Party at the Beach!

Party at the Beach!

A Chapter by Some Random Person.

They eat then go to the Galveston beach

We ate the salads and yapped about how exciting and stressful the Olympiad was and how our day was before. The Olympiad was stressful for Alex, of course. Dad knew about how stressful eveything was for Alex. Adri, on the otherhand, didn't know. I never told her much about my friends and their lives. She never asked.
"Oh, and on the way to school, Alex was shuddering heavily, I could barely talk to her."
"Hey! It's not funny! I was very nervous!"
"Well you did fine, didn't you, Miss Second-Place-Winner-in-Turkish-Singing!"
"Yeah, you're right, Mr. Jaco." She said back to my father. 
"Do I have to keep telling you not to call me that? Call me John, okay?"
"And call me Adri. Everyone here does." Adri said to Alex.
"Okay." Alex barely started the "O" when the waiter came and placed the food on our table, calling out our food names.
"An olive, peperoni and sundried tomato pizza," The waiter said as she passed my food to me.
"A Specialty Pizza," She said as she passed Dad's pizza to him.
"Caeser Salad to the Lady," The waiter said as she passed my stepmother's salad to her.
"And a penne pasta without the meat." Alex took the pasta from our waiter hurriedly. She definitely looked very hungry to me.
"Would you like anything else?" Our waiter inquired.
"Nope, that's all for now." My father replied to her, and she left to wait on more tables.
We chopped on our food, and talked between every bite. 
"So, Alex, how was the rest of your day?" My stepmother asked her.
"I had Math, English, and Biology. It was very boring. In math, I had to do Algebra 2. I hate math. English, we watched this silly, boring, old cartoon she made. Mrs. McSmith always makes boring cartoons. She's almost 70, you know. In Biology, we took a long test about Earthworms and how they impact the Earth. I don't get how that's Biology."
"Well, what was on the test?"
"I don't remember, just stuff about Earthworms." We started talking more and more about school, tests and other things related to school. When we finished our food, and I was the last one finished, we started toward our cars. We would go to the beach and celebrate ourselves near the waves.
When we got to the beach, the waves were beautiful. Well, as beautiful as Galveston Beach can get. The water was muddy and brown. You couldn't see the bottom. I've always hated that, but never said anything about it. At at least we've got a beach!
Me and Ayesha changed into our swimsuits in the Pot O' Gold Port-a-Potties. I kind of laughed at the name Pot O' Gold because I am a member of the International Order Of The Rainbow For Girls, and I was the station Charity, which had a Pot of Gold on it's station, so it had a double meaning to me. 
We raced and raced across the waves and swam in the Gulf. I had more fun then than I have had in a long time. Today was a very memorable day.
"So, what are y-" Alex got caught mid-sentence  by a wave as tall as her. I started laughing hard when another wave came, but hit me. "PAYBACK!!!" She yelled, and started laughing at me. When she was too busy laughing, another wave hit her. She apparently got a mouthful of that yucky salty sea water. 
We swam back to shore so that she could get a drink of fresh water to wash that saltiness out. When we went back out, my dad came with us. We swam through waves and laughed at each other and talked. The whole day was fun. It was better than my birthday Parties.
We kept body-surfing the waves. We got out really far, too. We were having too much fun to go back to shore. Dad was watching the Sea Gulls and Pelicans dive into the wavy, brown waters and yellow, pink and white fish.
Speaking of fish, a fish startled me by bumping against my leg twice. The first time was wierd, what happened? The second really startled and scared me. Oh, and a fish jumped right up on top of my top. I screamed really loud and I'm sure that all those who could hear me turned their heads toward me. Alex and Dad laughed harder than I imagined possible. And of course a wave came and Alex got another mouthful of salt water. Now I started laughing.
"Alright, we're even. Okay Alex?" I asked her when we arrived at the beach and she drank some salt water.
"Yeah, sure, fine." The day was absolutely, perfectly fun, entertaining, and exciting.

© 2011 Some Random Person.

Author's Note

Some Random Person.
Ignore the grammar mistakes, please. What do you think about the chapter? I have no idea what's going to happen now. Well, maybe. What do you think is going to happen? Tell me if you think that I have made any grammar mistakes. Please review!

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A very good chapter. I have been to Galveston Beach a few times. A good place to be. I like the story. Can't no better. Free time, water and friends. A excellent chapter.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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"We chopped on our food, and talked between every bite. " You don't need to have a comma there. If the second sentence is can stand by itself, you can put a comma there. "Dad was watching the Sea Gulls and Pelicans dive into the wavy, brown waters" Seagulls and pelicans are common nouns. "The first time was wierd(weird), what happened?"

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I like it:) Great job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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