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3. On the Dock

3. On the Dock

A Chapter by Avangeline

POV from Lillianna.


It was the third day and my friend and I took a seat on a bench in the archery range. I loved archery and I wanted to get better and join an archery club. I was talking to my friend about this when Dain overheard the conversation. He handed me a certain bow that was different from the others, more complicated looking, and it was. I tried to line it up with the target but it was heavy and wobbled in my hands. Dain smiled and walked over and stood next to me closely. He put his hands over mine and moved them apart more and brought the bow up higher. He was so close I could feel his breath on my cheek. I pulled the string back and hit the target exact. I smiled and look at him.

   " Thanks Dain." I said happily

  When I sit back down I could still feel his arms around me. When skills were over Julia and I headed to the dining hall for lunch. All through lunch, bible study, and cabin time, my thoughts remained on him helping me with the bow. Would he have done that if someone else needed help? I hoped not... But what if that was just his way? All I could think of were negative thoughts. At free time I decided to go to the fishing docks where no one usually went. When I got to the pathway I did see someone sitting at the end of the dock. I crept closer and noticed it was Dain!

   I take a deep breath and carefully walk onto the dock. I stand behind him before talking. " So you like this spot too?" I ask

  He turns around in surprise and smiles when he see's me. " Yeah. It's so peaceful and it has a lovely view of the lake and trees." Dain replies

   I gesture to the spot next to him and he nods, so I sit down with much space in between us. I keep glancing at him from the side of my eye, he seemed so focused on the lake. Just then he looks at me and I quickly snap my eyes to the trees, blushing I assume.

  " S-so, your birthday was today." I say, trying to make small talk

  " Yeah, no biggie." He replies

  " Birthdays should always be a big deal. Anyways, if you don't mind me asking, who was the special someone you'd like to spend your birthday with? I noticed you didn't answer when that question was asked at lunch." I continued

  Dain keeps looking at me with a small smile. " She's here at camp this week." He says, " She was also here during the 2nd work crew."

  I bite the inside of my cheek. A leader? Maybe one of the work crew girls who was here for teen camp? Who is it... I wondered.

  " Did you get to spend time with her?" I ask

  He nods, " I am."

  He is? Does he means he's going to? The thought of it being me didn't even cross my thoughts. " So your going to be with her later?" I ask him, a little confused by his words.

  Dain laughs a little and flashes a beautiful smile. I look at him and his eyes stare into mine. My cheeks feel warm and my heart races, especially when I feel his hand over mine, curling around it.

  " I'm with her right now." Dain tells me in a soft voice

 I freeze for a moment. Right now? That means... " M-me? I-I was the special someone?" I stammer and he nods again.

  " I guess the cats out of the bag now." He says, glancing away from a moment, " So, I guess this is the time to tell you I really like you. Ever since I subbed in for those four days on work crew, I fell for you instantly. Then I got to know you more with your testimony which did it in for me, no going back, I was head-over heels." Dain confesses

   I blush madly. " Seriously?" I bite my lip and smile, " Then I guess it's fine to tell you that I really like you too."

  Dain looks at me a little startled like he was expecting me to turn him down. My heart is beating so hard I thought he was able to hear it. Dain reaches his arms out and pulls me into a hug. I was much shorter than he was so my hear was to his chest and I could hear his heart beating fast. I wrap my arms around him too and we just sit there for awhile. I felt like I was in a dream. Walking on clouds in the sky. For once, the person I liked, liked me too, and told me first.

© 2013 Avangeline

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cute story :) perhaps do an edit? (for spelling, grammar and whatnot)

Posted 5 Years Ago

Awsome story avangaline ^^

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Not Quite Sure

My penname is Avangeline Delarosa I love writing, drawing manga, and reading. I usually get my inspirations for stories from music. If you ever need help coming up with a story title or plot you c.. more..

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