The Aurora Adventure

The Aurora Adventure

A Poem by Krishna

Direct 'sequel' to "Manny and the Carrot," previously posted. Currently 'chapter' 2 of the tentative story-poem series that I'm working on.

Last we saw, out behind gates of tin,
Manny the rabbit, once fat, now thin,
living in a house, from a carrot he ate,
now does his tale continue, at a later date.

The day was sunny, very warm, quite bright;
Manny sat in his house, thinking 'all is right,
I have a new place, made -- surprisingly -- from food,
and mm mm mmm, did making it taste good!

'But now, here I am, behind these tin gates,
with naught to do, no tasks, no mates.'
And, as if he had said such out loud,
from behind the gates pounced a kitten: tall, proud.

The young cat was small, fuzzy, fast,
never in one spot stayed the shadow she cast;
steel grey and black, stripes from head to tail,
before she spoke, nimbly jumped upon a pail:

'Salut!' said the kitten to the bunny,
'You must be new to these fields very sunny,
it's nice to meet'cha, my name's Aurora,
I too came here recently from the isle Bora Bora!'

Manny looked up at the kitten, a smile on his face,
'why hello Aurora! Indeed I'm new to this place.
I once lived far away as well,
in another abode did I once dwell.

'But, thinking one day, I decided to change my fate,
and hopping along I came by this gate;
so now here I live in this orange root,
yet, sadly, I have none with whom to share this loot.

'Would you, dear kitty, be my friend to-day.
so bored and alone I will not have to lay?'
Excited, the kitten, Aurora, did bounce,
this way, then that, off the pail did she pounce.

'Of course, of course!' she did reply,
'We'll have adventures! And quests! All new things we'll try!'
And with those words, Aurora shot down the trail,
Manny followed along on their first journey, here's the tale!

Together they went, one kitty, one bunny,
off into the unknown on this day quite sunny.
Said Aurora to Manny: 'we should explore this land,
and what to do we would better understand.'

Manny turned and said back: 'too true, friend cat,
exploration is fun, we should do that!'
He looked around, from where to embark?
When, behold! On that tree, a mark!

Many hopped forward to inspect the wood,
and upon it was writing. Said it: 'You should,
read this sign and heed what it does say,
these directions lead you to a place to play!'

'Look, look!' exclaimed rabbit to cat,
'the writing on this tree, look at that;
a place to play we could find today,
fun and exciting -- about that what do you say?'

Aurora came over and looked at the tree,
cocked her head to the side, then said happily:
'right you are, Manny! That sounds great indeed,
we should follow the trail to where it does lead!'

With that agreement, off they did set,
and the path lead them they did let,
through trees and bushes, them did it take,
over hills, down a valley, only to end at a lake.

Sadly, however, this part of the tale is done,
before I can tell you of the lake and the fun,
but next time I'll continue, about rabbit and cat,
next time I'll continue, I promise you that!

© 2010 Krishna

Author's Note

This follows after "Manny and the Carrot," previously posted. There will be a third chapter to the 'collection' coming -- hopefully soon -- and it will further the story, picking up immediately after this one let off.

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Added on June 11, 2010
Last Updated on June 21, 2010
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