Chapter 13: Love for Another

Chapter 13: Love for Another

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

 Stormfast and Terra were in their cave. A full moon rose in the sky. Stormfast was sitting at the mouth of the cave. Staring at the brightest thing outside. Terra was getting a bit worried about him. He's been acting a bit strange since they met Sparky.

  In Stormfast's mind something else was going on. Terra must be on to me, he thought. She's in love with somebody, I just know it. The moon was just watching him. He couldn't help it. He tilted his head back and howled. Though, a bit agitated about the subject. Terra noticed this.

  "Stormfast, is something wrong?"

  "Uhh, no," he stuttered.

  He is hiding something! What could it be? It could have something to do with Sparky. She walked up to him to find more information. Stormfast became more parinoid.

  "What are you doing?" asked Stormfast.

  "Oh, nothing, just wondering if you want to talk about something."

  "Heh, heh... there's nothing to talk about," he said with a sluggish smile. Terra was not amused.

  "Are you sure?" She held her ear close to his mouth. Stormfast just backed away.

  "Yes, I'm positive," he assured her. Terra couldn't hold it no longer.

  "Come on, Stormfast. I know what you're thinking!" Stormfast started sweating.

  "You do?"

  "Yes, I do! Her voice scared him.

  "I didn't think you knew."

  "Do you think I'm stupid, sluggish words, eyes rolling, sweaty paws." She smelled his paws and they stunk.

  "So splill," she demanded. Stormfast stayed quiet. "Spill!!!" she barked. A kind hearted wolf suddently turnted into Stormfast's worst nightmare. He was so scared to death that he blurted it out.

  "Okay, I thought you were in love with Sparky, there I said it!"

  "What?!" She was astonished. "You thought I was in love with Sparky?!"

  "There, you happy now?!" Stormfast's tone now changed. "You think the world would be better?! You think all the rest of your life will be better?! You think the truth will set you free?! Well, it doesn't! I learned that the hard way!" All of that made Terra cry. She ran outside. Stormfast now knew he made a mistake. What have I done? he thought. He ran after her. "Terra, wait!" She was looking at her reflection in the river, though it was hard to to see at night.

  "You know," she spoke quietly. "I'm having a rough time. My friend had died. I lost my sister. I just hoped that someone would understand and care about me, without keeping secrets." Stormfast started leaving to sleep in the cave. "Oh, and by the way, I wasn't in love with Sparky, I was in love with you." Those words made Stormfast feel deeply sorry for her.

  Though, there was a time Stormfast did learn it the hard way. It was back when he was still a beta. Stormfast had kept a secret that Stone had howled with a omega. Tony eventually got him to spill by threatening to feed him to the Westerns, They pinished him by never howling again. They also punished Stormfast by no howling for two moons. But at least as they were in Grand Pack Territory. Stone was probably way out of Jasper to follow the rules.

  "How could he think that?" Terra was talking to herself. "I guess he could, I mean I did kiss him on the cheek. I didn't know he didn't see the spark between us." Terra really did love Stormfast. He was sweet, brave, usually doesn't yell, and usually optimistic. Though, after the total scene, she was not sure if she loved him now. She did not like wolves who kept secrets. She liked someone who wasn't afraid to say something personal. If someone did, she would automatically thank him or her for their bravery of facing ones fears.



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Author's Note

Wolf Paws
I bet the drama is killing you. But it's just getting started.

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These two have got it bad for each other. Hence, I think, the anger and resentment for each other. I'm thinking they'll work this out. Happy endings for them I'm hoping. Enjoyable chapter.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Wolf Paws

7 Years Ago

I wouldn't say happy just yet... ;)
Relationships can be complicated and painful. I hope they work things out. Excellent chapter!

Posted 7 Years Ago

So much drama! I hope terra and stormfast make up:) nice job!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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