Haltope, Lenora’s Settlement Day

Haltope, Lenora’s Settlement Day

A Story by Diane Valterra

A Short Sci-Fi story, Lenora is a new world and Haltope is a celebration day...


The light star had fallen, leaving a dark blue shadow upon Lenora, a world in another galaxy.  The shadow phase was a peaceful time of rest. Deveena was sleeping, until thoughts of Haltope filled her mind. She was awake until the very early hours of the rising star. She was filled with anticipation, Daveena had been visiting a nearby planet during the last Haltope Holiday. Her thoughts were alive with a plan to surprise Ecan, her soon to be life mate.


Haltope was a time of great joy, a time of celebration, a time born out of need to settle a new planet, Lenora. A planet Deveena now called home. Ecan still lived on their home world, Soren. He hadn’t been able to get permission to relocate to Lenora he was needed at the Grand Council. His heart ached to be near Deveena and he missed her every moment of every day.


Haltope festivities started at the first light of the rising star that would fill the sky with a translucent shade of lavender. This was a holiday of peace and joy… the settlement of Lenora. A time they all prayed for fair weather and a plentiful harvest. It was a day of new hope for the coming year.


Ecan had been seeking permission to relocate, something that was rarely granted on Soren. He was saving the news as his gift of joy to Deveena. The gift was contained in a beautiful colored class vase with a lid. The vase was full of joy, and love.


Deveena waited impatiently for the first light of the rising star. She knew Ecan would be with her to share the celebration. Her gift was in a carved wooden box, wrapped in brightly colored yellows and purples, with ribbons of gold. When Ecan opened the box it would fill the room with her passion, love and devotion.


There was a knock at the door and Ecan entered. They shared a moment of love and Ecan kissed her with a fire she had not experienced with him. The warmth of his body excited her and the want of him grew. She held him as close as she could. He returned her adore, he couldn’t wait any longer to share his gift with her.


 He presented Deveena the beautifully colored vase and she eagerly removed the lid, instantly Ecan’s joy and love engulfed her with profound affection. She gave Ecan his gift and he opened the box with enthusiasm. Deveena’s passion, love and devotion, filled his soul. The room was full of abundant love and joy. He reached for Deveena and pulled her close.


“Will you be my lifetime mate?” he whispered in her ear, “I have permission to live on Lenora.”


“Yes, I will share my soul and my yearnings with you forever and all time to come.”


The star of light had risen to fill the sky with happiness for the celebration. All was well this Haltope Holiday as Deveena and Ecan began a life together.

© 2010 Diane Valterra

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Added on March 7, 2010
Last Updated on March 7, 2010
Tags: Story, SciFi, Fantasy


Diane Valterra
Diane Valterra

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