The Division of Order

The Division of Order

A Story by Galagarian Humor

The Division of Order

The Division Of Order is an organization dating back to the 2nd king of the Popble Isles. After the excess amount of the greed induced by the 1st king's reign, it was decided unanonomously by the nation to install an organization to ensure the Popble Isles would never fall to such corruption again. After The Great Famine, caused by the citizens' hoarding of crops and domesticable animals, the nation spent an entire twelve years recovering before crowning another king. Even with the nation in such a state of disrepair, King Dereck was oblivios to the state of the Popble Isles and continue to reign for 3 long years. His Earthquake-induced death marked the end of The Great Famine. 
 The Division of Order has kept an aura of mystery around it, as most of the records of the organization have either vanished, been destroyed, or are in an ancient dialect that nobody known can interpret. It is said that the missing documents relating to The Division of Order have been taken to a secret palace called "The Palace of Concord". However, even up to the modern day, there have been no recorded sightings or documents indicating The Palace of Concord's existence and whereabouts.
In the beginning, The Division of Order was a highly revered organization, but as the years passed, this special faction became more and more concealed to the public. It is unknown how many members of the organization exist today, though there are some predictions on how many members there might be.  
 The Division of Order is known by all the people of the Popble Isles, but through out the years, the objectives of this faction have become unclear. Some think that they hunt down and eliminate the greedy; others think they control the nations military. Only the king and a select few royal scholars understand the true intentions, and influence of the Division.

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Galagarian Humor
If only this was how the world ran. . .

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I'm glad to know about this group, even though I know nothing about the Popble Isles.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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