A Chapter by Daniel Rodriguez

There is a story that lives beneath the howling of the winds, immortal yet known by few.

Sol asked Luna once, just how much she had loved him. She in turn showed him all her possessions and and asked which of them he would desire. Sol looked at the rain clouds, but they were too dark. Sol look at the worms that brought plants, but they were too ugly. He looked and looked some more until he saw one thing which to call his.

The Wolf. A beast so majestic, Sol knew he needed to possess it. Luna however shook her head, and said, although she would give him the essence of the Wolf, the spirit is too strong to give. Sol flew into a fit of rage but the Wolf ran on. It watched night and day fued with one another but only at the sight of Luna would it answer the call.

Man, with the intelligence and desire to also posess such a beautiful creature has tried to tame the noble creature, but the wolf would only answer to Luna. Man, like Sol flew into its own fit of rage and during the first days of earth, a great hunt was formed against the noble beast. No matter what they used, man could not catch the brilliance of The Wolf.

However Wolf would not soon forget the injustice, the hiding and running and soon a catastrophe was in effect. Luna watched in horror as her two favorite creations went to war. The children she adored would murder a being of nobility. The beast would indulge its darker nature as the young would cry  in fear.

During the darkest moment, on a night where Luna was in full view, a lone boy from a tribe stood infront of a pack. It said with sorrow, we have fought long enough, let us make peace, our land is now your land, you can sleep and eat and no harm shall befall you here.

The Head Wolf responded, then so too you, shall enjoy the land, live in peace, and sleep well under the guidance of Luna, our war here is over.

Luna drifted into the darkness with a smile .

That boy was the first Chief of the Speakers of The Night.  Man, in one moment did what Sol could not do, they tamed the wolf. This is the bed story most spoken of in the tribe and how the people associate themselves with the land.

Thus began the story of the boy who dreamt.

© 2012 Daniel Rodriguez

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Added on July 2, 2012
Last Updated on July 2, 2012
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Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez

Phoenix, AZ

Hello, my name is Daniel Antonio Rodriguez and I am a wannabe writer. I am 27 years old and have been actively writing for the past 12-13 years. I enjoy writing scripts and breaking out into niche gen.. more..