Chapter 12: The New Borders

Chapter 12: The New Borders

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  As Stone and Rhys were talking in the cave. Simon had finished his garden for the season.
  "Looking good." He was now pleased with himself. Now was the time to get to buisness. He walked to the mouth of the cave.
  "Hey, Stone, I need you," he called out.
  "Okay, excuse me Rhys." He went outside to Simon. They started strolling.
  "So whatcha' need?" asked Stone.
  "This is about the new pack."
  "Is there something wrong?"
  "No, no, it's just I need you to decide where you want the new borders of the new pack to be."
  "Oh, okay," he grinned.
  Simon drew a wavey line in the dirt.
  "Pretend this is the dividing river." He drew a circle on the bottom end of the line. "This is the lake," he gestured. Then he drew a oval at the top of the line. Making it look like the oval was cracked in half. "This is the Grand Packs." Then he dotted the dirt. It was a bit east of the oval. "This is where we are."
  "So what do you recommend?" questioned Stone.
  "In my opinion, a pack territory  should be about here to here." He put a dot two inches from the other one. It was a bit smaller than the Grand Packs though.
  "Whatever you say, Simon, you're the expert." Out of nowhere, Rhys came up to them.
  "Hey, guys, what are y'all talking about?" They both panicked.
  "Oh, -uhh- we were just talking about -uhh-," he mumbled. What should he say? he thought uneasy. I guess I have to tell the truth. "Don't worry Simon, I got this'" he told him. "Here, I'll explain." They met up at Simon's garden.
  Rhys didn't know what was going on. It was just a simple question.
  "Do you remember when we talked about sister Terra and how you said she made you fall on a sharp rock?"
  "Yeah." She wasn't sure what this was coming to. I hope this doesn't involve me, she thought.
  "Well, there's a wolf named Stormfast and he -uhh- he... he left me to humans!" he blurted. Rhys gasped.
  "Oh, that must be horrible!" She started hugging him. "That's many times worst than what happened to me!" she cried.
  "Don't worry Rhys, don't cry." He tried to calm her down. "He'll get what's coming to him."
  "What do you mean?" she asked.
  "Well, I promised Simon that I'll help him with revenge with my pack and that he will help me make my own paqck 'cause it's my dream'" She stopped crying. "So we were just adding the new borders."
  "Oh, I see."
  "Stone!" Stone called out.
  "I gotta' go."
  "Okay." He walked back to Simon.
  Rhys now felt sorry for Stone. To be captured by human and survive was amazing but could be avoided if this wolf, this wolf of sorts, this wolf of mystery didn't betray his own kind, his own friend, his own packmate. To Rhys, it was a cruel joke. Whoever Stormfast was, she would claw his eyes out.
  Back over to Stone and Simon, they were wondering what to call the river east of the cave.
  "How bout' Stone's River?" said Simon.
  "No, no, you're too nice."
  "Oh, it's your pack." He pointed at his chest. It made him feel special. Like he was important. Like he was top alpha.
  "Oh, fine I guess so."
  "So what do you want the name of your pack to be?"
  "Hmm, I don't want to rush so for now I'll call it Stone's Pack."
  "Okay." Simon agreed. Stone wondered how Simon opened up. Maybe he needed some company? he thought.
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Awesome story. Great chapter. Stone's Pack is a really good name.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Oooohhhh, now stone is mad at terra and Rhys is mad at stormfast.nice plot line it is really coming together :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Nice job on this chapter. The story is coming along nicely. You have good writing skills. Your dialogue is realistic and easy to follow. You have likeable characters and have
a good plot line going.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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