The Unfashionable Olympiad

The Unfashionable Olympiad

A Chapter by Some Random Person.

Now its time for the Olympiad

Just to make it clear, I am doing the NASA Project for the Texas section and the Turkish Folk Dance. Alex is doing both the project and reciting a poem in Turkish. Just to clear that up.
So, where was I? Oh yeah, the unfashionable judges. I'll continue now.
After the judges completed their introductions and hellos, the contestants went to their assigned rooms. Yeah, I said assigned rooms. We weren't allowed to leave our "assigned rooms" no matter what. Even if you were about to pee in your smelly pants while putting on a costume. Yes, that actually happened too. Not to me or Alex, Thank God, but to a Freshman who was singing. I kind of felt sorry for her.
When I stepped out of the Cafegymatorium, where we were holding our Olympiad, I started to laugh insanely. I couldn't keep it in. Not a minute longer. 
Wait, where was I? Oh yeah! The assigned rooms! How could I forget?
The assigned rooms were... Classrooms. Crazy isn't it? I mean, who would want to stay in an assigned classroom for, what, 1 to 5 hours?! Yeah, it felt like 5 hours. 
After we got into our costumes, dresses and what-nots, we crammed into the busy school hallway. We were starting to get a little hot because of all the traffic. Well, I most certainly was hot. I am very glad that I just put on deodarant before I put on this long costume for a few hours. We were like parked cars on the highway, that trafficy. It wasn't only hot, it was trouble. We had to be in the Auditorium in, like 5 minutes. Aren't I glad that I'm not the only one who's late!
After we were out of the traffic-filled school hallway, We started toward the Auditorium and saw the unfashionable judges. Guess what? We started laughing again, because of their uncanny ability to not dress correctly! My, how stupid we must look! Walking into a room, then, for no apparent (to the judges, especially the Smurf-Judge) reason! What have I gotten myself into? This was so funny. 
Then the competition started, and we were performing 3rd. I couldn't wait until I finished dancing. That way, I could laugh my head off. Alex, who stood next to me, was also laughing her head off. It seamed like we were all laughing. No, we were balling. ROFL-ing, I suppose you can say. At least I was. Laughing, almost on the floor. 
Then our music started. Dear me, Alex was in a wreck. She was so nervous. I could definitely tell that right away. I hope that the judges don't count off for that. We started going out, shuffling out in our "Folk Dance" ways. I had to do several movements that looked like I was milking a cow, then sweep the dusty floor... I don't know why anyone would do this, but hey, I was on stage, in front of some crazy dressed judges, so go figure. 
Finally the dance was over, and I had to dress out of my dancing uniform as quickly as possible and get into my white dress for the NASA presentation, then return to my project and the Olympiad. My, Alex looked happy to get out of that stagefront!

After all the judging, dancing, singing and whatnot had been done with, we all gathered in the Auditorium to see who won the awards. Principal Amador screeched the microphone again. It always screeches when he gets a hold of it.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," Principal Amador said into the mic, "Now is the time for the awards!"

"Third place in the Turkish Folk Dancing is..." Drum rolls were beating, though I didn't know who was making it, "Harmony School of Innovation!"

"Second Place is..." Drum roll, again. "Harmony Science Academy!"

"First Place is Harmony Science Academy Houston NorthWest!" That was us. We won first place! 

Now the singing was next.

"Quiet down, HSANW students! Quiet down!" Principal Amador was screaming at us.

"Singing is the next competition. Third place is... Zarahja Stoodidad!"

"Second Place is...  Alexandra Shah!"

"First Place is Armandi Schiller!" More screaming. 

"Now it's the Texas Segment. Third place is... Peter Hernandez!" Some kid in 7b. Smart one too. 

"Second Place is... Sandra Pulling!" What is it with people's names being weird?

"First Place is..... Alexandra Shah and Elizabeth Jaco!" We won. We placed in everything we competed in. Shocking. I thought for sure that I-we weren't going to win everything, barely one. But we'd won. I was sure proud. 

Shocked, and a little wordless, we both walked on the stage for a second time each. We were really shell-shocked! You should've seen our faces, I'm sure mine was red. I know that Alex's was very red, almost a tomato head.

© 2011 Some Random Person.

Author's Note

Some Random Person.
So... what do ya'll think about this short chapter so far? I'm NOT done yet... I'm so busy with school, its not even funny. I hope that the TAKS test has now cleared up some homework, but I don't think it will.

How was this chapter?

Oh, and I had to change the name to Alex. I didn't want to, but I had to. (I don't know why, but I had to...)

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I like the description of getting prepared and the performing. The details of the story made the scene come alive. I never like any type of competition. A very interesting chapter. What will be the outcome?

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Posted 9 Years Ago

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I liked this chapter. I can picture it perfectly. I love the main character and Alex. They seem like such great friends!:)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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