Chapter 1: The New Alphas

Chapter 1: The New Alphas

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

The alphas are talking...


  Five wolves, Alphas in training, stand side by side, shoulder by shoulder, flank by flank. This was a race. A race to let the Alpha School instructor know who's the fastest runner.

  "Five... four... three... two... one... go!" They ran as fast as they could. Daring themselves not to pant. Of course, there could only be one winner. That winner was none other than: Stormfast. A wolf pratically built for speed.

  "Ha! Beatcha'!"

  "How do you do that?" asked Garth, a orange wolf who was Stormfast's cousin. "Are you even panting?"

  "No. I just have a gift.," answered Stormfast.

  He was a handsome wolf who was black with white on the tip of his tail and paws.

  "I wish I was gifted like you," said Stone, Stormfast's best friend and adopted brother.

  He was a friendly, superstitious wolf who had white fur with light brown spot.

  "Who cares if he won," muttered Scar

  "Tony cares," said the instuctor named Smokey, a brown wolf. "'Cause now he's gonna' know who's the fastes runner."

  "Thank you Smokey."

  "Now listen all of you. Tony will now give various tasks that you'll have to listen carefully and do exactly." Tony was the current pack leader of the pack known as the Eastern Pack. Their rival pack, known as the Western Pack had been their enemies for more than a century (Dog Years).

  "Wait. What do you mean he will give us a task "now"? We're not Alphas yet," said Claws, a orange female wolf.

  "That's right." He smiled. "Since today is the first day of spring... you all are now known as Alphas!" They all cheered.

  "Whoo-hoo! Not a Beta anymore!" shouted Garth.

  "Glad that's over!" yelled Stormfast.

  "Glad winter's over too," added Stone. "So who's ready for the Moonlight Howl?" The Moonlight Howl is a celebration held yearly on the first day of spring to unite young couples by howling at the moon, signaling the start of the mating season.

  "I know I am," said Stormfast. "I've been working on my howls lately."

  "So have I," bragged Garth.

  "You howl?" said Claws.

  "Of course I do. Maybe not as good as y'all."


  "Well, you should know that I got a date with the Western Pack's leader's daughter." Everybody was confused.

  "Wait, I thought Easterns couldn't howl with Western. Just like the Alphas and the Omegas." Those were Tony's rules.

  "Well, the rules apply for y'all. You know that speech Winston told us last autumn?" Winston was the current Western Pack leader.

  "Yeah, what about it?" said Scar.

  "Well, he told us that if me and his daughter marry, it would unite the packs."

  "Why would we need to?" asked Stormfast.

  "Because caribou is disappearing from our pack. It could be the only way to end our little famine."

  "That makes sense. T guess that's why I haven't seen a caribou track in a while."

  "I hear the Westerns are hoarding all the meat," snickered Scar.

  "No. They wouldn't do that. The Westerns are known for their kindness," said Garth.

  "I agree," said Stormfast.

  "I'm glad you both think of peace," said Smokey

  Just then, Tony walked up to them.

  "Are these the new Alphas Smokey?"

  "Yes, sir." He turned his attention.

  "Well, congrats! I hope y'all had a great winter. So... Smokey, who won the race?"

  "The legend of course."

  "Stormfast? Again? Wow." Scar rolled his eyes.

  "Well, Stormfast, Stone, Claws, Scar, and my son Garth. I hope y'all are ready for the life ahead of you. Especailly you Garth. You will be following in my journey of being pack leader. Ahhh... I remember my time in Alpha School when my dad said those exact words. His name as you might recall in your history class was Bronx. I remember when I did my final race. I didn't win though. My brother, Owen won it. Stormfast?"


  "Just to let you know, your father, Owen, was a great wolf. I know he died a moon ago along with your mum. He said the only thing he could give you was his speed."



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© 2013 Wolf Paws

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This is really good. I love wolves and already intrigued with this book. I like the introduction of the characters, I find Scar as the jealous one and it seems like the leader can only be the heir of the previous. I loved it and can't wait to read the next chapter :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

Wolf Paws

5 Years Ago

Thanks? :)
It's a bit hard to read. I mean, with no spaces between paragraphs and whatnot.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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