Chapter 3: Two Lone Wolves Part 1

Chapter 3: Two Lone Wolves Part 1

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  "Stormfast? What are you doing?!" yelled Stone as he saw the last of his best friend. "I thought we were friends!" He started to cry. "Please! Don't leave me here!" He leaned against the cage and barked for help.

  Just then, the humans went to the cage and examined what the caught.

  "Wow. He's a beauty. He'll fit right in Idaho."

  "Ida-who?" said Stone. "Look, I can't understand a word you're saying but I don't want to be chopped up and eaten!" He rammed himself against the cage. Suddenly, the door flew open. "Ha! See you later suckers!" The human leader with ranger hat looked at the doo.

  "Darn it! Somebody forgot to lock the door!" Stone quickly escaped. He ran as fast as he possibly could. As he ran, he cried. The thought of Stormfast abandoning him like his parents did to him was unbearable to think about. He didn't want to go back to Moonlight Howl Rock. Not with Stormfast there

  Just as he turned around to check that no one was following him, he tripped on a large rock and began tumbling down a steep hill.

  When he finally stopped, he winced at every bump and bruise he when he rolled over sticks and rocks. As he tried to stand back up, he felt a horrific pain in his right front paw.

  "Owwww!" he yipped. "Must be broken." He looked around the area he was in. He wasn't sure if he was in Eastern territory. He looked at one of the nearby trees. It almost scared him when he saw a huge clawmark on it. Soon, he realized every tree southeast of him was clawmarked. He smelled the air for any scent marks. None was present. He looked at the ground. and noticed paw prints leading east. Since there was nothing he could do, he decided to follow the trail.

  He spent hours following the prints and observing uncharted terrain. Every once and a while, he would whine when his paw ached or when his left paw tired from delegating work so he could limp.

  After more hours, he began to feel hopeless. The prints weren't even fresh. They looked like to be about a few decades old (Dog Years).

  He soon decided to take a little break in a cave he found on the way.




  Meanwhile in the dividing river, Stormfast gave up trying to fight the current. He looked up at the almost full moon. As an illusion, below the moon was Moonlight Howl Rock. He could still hear the distant terrible howl of Garth.

  "Hard to believe Kate would stay a full minute with him." Soon, a little bend in the river caused trees to block his view of the mountain. "What am I going to do now?"

  Coincidently, his grandfather had also fell in the same river. Though nobody actually knew how he got out of it. The only good thing Stormfast wanted to know was that Bronx got out alive.

  After many hours, he began to feel sleepy. He decided to howl a song to pass the time.




Even when I sing everday

Even when I tell her I like seeing her face


Even when I see the world

Right through her eyes

Even when I howl this song

That makes her smile every night


But still she doesn't seem to see.


Even as the trees burn

You don't seem to look around any turn


Even if the years go by

And nothing seems to change

I'll stand by your side

Until our lives are done


I'll love even if you don't coorperate


(Howling stops)


"Man. If only I had a true love so this song would make more sense."



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© 2013 Wolf Paws

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Good writing. You effectively keep the interest level high in this chapter.

Posted 7 Years Ago

He's heading into uncharted territory now. Good chapter, very entertaining and glad to read more of your story. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Sounds like Stone is in a bad situation. Perhaps his new path will lead to something better.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wolf Paws

8 Years Ago

Better for him but not better for Stormfast.

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