Chapter 9: Eastern Pack History

Chapter 9: Eastern Pack History

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  "Please, tell me more," encouraged Terre. They were both still in the cave.
  "You seem interested in my pack's history," Stormfast said.
  "Well, they don't teach you much in Omega School."
  "Hmm... Well, here's something to learn." He cleared his throat. "Long... long ago. There was a wolf named Issac."
  "Wait. That was the wolf who wrote that beautiful song."
  "Yes, you're correct." Stormfast continued. "At this time, the pack was about a mile, east to west, and half a mile, north to south. A river ran right through the middle. The same river I fell in and got stuck here."
  "So you fell in a historic river?" Terra asked.
  "Yeah. Funny way to remember it." He continued again. "In the first years of Issac as leader, everything was fine. In those days everything was pretty much ordinary. It was until... a alpha leader named Joseph came to Issac one day. He told him that wolves from the east side of the river were stealing caribou. Issac soon just said otherwise, which made Joseph angry. He told everybody in the west to declare war. But Issac forbid it. Joseph then said he will not hunt or train young alphas until something changed. So they waited and waited, and nothing happened. Soon enough the west declared war on the east. Plus, they seceeded from the Grand Pack and called themselves the Western Pack with Joseph as their pack leader. After that, the Easterns did the same. This was The War of The Divide. Towards the end of the war, the Easterns sent five wolves, which included top alphas and a fellow omega to kill Issac." Terra gasped. "They had tracked him down on a tree bridge which was a fallen tree that wolves used to cross the river. It was the last thing that connected the packs. Issac gon the edge of the tree bridge and jumped. The tree broke in half and fell in the river along with Issac. Both of the packs cheered in happiness that the terrible leader was dead. But what others wolves don't realize that Issac is my grandfather. So it makes me sick to still hear them cheer about his death.
  "Oh. I didn't know."
  "It's okay Terra."
  "I'm really sorry," she apologized.
  "No need. The jokes are on the them." Terra started to cry.
  "Please, please don't. I'll teach you more. After the war Issac's mate had one son named Bronx who was the Eastern Pack leader after Peter, that fellow omega."
  "Well, luckly my pack's history has no wars in it."
  "Yeah. Well, before Issac was Cedar. Before Cedar was Trey. And before Trey was Logan..."
  "That's alot of leaders."
  "Yeah. Packs mature over time."
  "Well, did you know, the name of my pack is The Pack of Honesty?"
  "We're allways used to telling the truth, that our border pack, The Northern Rver Pack called us that.
  "Hmm... Well, did you know that legend has it that before Issac fell in the river he said: If you kill me now, you will curse this river for my family and the packs would suffer loss. The only way to break was to unite as the Grand Pack again.'
  "Spooky," teased Terra. Then something sparked in Stormfast's head.
  "The River Curse!"
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Good chapter. I like the back ground info/history given.
Very interesting. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Excellent chapter. The dialogue is really good. Very likeable characters and interesting story.

Posted 8 Years Ago

love it! very exciting:)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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