Rick Roll'd

Rick Roll'd

A Story by Galagarian Humor

This prank has only worked about three times out of all the times I've tried this (too many to recall). Here is one of few the successes I had. Enjoy.


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Never been here

You: Gonna try it.

Stranger: please be non horny and atleast slightly interesting PLEASE

You: Give some advise, please? No, im not that way.

Stranger: advise?

Stranger: what?

You: You know, stuff i should know on here.

Stranger: well, do you know what asl means?

You: Up here, we dont say asl.

Stranger: what do you say then

You: Never heard it before, though.

Stranger: oh

Stranger: well you will be asked it alot on here

Stranger: it stands for

Stranger: age sex location

You: Gonna do it to me? please no.

Stranger: why please no?

You: Let me see, I don't want more creeps on me. there's already some from school. . .

You: You there?

Stranger: why would i be a creep "on you" just becasuse you gave me your asl

You: Down where I live, just one thing can leed 2 anothr thing.

You: Never want to give more stuff bout me again.

Stranger: well its not like you have to marry me ,,, jeez...

You: Gonna have to get a shrink, but they never help.

Stranger: why do you need sa shrink?

Stranger: a*

Stranger: oh sorry

Stranger: dm

You: Run and sleep helps me to relax, not a shrink. People thinks i need one.

Stranger: oh why?

Stranger: do you have issues?

You: Around in my family, they think talking is good, but i like to run.

You: And they think that talking solves everything.

Stranger: so you dont agree?

You: Desert them and start new is wat I want. They r to bossy 2 me.

Stranger: you know you should just think yourself lucky for what you have got

You: You know what else?

Stranger: what do you mean what else?

You: Read the first word of all my comments.

You: You have been Rick Roll'd! XD Talk about interesting! Trolololol

Stranger: wow, you really need a hobby

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

© 2012 Galagarian Humor

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...Errr....I didn't understand this at all....sorry.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I like the conversation in the poem. Lessons can be learn.
"you know you should just think yourself lucky for what you have got"
Most of us appreciate the good things when we don't have them anymore. A interesting conversation. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Sorry,I didn't understand this.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on June 3, 2012
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