Chapter 10: Sparks

Chapter 10: Sparks

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  Stormfast now knew the curse. Thoughout history, since Issac said words, the same bab things have happened. After Issac fell in the river, his generationss folled. His son Bronx, fell into the same river when he was a beta. He was washed up on the same lake shore but he followed the river back home. He was nicknamed the "River Wolf". Now, with the curse skipping a generation to Bronx's grandson, Stormfast, who also fell in the river that divided the packs.
  "Stormfast? Are you okay?" asked Terra. He snapped out of it  
  "Oh. Yeah, I'm fine." He gave her a broken smile. He then went outside and looked into the river next to the cave. There, it showed his reflection. The curse might happen again, he thought. He was going to fall into the same river someday. It was his destiny. He decided to call it: "Destiny River". One reason was because the river had no real name. Another, would ne so he could remember it. So when the time comes, he would ne prepaired.
  Before he could think of more, something caught his nose. He was still very hungry, and hadn't eaten since he had been at the Eastern Pack. "*sniff, sniff* Hey, Terra! Check this out." She ran out of the cave and came to him.
  "What is it?"
  "Do you smell that?"
  "It's dead caribou." They both raced torwards the smell.
  West of the riverside cave was a grass plain. In the middle of the plain was a pile of caribou meat.
  "Memphis," Stormfast whispered. Not too far from the carcus was a very small den. Stormfast's stomach growled. He couldn't help it. He reached in his muzzle to take a bite.
  "I wouldn't do that if I were you, mate," said a voice. A grey wolf then came out of the tiny dem. His accent was unusall to them. "Why I oughta'-!"
  "Please! Please don't hurt us!" They hugged eachother in terror. He then laughed, not in a evil way but in a funny way.
  "Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt y'all," he said, in a soft tone. But that soon changed. "But maybe I will if you two don't get out of here in the next five seconds!" Terra then thought of something quick.
"Wait! Wait! What is that?"
"None of your buisness!" he barked. Around his neck were a chain of bones. All of them were clawmarked.
  "No, no! There is is another bone just like those ones."
  "Were is it?"
  "It's a femur and it is a bit far from here. But I can bring you there."
  Stormfas didn't like the idea of bringing a stranger to a unknown place but as long as Terra gets it over with, he was fine with it. Terra started walking but then she stopped and turned back. The grey wolf was just standing there.
  "Well? Are you coming?"
  "Wait. I -uhh- have to do something first." He ran to his den. He took off his necklace and put it on the floor. He then licked his paw and touched it. "Be right back, mum." He then went out. "Coming."
  "So what happened to you?" asked Stone.
  "I got caught in a river with my sister and I was trying to get out but she kept on pulling me towards her. We then fell down a waterfall. She fell in the water while I fell on a sharp rock." Stone was now mad at whoever the sister was.
  "Who's this sister?!"
  "Oh, my omega sister, Terra.
  "Why would she do this to someone like you?" he questioned. "I think she's just jealous."
  "You're right!" she yelled.
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Awesome! I enjoyed reading. You're book, overall, it well written and fun to read. And I like wolves too!

Posted 7 Years Ago

You're characters are oh so very interesting. Seems there are many layers to the story. I like that. It keeps the interest level up.

Posted 7 Years Ago

oooohh,i see the conection between the two she wolves now!very nice little twist there.LOVE IT!!!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

sounds exciting!
just asking, have you read: wolves of the beyond?
Wolf Paws

7 Years Ago

Of course I have. I'm waiting for the new series to come out.

7 Years Ago

i've read every book in the series! and the bone carvings just reminded me of it:)

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