Perfect World, Wicked World.

Perfect World, Wicked World.

A Poem by Sexy P3nguin

As a kid I believed that the world was perfect.

No hatred, just love. Happiness would reflect.

I was full of laughter, friendly hellos and goodbye.

Not until I grew would I realize these were lies.


Now a teenager I see the worlds true color.

No one shows respect, they just give the cold shoulder.

It's truly sad to see what humans have become.

We still act like the beast we evolved from.


Seven deadly sins committed every single day.

We show envy for others just never say.

Others have anger inside, letting it out on the wrong person.

Some thrive on greed, this can only worsen.


Sadly, some people become a sloth, and give up on life.

We take pride in our actions, even if it's night life.

Gluttony is shown by not sharing with the homeless.

We lust over sex, only going on a mans promise.


Now I see how the world really is.

Who fault is this? It has to be his.

The man upstairs? No, it can't be.

I believe it's time for you to truly see.


God has no influence on how the world acts.

Hes nothing but a conductor, keeping our life on tracks.

The world has become what it is become of sinners.

Sadly the world is full of these heinous blood suckers.


There time will come when they least expect it.

In the mean time we're forced to deal with it.

Honestly, for sinners I would never show disgust.

I am one. Tell me, who do you trust?




Dustin Davis

© 2011 Sexy P3nguin

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A powerful piece of writing. This outlines conditions of today and the shameful state we've dug ourselves into. You provide a clear, concise message, Bravo.

Posted 4 Months Ago

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Added on August 20, 2011
Last Updated on August 20, 2011


Sexy P3nguin
Sexy P3nguin


Hello there everyone. :) My name is Dustin S. Davis. I choose NOT to share my middle name. Don't ask for it either. I wont tell you. Anyway, I have been writing fictional/non-fictional (more fiction).. more..