The Dark Side of The Mountain

The Dark Side of The Mountain

A Poem by D. Nelson

Oh it just seems to never end. as soon as you think you've clawed your' way to the summit of the mountain by your bleeding stubs and mangled nails, you fall right back down again.

How could I not know this was coming straight after me,
so many hints and signs waiting plain for me to see.
Your� second thoughts were obvious,
your� subtle movements devious.
And your� loving touch was deceptive,
to your� falsities I was overly receptive.
You told me you loved me,
but I know you never really accepted.
My eyes bled out of my skull.
but I guess that�s what it takes for me to truly see.
You lying b***h you never f*****g loved me.
When I really needed help,
you were first to flee.
Why did you leave?
When I asked for you,
you set your� sails to the sea.
Sea of faces.

Now you abandoned me and I can�t tell the difference,
you blend in perfectly with all of the indifferent.
You�re just like everyone else,
it�s just like I thought.
You turned and ran away when you should have stayed and fought.
And now I'm lost.

Where did you go?
How I could I know?
Why do you run,
you over timed and jumped the gun.
I scream and I will ask until I get the answers.
How could you do this to me?
Why can�t you see?
You have no idea what I went through..
Just to be here with you.
And then you ran away,
when I asked you refused to stay.
I cannot lead the way...
When I�m alone...

© 2008 D. Nelson

Author's Note

D. Nelson
as usual, tell me what you think.

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Wow, I felt like this was very cathartic for you in some way. I felt a lot of what you were saying. Some good images in there.

I really like this line for some reason:
"Why do you run,
you over timed and jumped the gun."

Good job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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The people that had no right to be in your life seem to betray us and then just..walk away. It isn't fair at all, but who said life was fair?
A very a emotional write, great work,

Posted 13 Years Ago

You turned and ran away when you should have stayed and fought.
And now I'm lost.

you were already lost

Very angst-y.

Posted 13 Years Ago

yes we love endlessly we never think back ,its just we like to think the world is wonderful and dreamy so we risk loving and put all our lives in the hands of someone we love ,we trust in everyone ,that how we like it ,thats how i like it ,and thats how dreamy people like to think and believe that the world is a lovely place and life is really wonderful ,so we always give never think about how much we will take,to be dreamy ,this will cost ,and cost a lot,cause people are not that way ,they calculate the losses and gains ,they think they are the clever ones ,but no they are not,they think they laugh at us but its not ,they are the losers and so pitiful ,we are just ...too human and too dreamy,this is wonderful work ,it gave me a lot to think ,thank you

Posted 13 Years Ago

Oh wow Dillon, such pain in this write. Sigh. To give all of one's self, trusting in another to always be there, always ... through thick and thin.... and when they let us down, it's brutally painful. I agree with Melanie -- you can't lose faith in people. The reason I say that with such ease is because, if you think about it, all we really have in life is eachother. I think sometimes, we look at life in such a way as it's never going to end here.... so we live it sometimes bitter, angry, resentful, hateful.... as if there will be many chances to rectify that at some point... to live happier. What a waste of time and energy ... I don't understand why we don't live to love... love to live. I'm too am guilty ... we all are.

This pain will pass... and you will find new love ... that is worthy of yours.

I enjoy your work my friend. By now you know that I'm an emotional writer and reader, and your work pleases me greatly as you always manage to evoke intense emotion from your reader! I don't enjoy your pain of course, but I do enjoy your talented expression.

Well done as always! :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

sadly, it doesn't get any better, people will betray you time and again thru life but the trick is to not lose your faith in people, just guard your heart a little closer, finding the balance between too trusting and too cynical is a life long task. I do think letting out all this angst is good for you, putting it into words and read it once in awhile, believe in even as soon as a year your perspective on this incident will change greatly. Awesome write Dillon, as always you show wisdom and maturity in your feelings, way beyond your years, or maybe I'm so old I don't remember what it's like to be either way, you know I always enjoy your work :)
great stuff matey xx

Posted 13 Years Ago

I also know how it feels to be deceived by someone close, who you trusted. I love this and it is very well written and displays emotions excellently.

Posted 13 Years Ago

you set your' sails you sea.
Sea of faces. - might want to work on this a bit. Doesn't seem right.

A harsh reality being with those that think only of themselves. Very harsh. Good rant though.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I know how it feels to be fooled by someone you think you know and you don't know them at all. Well written!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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