A Story by DhaVerd

The dreams of a broken soul.


A youngman felt so alone, so alone he had no hope. He'd live on days knowing that it held only unfrotunite events. He rarely has rest and nver has dreams. He never had dreams with the depression, how can one dream when they are hopeless. One fateful night though, he had a dream. He didn't understand it, but he loved it. It wasn't his life, he didn't have to endure society, and he wasn't just out of the world for what seemed like a second. The feeling of being in a different world felt great for him, but of course once you fall asleep you are going to wake. That morning he greatly fought out of his bed. Waking back to the horrid world he lives in wasn't fortunate. Then he realized, he doesn't hold hope, so why did he dream? Was it a flare in the dark to show hope, motivation, a sign, or does he actually have hope?

       He knows that he doesn't hold any for the days to crusade, but he laid that night hoping to dream. He did, the dream was such beauty. In a land of green and clouds, he ran, climbed, swam. He had found a female not too older than him, she talked to him and they laughed. When he had woke, there was a smile upon his face. Sadly it did not stay upon the entire day. Once again he laid at night wondering what he'll dream of, but sadly that night he hadn't. Days passed and he hadn't dreamt. He began to wonder what of hope he thought of what had caused him to dream, at night he tried thinking of dreaming, but it wasn't that.

       Two days later he dreamt, it was the same as the last, but this time it was different. The land was clouded more, though that was more of what he prefered. The female approached him, noticed the pain in his face and held him. Spoke with words that gave him a feeling he had never felt. He cried as they held each other. She comfort him as he layed his head on her shoulder. Suddenly he had woke, but heard her words in his room, telling him that everything will be fine. It then hit him. He holds broken hope, broken hopes and broken dreams.

© 2014 DhaVerd

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Added on December 5, 2013
Last Updated on February 9, 2014
Tags: hope, dreams, young man, dreaming, hoping, depression, alone, outcast, night, day, love




I am a nerd, gamer, larper, and a big comic book fan. I love to write especially of my feelings or just a story that I find fascinating. I don't really have much friends, but that doesn't get too down.. more..