A Poem by Dina Darling

My passion rages in my kiss, my touch, my heated breath. my forbidden eve...


Dipped my feet in the pretty, pretty dawn
Awakened by her radiating light
She teaches me the ways of the morning
I mimic her every proportion
I am dying to be beautiful
Longing to be his light of day

Perplexed by all my misconceptions
Clockwork broken of matter and time
The ticking has stopped
My final countdown
Silenced even the deadest of night
Seeking dawn as my refugee
Better than a broken day to keep me warm

Fearing the worst of envy
His stale breath swimming through

The depths of my heart beat
It has possessed me
Lashing out
Flames of restless fire
Seek it out
It only gets hotter from here

Nightfall has petrified me
I cease to exist

In the slumber of towering trees
I long for the remembrance of dawn
Her Heaven
The treaty of sanctuary
My body trembles
As innocence melts by drops of sweat
My passion rages in my kiss, my touch
My heated breath, my forbidden eve
I need to know what his desire dreams
And as I dance in the pretty, pretty dawn
He sees the nakedness of my love

As I fall to my knees
Calling him to me


© 2011 Dina Darling

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I'm not convinced of any likely impending consensus of what this poem actually intends to mean, but there is power and beauty in the ambiguity. It seems to me to split simultaneously into possible and plausible avenues of suggestion. The overriding theme though is what is most important to the appreciation of the writing. Whatever that overriding theme may be in different readers minds, it is safe perhaps to say that it will be right. For this poem presents all of them together, I feel.
A sensual, spiritual, and almost visceral piece of work; very well written.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Silence has a voice...
aloneness a presence.
Wishes like flies -
buzz and strafe,
alight - tease, tickle -
grow in the dark
and in the heat of nights...
til crushed so very, very hard
the seems - meant as I wrote... s e e m s
crack and rupture
and even the life - from the eyes -
can't be held inside.

Strange the thoughts drawn...
from another.


Posted 10 Years Ago

As innocence melts by drops of sweat
My passion rages in my kiss, my touch
My heated breath, my forbidden eve

My favorite lines in this intensely sensual and dramatically romantic poem... when we desire someone that seems out of reach the dreams can become surreal.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Dina Darling
Dina Darling

Dina Darling, raised in Chicago, began writing poetry as a fluke. Based on her writing assignments in class, her High School English teacher Ms. Clarry encouraged Dina to take a stab at poetry and pro.. more..