Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Avangeline

      Summer vacation was finally here, and that always meant the annual ocean cottage trip with my mom. It's become our tradition now. Every summer we pack up and go to the ocean for a few weeks. It was always the highlight of my summers. But as I got older I realized it was just a repeating pattern, nothing was different. We got there, unpacked, eat dinner, and play boardgames then sleep. The next day we eat breakfast, relax, go to the beach for lunch, play beach games then have a barbaque. So why would this summer be any different? I had thought. I was wrong. Oh so very wrong.  That summer turned my life upside down, spun it around, and changed it. It started with my mom telling me she got a part time job as a waitress during the evenings for a beach cafe, so we would be spending all of summer vacation at the cottage. Which was great, not like I had any other plans. Then, the new beach house with a lovely married couple. And... there gorgeous eighteen year old son. He was, well, you know. If I'm going to tell you this story, I have to start at the very beginning.


    " Taylor! Come to the kitchen!" My mom called to me up the stairs

   I took my headphones off and placed them on the nightstand. I got up and shuffled down to the kitchen. It was nearly midnight and I was exhausted, what could she possibly want at this hour.

   I walked into the kitchen and looked at her, she was smiling brightly.

   " I have some good news!" She exclaimed

   " Really? What?" I asked curiously

   " I got a part time job at an ocean cafe so we'll be staying at the cottage all summer!"

   I smiled and we cheered together. We both loved the cottage so much! I could live there! I had no other plans for the summer, considering I only had two friends, Jesse and Monica. And they were both away all summer anyways. After awhile of talking about it, we both headed off to bed. I was so extatic that it took awhile for me to get to sleep that night. When sleep overtook me, I dreamed of the summer. Warm sunny beaches, glistening blue ocean waters, and a cottage to live in all summer.

   It was wonderful, but I was rudely awakened by my alarm clock. I groaned and rolled over to shut it off. Sitting up, I ran my hand through my hair and glancee at my suitcase on the floor. I ended up packing a little the previous night out of enthusiasum, so I was almost all ready to go. I got up and shuffled to my bathroom to get the water running for a shower. Once I was in, I woke up more. Today we were leaving for the ocean cottage.


    When the beach came into view, I was already excited like a little kid to get to the destination. The cottage roof appeared then the rest did as we drove over the hill. Mom and I then began to unpack all of our stuff, which was more than usual since we were there all summer. I smiled brightly when the cottage was all filled with out stuff once again. Mom had already begun to prepare dinner when we heard loud noises coming from down the beach. We were both curious as to what was going on, so like our noisy selves, the two of us went outside and walked down the beach a little till we saw what was going on. There was a huge new house on the grass hill, and it was construction workers putting finishing touches on the roof.

   " Wow, that's some beach house." My mom commented as she stared up at the structure.

    I nodded, " Must've taken a long time to build that."

   I looked around and saw a man and woman walking towards us, holding hands as they approached. They were smiling at us too.

    " Hello there," The lady began, " You must be our beach neighbour's!"

   " We saw your beach cottage and decided it would be nice to be able to come out to the beach whenever and stay the night without spending much money." Said the man

   Not much money? Look at the house you built! I had thought to myself.

   " This is such a nice ocean." The lady exclaimed, she looked at my mother and grinned, " Why don't you two come to our place for dinner? It would be nice to get to know eachother." The man nodded im agreement

   My mom glanced at me then back at them.

   " I supposed we would. I barely started dinner anyways." She returned a smile to them, " My name is Jackie and this is my son Taylor."

   " I'm Linda Briar and this," The woman gestured to the man, " Is my husband Jakob Briar."


    As we walked towards the great big house, my mom and Linda were engrossed in talking about the beautiful ocean and all the beaches. Jakob looked at me, smiling warmly. Goodness these people smiled a lot! I had thought. Linda and Jakob led us to the back of the house where there was a huge patio with a hot tub on it. They were obviously rich. There was a glass table set up with five patio chairs around it. I counted and there were only four of us, so I wondered if it was an extra chair or if someone else usually sat there. Linda disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared with trays of food. She set them on the table and sat next to my mom. All three of them were very chatty and friendly with one another. I felt slightly left out until Linda turned to me and began asking questions.

   " So Taylor, how old are you?" She asked me

   " I turn eighteen on July 31st." I answered

   " What are your hobbies?"

   " I love to draw. I won an art contest a few weeks ago."

   " Where do you two live? What school do you attend? Do you like school?"

 And on and on the questions went. I felt like hours went by, but when I looked at my watch it had only been twenty minutes. Suddenly I wanted to be ignored instead of being flooded with questions, then out of nowhere someone said " I'M HERE." so loudly I jumped in the chair.

   I looked over my shoulder and my jaw nearly dropped. Standing in the door way was a tall black haired tanned boy. His skin looked liked smooth perfect caramel, and his hair was darker than the night sky. The boys eyes were deep green, like shimmerimg emeralds. The boy... No, the man, was so handsome. I had never seen such perfection of beauty before.

   Linda stood, " This is my son Lukas Briar. Lukas, this is Jackie and her son Taylor."

   Lukas smiled, his teeth were pearly white, " Nice to meet you Jackie. Sorry I'm late, I was out surfing on the ocean. It's so nice."

   Mom beamed, she clearly recognized Lukas' beauty and sheer charm. " It is a nice ocean, isn't it? It's nice to meet you too Lukas."

  Lukas sat down across from me, he didn't talk to me or look at me. I felt quite offended at this action. We began to eat and Linda started to chatter again.

   " Lukas, Taylor here is turning eighteen at the end of July. You two are very close on birthdates." She mentioned
   " Except for the fact I'm turning 21." Lukas pointed out

   At first I was shocked that he was 21. I might have guessed 19, not 21. Linda kept telling him all my answers to her questions earlier. When she mentioned I was an artist, Lukas' head snapped up and he looked right at me. His green eyes bore into my blue ones.

   " You draw?" He questioned

   I nodded slowly, " Y-Yes, I do. Mostly portraits and landscapes."

   " You should draw me some time."

   I just nodded again, the thought of drawing someone as beautiful as him made me nervous. I could never replicate his beauty. We ate in silence until we finished. Linda got up and showed mom the gardens they had planted, and Jakob went inside, which left Lukas and I sitting there in awkward silence. I fiddled with a loose thread on my shorts, when I glanced up at Lukas, his blue eyes were staring right at me. My ears began burning. I quickly looked away, but when I snuck a peak he was still watching me.

   " Why are you staring at me...?" I finally asked

   Lukas smiled, " You're quite beautiful you know." He said calmly

  My eyes widened and I could feel my face turn bright red with embarrassment. Lukas stood up and walked over to me, placing his hand under my chin. I looked up at him, my heart was pounding. I had no idea what he was doing.

   He winked at me and ruffled my hair, " Cute kid."

  He chuckled before walking off

   Kid!? I was not a kid! I was nearly eighteen years old! My embarrassment turned into annoyance. Just who did he think he was!? I got up and began walking back to the cottage, hoping I wouldn't have to deal with that guy again!


     Back at the cottage I sat on the couch inside, pulling out a book. I stared at the pages, not actually reading. My mind was swarming with the thought of Lukas with his ink black hair and emerald eyes. I sighed and looked out the window. I could hear footsteps coming up the front stairs and the door opening and closing. I guess mom was back so I went back to looking at the book.

    " To Kill a Mockingbird huh? I love that book. What do you think of it?" A slightly familiar voice said

    I turned to see Lukas standing in the door way. He pushed himself off the door frame and sat next to me. I glanced away then back at him.

    " Uhm It's good I guess."

    His green eyes stared at me intensely.

     " Your mom invited me and my parents to your bonfire tonight."

    " Oh." I can't believe this. It's always been just me and mom at our fire, " Why are you even in here?"

    " I think our moms have this idea of us being friends or something. As if that would happen. You're way to young to hang out with or go anywhere with."

     I scowled at him, " I am not a child!"

     He laughed and stood up, " See you at the bonfire."

   He made me so mad! As if I'd be friends with him.


     I sat in a beach chair, watching the crackling fire. My mom, Linda, and Jakob were making s'mores.  Lukas was sitting beside me and leaned over.

  " Want one?" He asked, holding out a s'mores

  I shook my head, " I hate s'mores. "

  I could feel his steady gaze on me again. It almost felt threatening to be stared at by someone so beautiful.

   " Taylor! " My mom called, " Why don't you show Lukas the peer to view the stars?"

   I sighed, " Alright..." I stood up at the same time as Lukas, " follow me."

  We trudged through the sand for a few minutes until the bonfire was out of site and began  up a grassy hill. At the top you could see the ocean waves lapping the shores and the stars glittering in the sky.  We layed down and looked up at the stars.

    " This is amazing. You never see stuff like this in the city." Lukas said quietly

    " Yeah. This is my favourite place to go. Whenever I can I'll be here." I replied in a soft tone

    I heard him shift and he was on his side watching me.  I looked at him, frowning.

    " Why do you keep looking at me?" I finally ask

    " Because it's what you do whhen someone's beautiful. "

    My heart thumped against my chest.

    " I-I'm not beautiful..."

     He smiled, " Yes you are."

    I turned my head away. " No I'm not. You are..." I said the second part so quietly I didn't know if he heard me.

   I felt something on the side of my face and realized we were looking right at each other. Our faces were so close our noses touched. I sucked in my breath, startled to see him so close. His breath felt warm as he leaned closer. Was he going to kiss? My heart pounded hard against my chest. I closed my eyes unwillingly, almost like I wanted to kiss him. But he had said all those rude things to me, now he was going to kiss me? Our lips brushed ever so slightly and I flinched a little in surprise. Lukas suddenly pulled away and sat up.

    " I-I'm sorry. I don't know why I was doing that.... I shouldn't assume that you're... ah nevermind..." he leapt to his feet and strode down the hill.

    I wanted to stop him, tell him I was.. But what was I hoping for? He's 21, I'm only 18. He's an adult and I'm not really. He was a jerk to me at first, but now? Now I was confused. What was he doing? Why? And why'd he stop? And why did I want him to continue? I closed my eyes and walked back to the cottage. When I got back the fire was out and they were gone.

    " Where'd the Briars go?" I asked my mom

   " Oh sweetie! You're back! Lukas said you two had a fight. Are you ok? " She asked quickly

    I nodded, " Um Yeah I'm fine... I'm going to bed..."

   I wonder why he said we had a fight? Today has been so exhausting and confusing. 

© 2015 Avangeline

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