Chapter 11: The Bone Message

Chapter 11: The Bone Message

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

A wolf named Sparks finds his missing clawmarked bone and a secret message...

  There in the grass far from the cave was the bone with the same clawmarked of his necklace bones.
  "Ahh, thank you, -uhh-. What are your names?"
  "I'm Stormfast and she is Terra."
  "Well. You two, mates, made my day. I guess I won't have to hurt you. My name is Sparks but my mum called me Sparky." Stormfast's stomach growled again.
  "Well Sparky, we've been wanting to ask you. Can we have a little of your caribou? We have not eaten in a while."
  "Sure. Have all of it."
  "Really?" said Terra.
  "Yep. I only hunted it for extra. I could always hunt more."
  "Well, that's very knid of you." She then licked his cheek.
  "Aww... That was not necessary," blushed Sparks. Stormfast couldn't take anymore of this.
  "Okay! That's enough adventure for one day. So we best be on our way back now."
  "Wait!" shouted Terra.
  "What is it this time?!" Stormfast yelled. His behavior was starting to get on Terra's nerves be she decided to deal with it later.
  "Look! Another bone." They looked torwards where she was pointing. Another one, not too far from them was there. But this time, there was no clawmark. At first he sniffed the air. Then he imediately pounced on to it. He laughed. Not only that, there were bones scattered in several places. Sparks was in excitement.
  "You two. Find as many bones as you can and group them right here." He pointed torwards the spot.
  As Stormfast and Terra were searching, another bone caught Sparks's eye. It was a skull. He started sniffing around it. He imediately recongnized who this once was. His mind suddently stirred in his memories. The bones were his father's. Jonah was his name. He started to cry. Terra noticed it.
  "Hey?" She walked up to him, feeling a bit worried. "What's wrong?" Her voice was soft and sweet. Stormfast soon came.
  "What's this?" Terra shushed him.
  "He's having a moment." She turned to him.
  "Do you know what this is about?" He began to speak as he trembled under his own breath.
  "This is my father. A long time ago, he left to hunt when I was a pup but never came back." Terra could feel his paim. "And now I see why," he sobbed. He then felt the need to hit something. He knocked over his father's skull. He started on Terra's shoulder. She looked over his shoulder and noticed something. In the area where the skull was laying upon, there was yet another bone exceptthis one was not a wolf bone. On the bone was writing. She read it.
  "Look Sparky! Your father's words." He turned around. He gasped.

Dear son, if you are still alive,
  I have been hit in the chest by what I think was a moose. I think I might go to the place I told you as a place we wloves die. So I want you to know that me and your mothe always loved you and even know our future pack was not successful, we had a great time and that's all that matters. I am sorry I couln't be there for you, I hope that you can fogive me, Sparky.
  "Sparky. I am so sorry for your loss," said Terra. "I fee; you. I had once suffered loss before." Stormfast felt a twinge in his thoughts due to this turn of events.
  Was this love? Terra and Sparky? he thought. No. That couldn't happen. They'd just met.
  "Thank you, mates. I hope we see eachother again."
  "Okay. Thank you for the caribou and the company."
  On the way to the riverside den, Stormfast started wondering. Something had sparked between them. Just as that was happening, he had feelings for her too. She was sweet, she was a beautiful wolf, she never yells, she loves howling, she had the belief that many things could be done with great leadership even know she was a omega, and yet her best friend died in front of her very own eyes because her father became crazy and killed her. A spirit like that shouln't be wasted.
  "Such a sweet couple," muttered Sparks. Unlike what Stomfast thought, Sparks was not interested in Terra. If anything, he thought she was interested in Stormfast.
  He brought the bones of Jonah to his den. He laid them next to his mother's. He looked at them and smiled. "Thanks guys." Sparks was a lone wolf. So was his father and his mother. They were making a pack. But that all changed when his mother died. When he was a pup, a bear had came and took her life. Da stayed by her side until her final breaths.
  One day Jonah told Sparks that he was going to go outside and hunt but he never returned. So Sparks had to live alone. All he had was mum's bones and the tiny den. He had took her paw bones and clawmaked them so he would never forget them. He took string from the last caribou, da hunted for him and made a necklace. He wore it everywhere he went except for hunting or going someplace far. He trusted no one. The only wolves he met were lone wolves. Since his parents died, he had little education and had to learn on his own. He didn't know how to hunt so he created his own method. It was harder that a pack's method but it got most of its kills. It was what pack wolves would call "Wild Wolves".
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Wolf Paws
Chapter 13 will freak y'all out!

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Excellent chapter and a very moving one.

Posted 7 Years Ago

A bittersweet chapter.really plays on the emotions:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very well written chapter with a high interest level. A bit of sadness in this one.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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