Chapter 8: The Waterfall Wolf

Chapter 8: The Waterfall Wolf

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  "*yawn!*" Simon?" Simon wasn't in the cave. "Owww!" Stone yipped as he tried to move his right paw. He heared digging outside. He slowly limped out and around, to the back of cave. Simon was at his garden. He was digging to make room for carrots. Stone's stomach growled. "You know Simon, you might be a herbivore but I'm not. So can we go and hunt some moose or caribou?"
  "You can go hunt," said Simon. "I gave up hunting a time ago."
  "But my paw is broken."
  "Then go fishing, there's a stream not too far from here." He then followed Simon's words.
  Stone had limped into a mist. He heared the sound of a waterfall. He soon came to the top of the falls, which only fell about seven feet. But as he looked down at the bottom, he saw... her. There, was a wolf lying on the bank. He went down to take a look
  She was a ash colored wolf with a big wound on her flank. She barely looked alive but she could still breathe.
  "Who are... you?" She tried to speak but she was too weak.
  "My name is Stone. I think you need some help.
  "No... no I'm fine," she said.
  "No, I'm going to make this right. I'm not going to let you die here. What is your name?"
  "Rhys," she answered.
He then ran to Simon.
  "Simon! Simon! Simon!" he shouted.
  "What kid, what did you see?!"
  "There's a wounded wolf at the steam. Follow me!" He started to run with him.
  "You know, if he's a Eastern, I'm not helping him!"
  "It's a she!" he yelled.
  It wasn't long before they found her. "Right here." He pointed at her. Simon was focesed on something else.
  "*sniff* Doesn't smell like a Eastern." Stone rolled his eyes. "This will take time to heal," he said, referring to her wound. "Stone. Will you go and get an onion from my den." Stone quickly went back. Simon then got his paws on a tree and ripped out a piece of bark. The he soaked it in the stream to make it flexible. He wrapped it around her flank. Stone soon came.
  "Is she okay?" he asked, handing him the onion.
  "Not really, if she can stop bleeding, she might survive." Stone started to worry for sure. Her blood was leaking into the steam, turning the water red.
  "Here, you grab her head, I'll grab her hind legs. We're going to carry her to my den." They then took her to Simon's cave. "I need you to take your paw, that's not broken and put pressure on the wound." He took his left paw and plaqced it on the wound, which was still wrapped in the wet bark. "Now, just don't move. I'll be outside if you need me." After he left, Rhys opened her eyes.
  "Thank you."
  "Oh, please. Save your stenght," he ordered. "Here have this onion."
  "Oh, Stone. I wish I liked onions."
  "Just eat it. It may not smell good or taste good, but you don't judge a wolf by it's fur."
  "*sigh* Fine," she sighed. She then took a bite out of the onion. All of the sudden, she stood up. "What the-, I feel great!"
  "Well, that's how it works," said Stone.
  "I guess you're right." She stood up all the way and hit her head on the ceiling. But wshe just laughed. Then she came down and hugged him. She then backed away quickly. "Oh, I'm sorry."
  "No, no it's okay." Then something caught Rhys's eye.
  "What happened to your paw?"
  "Oh, I broke it rolling down a hill," he answered.
  "Sounds like it hurts."
  "It's not as bad as your injury."
  "Yeah. I guess. Stone looked straight into her eyes. For a moment he thought he saw stars sparkle in her corneas.
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Awesome chapter. I'm liking the whole story and characters you've created here!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Enjoyable chapter. Good dialogue here. Good job keeping the plot going. I like your characters too!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Yay!!! I love this:)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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