My Baby Girl will Always Live what I Can Only Dream

My Baby Girl will Always Live what I Can Only Dream

A Poem by DiamondNRough AKA Patty Rase Hopson

Based on a true story. I really did wake in the middle of the night with this dream last night


I found myself sitting up in bed  confused last night, after I awoke from a Dream most would consider a beautiful and pleasant dream. As I was Sweating  I tried to determine where I was and how on my own I was the survivor,  I had become.

Waking from the sweet dream, that  I was a young little girl sitting on my father's lap  as he gently  brush my long natural loose curls away from my face and he continued to tell me that I was his Baby girl. Never would he allow anyone to hurt me. He was my protector and I was always going to be special. Never would he allow another man to cause me any pain, for his own sexual gain. 

The dream was, Just like my husband has always done with out Baby Girl as she would sit on his lap nightly and he would brush her loose natural curls away from her beautiful face, she would  listen to him tell her how special she was and how he would do anything to keep her from having to  experience any harm from this crazy world.

Today as she is in her early teens he still takes every opportunity to let her know he will do everything he can to protect her, at any degree.  That is what a true father promises his only daughter. He is there for her always during the good times and even the bad times. Each boy that knocks on our door he reminds them that she is his baby girl. To treat her special and always gentle.

To many this would have been such a sweet and pleasant dream, but to me I was confused and dazed at the same time very thankful that MY BABY GIRL WILL ALWAYS LIVE WHAT I CAN ONLY DREAM.

July 20, 2009

© 2009 DiamondNRough AKA Patty Rase Hopson

Author's Note

DiamondNRough AKA Patty Rase Hopson
This is based on a true story and dream I had last night

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Added on July 20, 2009
Last Updated on July 21, 2009


DiamondNRough AKA Patty Rase Hopson
DiamondNRough AKA Patty Rase Hopson

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