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It may have a funny name, but it is no laughing matter

Name : The
Habitat: Deserts

Adult Size: about 7 feet (without tail)
         about 15 feet (with tail)

Defense Mechanisms: mouth pincers, spiky tail, dagger-like feet, venom, very tough scales

Diet: All living creatures

Lifespan: unknown

Vulnerable body parts: its under-belly and tail
The is one of the more mysterious creatures of Rubishiibu. Not all is known about this creature, save that it is a very violent and destructive creature. As a matter of fact, it is considered the top land predator known to exist, and possibly the most dangerous creature in all of Rubishiibu. Some think that they might be offsprings of Xcorpiieto.
A The is easily provoked, but, fortunately for many people, it only resides in desert regions. It's scales are made of a very unique, impenetrable material that makes weapons deflect off it. It's only weak spot is its under-belly and tail, which makes killing this creature a formidable foe, especially when alone or with non-experienced hunters.
Because The scales are extremely strong and durable, they are used to make nearly unbreakable armor. But a The is very hard to kill, which makes The scales exceptionally rare and are used only as armor for the highest ranking military leaders and kings.
The has four weapons it uses: mouth pincers, spiky tail, dagger-like legs, and a very unique venom. Its mouth pincers are its most powerful of all its weapons. They are used as hunting and defense purposes. Its tail has 3 sharp spikes. It is more quick and agile than its pincers, but the tail is used mainly as a defense mechanism. Its dagger-like legs are like pick-axes when climbing up very steep mountain-sides without having to worry about falling. It also uses its legs as spears when hunting to easily subdue its prey. The most horrific all of a The's weapons is its venom. 
Unlike other venoms, The venom is not deadly, no matter how much the amount. However, it does cause abnormal effects. Blindness happens if The venom is shot in the eyes, skin irritation if there is contact with skin, and coughing and/or sneezing if in contact with the mouth or nose. All the effects can last from a few hours to several days (usually dependent on the target's immune system), but there appears to leave no permanent health effects on the victim. It is unknown why a The's venom is not life-altering. There is an ancient story that explains the reason of why The has weak venom, but not many know this story.

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"Long ago, Xcorpiieto created life that first set foot on the world of Rubishiibu. They started inhabiting the many islands all around Rubishiibu. The people, after populating for several years, started migrating from the shores to the inland. Some islands had mountains, many had forests, and some even had  lakes At first, the people started to inhabit the in-lands because of the many different types of animals and plants, but soon they would learn that their choice would have many undesired effects. There was a creature that could smash boulders as easy as an ax could chop a blade of grass. This creature devoured all living things that it saw with using venom so powerful that it could melt through rock. The people quickly learned the true sound of fear and death from the creature that consistanly destroyed their villages and killed their people. The people called this creature, The. Every encounter the people had  with The, it brought a short reign of chaos, fear, and destruction. Xcorpiieto started to notice the widespread destruction. He then came to Rubishiibu and  banished the catastrophic creature to the underworld. The people were thankful  and celebrated Xcorpiieto for banishing the creature. As a few generations went by, the people started seeing their limited restraints. They soon started using many of the creatures as slaves to do all the hard and labor-intense work. Xcorpiieto saw that the people of the Rubishiibu started this evil trend  to the vast amounts of creatures he created. Xcropiieto, again, returned to Rubishiibu and said to all the conquering inhabitants, "You ignorant mortal fools see my gift of peace as a sign of power. This mockery of me will not be tolerated in the least. Perhaps I should bring back the creature that made your great grandparents run faster than the wind? Only then will you be grateful of my peaceful gift that shall never be given back." With that, he summoned back all those horrible creatures. But, being considerate of the past, he weakened  The's venom, so that it wouldn't be as destructive as before. He then scattered  the evil creatures across Rubishiibu and made them roam to the deserts, wreaking havoc on any villages in their way. The people of Rubishiibu learned that severely angering the divines will never go unpunished."

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Galagarian Humor
Should I add more to the ancient story part?

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This is very interesting. I don't think you should add more to the ancient story part; it tells of "The" very well; how it was banished, why it was returned. And the lesson is good: Do not anger the gods...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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