Love Sick Roller Coaster

Love Sick Roller Coaster

A Poem by DisturbedGoddess

A song bout when the one you are with can't decide whether or not they love you and care bout you.


Don't come 'round telling me you love me

Then go telling' others you don't care

You said such sweet things

And then you turned around
Acted like some one new

Told me lies in your twisted game

Of deception



Tired of this Love sick Roller Coaster

Want to get off it but can’t make myself turn away

Am I wasting my time?

Waiting for you to come back to me

Haven't seen you in a while

Two months past and no sign from you

Want to get off this lovesick roller coaster


Were all those words you spoke a lie?

Was every thing I've done mean nothing to you?

Our love's been nothing but deception

Couldn't trust a word you said

You couldn't even trust me

Couldn't make up your mind


Repeat Chorus


Tired of this back and forth stuff

Can't take this ride any more

Want to get off of it but can't turn away

Can't get off this ride

Can't stay, can't make myself leave


Repeat Chorus

Don't be coming' 'round telling me you love me

Cause all that love stuff is nothing but a lie

Don't be coming' 'round dragging' me back into this twisted game

This Love sick twisted roller coaster


Repeat Chorus


Don't be coming' 'round telling me you love me

Don't go telling' others you don't care

You told me such sweet things

Then turned around
Acted like some one different

Told lies in this twisted game

Of deception

© 2010 DisturbedGoddess

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3 Cheers to the Lassie that wrote this! Jerks and all need to know their games are not wanted anymore, as if there wasn't enough for people to deal with o.O Wonderful job again Kat!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on September 12, 2010
Last Updated on September 13, 2010