Chapter 2: A Night to Remember

Chapter 2: A Night to Remember

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  "Watch this," Stormfast whispered. He got out of the bushes and walked over to two girls. Stone, who was still in the bushes, just watched his friend with a smug little grin on his face.

  "Who are you?" asked the white wolf named Winter

  "Name's Stormfast."

  "What do you want?" said the ash colored wolf.

  "Oh, just walking around, wondering if one of you girls might wanna' be my howling partner." They turned aound and whispered to each other.

  "Wow, this guy sound cool!" said Lisa.

  "He also looks cute," replied Winter.

  "So which one of us should go?"

  "I think you should go. It's your first time."

  "Okay!" They stopped whispering.

  "Lisa here would love to howl with you." She walked up. He turned around and she walked by his side up the mountain.

  It was obvious that Stormfast was better at this stuff than Stone. He knew it was his turn to show off his moves.

  "*sigh* C'mon. Stormfast made it look easy. In fact, I wonder how he did that so fast."

  Stone got out of the bushes and walked over to Winter who was drinking in a little stream. He started sweating through his paws. "Hi."


  "Uhh... I was wondering... Do you... want to -uhh-... Well, you know."

  "Excuse me?"

  "Oh, sorry. Do you... want to go up... Moonlight Howl Rock?" Moonlight Howl Rock was a mountain where the Moonlight Howl was held. It was split among the Eastern and Western Packs.

  "You, you sound a lot like my sister Lisa."

  "Uhh.. How so?" he asked.

  "Well, when we had practice, she would also sound sluggish." Stone blushed, now knowing he had a fool of himself.




Near the park of the mountain, Stormfast and Lisa were having a decent conversation.

  "So... I hear you're a legend."

  "I've always been called that."

  "Why are you called that?"

  "I really shouldn't tell you. It's a secret."

  "Really? Oh, sorry. I guess I shouldn't talk about then."

  "No, no. It's okay. I'll tell you. Back before I went to Alpha School, I had went out of my family den and successfully hunted a large moose."

  "What?! That's crazy!" she yelled. "Moose are the most dangerous animals to hunt! You managed to kill one when you were a pup!"

  All of the sudden, a loud, uneven, out-of-tone howl arose from the Western side of the mountain. Every wolf could hear it. Stormfast recognized the voice.

  "I though you said you were working on your howls Garth?!" He covered his ears.




  Meanwhile, the same treatment was happening to Stone.

  "Garth! You sound like a deer dying! Excuse me for a sec'. I'm getting some water." He then walked away. He was going to smack some sense into Garth. Winter already knew that. There was a stream of water in front of her.

  As soon as Stone left her sight, he was strucked by something sharp. "Oww! What the heck was that?" He looked aty his flank. There, was a needle with a fuzzy, red thing on the end of it. He started to feel dizzy. Then he started to see double vision. Before he passed he yelled his friend's name. "Stormfast!"




  Stormfast stopped howling.

  Stone must be in trouble! he thought. Sorry Lisa. He licked on the cheek and left.

  "Wait, where are you going?" He was already out of her sight before she finished that sentence. "Whoa! The legend is true. He is fast!




  In a area surounded by tall bushes and trees, Stone was in a black bar cage. Left of the cage was a red pick-up truck. On the right were empty box cages.

  Soon enough, Stormfast made it.

  "Who did this to you?"

  "I don't know but do you see a way for me to get out?"

  "I don't think so. Isn't there a -uhh- What did they call it? Umm... A door?"

  "Obviously, I would have got out by now if I knew there was a door!" barked Stone.

  "Okay. Geez. You don't have to whine."

  "Oh. Where's my sense of humor?"

  "Enough you Beta! I'm just trying to help you out."

  "I know... It's just you're not doing a very good job at it."

  "Whatever." Stormast was now ticked off.

  Just then, three aliens popped out from the otherside of the truck.

  "Humans!" they both yipped.

  "I should've known!" said Stone. Stormfast stood still; frozen. "Storm! Stay with me!" Even know he wanted to stay by Stone's side, he wanted to save himself more imortantly. He ran as fast as he could. The humans only saw a blur. He went west so he could get help.

  Before he ran, he said a few last words to Stone that would scar him for life. "Sorry buddy." Those will be the last words Stone will hear from Stormfast for a long time.




  Stormfast was still runnng as fast as he could. But there was one toll to running fast. That was stopping. As he tried to turn north, he slipped on some mud. *splash!* He slipped right into the nearby dividing river. The river that borders most of the Eastern Pack's western border. "*gasp!* Hello?! Anyone?!" He tried to keep his muzzle above the water. The current slowly carried him south. "*gasp!* Hello?! Stone?!" Then he realized, Stone couldn't help him. He needed something so he wouldn't drown. He grabbed half of a hollow log. He put half of his body onto it. He was careful not to put too much weight on the log otherwise it would flip. "What have I got myself into?" he asked himself.



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