A Poem by Dina Darling

I am a notable example of everything you are not


Break off the jagged corners

A prize visual pun

Lurking in the darkness for me

An integral part of the circus of my life

You see I've known this troubled path

For all my days that I fear

The wretched hands of insanity

Watch me as I encompass

An extremely wide range of style


My words are like the blackest slug

Dropping out of my mouth

In drooled slow motion

Always the wrong one

Always the wrong setting of time

I am the hierarchy

With this whiteface and ruffled collar

Giving you good laughs

That'll rip your sides out


Thriving to make an impact in his eyes

Gathering attention by the flight of my kite

Rejected by the wind

Costumed for extravagance

Did they call me?

I must have missed my number


This slacking tiredness mocks my sensibility

Imprisoned by my rights and wrongs




Am I the most prevalent character?

Or another tramp in disguise

A mysterious dream harlequin

I am a notable example

Of everything you are not


The reminder of time

Or was that the remainder?

Keeps repeating the blame of my mistakes

A gag written and rehearsed

Seeking a volunteer from the audience

Signal emergency

Reveal the punch line

Foolish face

Painted by the circus clowns who rained

Their black and red on my exaggerated parade


© 2011 Dina Darling

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ahhh; clowns could not compare to the exaggerations going on inside - didn't expect that twist

Posted 10 Years Ago

When I read this... I did not use a Judy Collins voice... and Santana just couldn't DO this justice... and then I heard my sister... the one just three years younger... and knew the right 'voice'.

Take care,

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 22, 2011
Last Updated on July 22, 2011
Tags: Darkness, anger, fear


Dina Darling
Dina Darling

Dina Darling, raised in Chicago, began writing poetry as a fluke. Based on her writing assignments in class, her High School English teacher Ms. Clarry encouraged Dina to take a stab at poetry and pro.. more..