaming in pain. Joshua ran out into the open, grabbed Lee and leapt out the ships window, arms raised to stave off the glass.


Joshua turned in midair and shot a grappling hook towards the zeppelin. Gas burst out of the side chambers and a rusted, brass hook shot out, lodging itself between the complicated structures at the bottom of the craft. Lee began to regain his composure and started to struggle to escape the renegade, but, before he could break free; the pair landed on another Confederate zeppelin, floating a beneath the flagship.


Joshua pulled a knife from his pack and tried to cut into the top of the zeppelins heavy material. While he was distracted Lee regained his balance and kicked the rebel off the plateau at the top of the ship and onto the steep sides below, over a mile above the ground.

© 2010 Detective Watts

Author's Note

Detective Watts
If everyone likes it I'll write a sequel. If not I'll start a different book.

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its not bad, just needs more work done on it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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