2. When His Heart Raced

2. When His Heart Raced

A Chapter by Avangeline

When Dain's feelings for Lillianna become stronger and stronger.


  It happened when I was subbing in for a work crew boss. That's when I saw her. Someone who changed my life forever. You know how people say love at first sight only happens in movies? Well their lying. Because it happened to me. When I saw Lillianna it felt like my heart skipped a beat. But she didn't seem to notice me so I didn't do anything about. But every time I'd see her my heart would thump against my chest. Yet she didn't notice a thing.

    It was when teen camp began I could see changes happening. When I saw her signing up for archery all I could manage to do was smile at her. When she entered the archery shack with her friend I tried to hide my happiness and went about like it was nothing. She started to sign up for archery every single day and I got a feeling in my stomach that she might feel the same way. On the night of a mug up, Lillianna and her friend sat down at the table I was at and I smiled to myself. I began to talk to her, making sure to hold my gaze at her. Maybe she would pick up the signals. I made the effort to make it seem like I was talking and looking just to her.

   Same thing the next morning. Lillianna sat down next to me and I started conversations with her. She was smiling which is a good thing. She didn't seem nervous, as for me, my palms were all sweaty as I thought of things to say. I told her I was studying to be a family doctor.

   " That's amazing!" Was Lillianna's response and it made me happy.

   I wanted to get closer to her. I felt like she might actually be someone in my life that would make it better. My feelings were to real to be mistaken. I just hoped she would feel the same way. But there was only a problem in difference. Our age. The gap between the years. Who would accept a five year age difference? No body I bet.

© 2013 Avangeline

Author's Note

I know it's short. The next chapters will be longer.

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I would accept the age difference. I mean, my grandparents were 5 years apart. My parents are 6 days apart. Lol. It's just 21 and 15 that I wouldn't like. :/ lol.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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