1. When It Became Real

1. When It Became Real

A Chapter by Avangeline

This chapter begins when Lillianna and Dain meet. The meet at a camp during the summer. At first doesn't Lillianna feel anything. She just see's him as another leader there. But that changes....


   It was the summer of 2013. I was at summer camp for three weeks and three days. For one of the weeks we got a replacement leader while another leader left for a break. The replacement leader was Dain. A tall, short haired blonde with glasses. I didn't think anything of him during those four days, all I could think about was wanting the other leader to come back. Dain was a tall blonde with dark brown eyes. His smile was bright and cheerful. He was the kind of guy who didn't care what people thought of him, he was out-going and did what he thought was right. I thought nothing of him really, not at that point. To me, he was just another leader at camp.

   When those weeks were over a spent a week at home before returning for teen camp. That's when I saw him again. When I was signing up for archery skill he was there. He recognized me and smiled. I still didn't think anything of it. I went to archery that day with my friend with him as the leader for archery. I started to notice how cute he actually was. When I saw his personality more it brought out more features in his looks. It was when one of the other leaders trapped him in the archery shack that I saw how funny he is. He was locked into the archery shack when he dismissed us to early and was supposed to tell the other leader what lesson he learned. But he said things like, " Everything," Or, " I love Jesus!" He's entertaining to be around.

   But still I thought nothing of it.



  But that soon changed. Whenever I saw him my heart would flutter and I would feel happy to just be around him. I found myself looking for him in large crowds. I signed up for archery every day with my friend. My feelings became real when I told my friend Julia who also liked a leader at the camp. Knowing each other's secret made it easier to talk about it. When we sat with him at the evening mug up, (Like a late night snack) my heart raced. But it was easier for me to talk to him since I already knew him. He talked to us, asked us questions about our summer and such.

      At certain times it felt like his dark eyes were focused directly on me, even when someone else was answering his question. These looks weren't or normal glance and look away, no, they seemed to be more. Like a look that was, " oh no, she saw me looking." It was more like, " She saw me looking at her and she doesn't seem to mind." It was the same at breakfast. I sat next to him... And I did that to see if he was actually looking at me because he would have to turn to look at me. And he did. We talked and my voice didn't waver. I felt confident for once. I smiled when he would smile at me.

    He was my ideal. Someone I could see myself being with. But there was only one problem. Their was one big difference. A difference that may not be accepted by many, the age gap. While I was turning 15 he was turning 19. While I was entering grade 10, he was entering his second year at university. This would never be accepted... Right?

© 2013 Avangeline

Author's Note

This first chapter is based on actual events.

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Only four years, ive heard of bigger gaps buddy dun worry none about it

Posted 5 Years Ago

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