Chapter 14: A Spring Cave

Chapter 14: A Spring Cave

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  Stormfast and Terra were laying on opposite sides of eachother in the bear sized cave. Though, it was mouning and they were both still awake, they both wanted to sleep. After last night, they just wanted to stay away from eachother.

  A while later, Terra began to feel hungry. The caribou from yesterday did not satisfy her for long. She then stood up and went outside. As she was going, she took a look inside. She could tell that his sleep was fake.

  "I'll be right back." Stormfast heard it but he pretended he didn't. Terra then went on.

  Did she forgive me? he thought.



  His name was Bob. He was a bear. He had just finished hibernation. When certain animals take a long sleep through the winter. Now winr is over. Today was the third day of spring. He just left his winter den and was now heading for his spring den. It was next to a river, so he had the option to go fishing. For that was what bears eat at this season. They could catch trout or salmon for their cubs to get fat for the winter. However, Bob had no cubs or a mate because of something that happened a long time ago. A wolf had attacked them and he lost everything except his dignity. Since then, he hated wolves.




  Stormfast had got up and looked out the cave. Terra was nowhere in sight. His mind was buzzing. Did she run away? "No! She wouldn't do that," he told himself.

  "Ahhhhhhh!!!" screamed a voice. Stormfast was all alert. He ran out of the cave and looked in all directions in just a couple second. "Stormfast!"

  "Terra!" he yelled back. He imediately ran torwards the sound as fast as he could.

  He found her near the river. There she was, scared out of her mind. In front of her was a roaring bear! "Terra! Get behind me!" he ordered. Without hesitation, she got behind him. The bear growled at them. "Terra! Go and get Sparky!"

  "But what if you don't come back?"

  "Go now!!!" he demanded. "I'm an alpha remember."  That motivated her. She quickly ran around the bear. She went through the plain to see Sparks clawmarking the bones they had found for him.

  "Hey, Terra. How's it going?"

  "Sparky, we need you right away!" He turned his smile.

  "What?! Okay." They both ran back to Stormfast.




  "C'mon, give me your best shot!" Stormfast shouted. The bear stood on its hind legs, making him look three times his size. Stormfast trembled in his shadow. He swung his paw at him at high speed. *SMACK!!!* The impact slashed his face and sended him flying. He then landed on a pile of leftover snow. Terra and Sparks then came.

  "Stormfast!" Terra came by his side. "I'm so sorry!" The blood from his face stained the snow red. "Sparky? What are you doing?" Sparks was just standing there, frozen.

  Deep in Sparks's memory something came back. He was the same bear who killed his mother! Jonah said he was dead. But he wasn't. It was just to calm him down. Sparks was now filled with anger and revenge. He then charged a the bear. Head butting him in the stomach. The bear then swatted his claws at him. But with the backside of his paws. One of them had hit Sparks under the chin. It pushed him into a tree but he was okay. He got on top of his back. The bear roared in terror. He tried to bite him in the life-giving artery, located in the neck. While the bear was distracted, Stormfast charged at him. The blow knocked him off his balacne and he started to fall backwards. Sparks got off his back to get out of his way. Behind the bear was the river. Sparks got in front of him.

  "This is for mum!" he shouted. Then he rammed him one more time. The bear fell backwards into the river. As he was swept away in the current, Sparks closed his eyes. Now I'm at peace, he thought quietly. Stormfast dropped to the ground in exhaustion. Sparks went to his side. "Don't worry, mate. You're going to live through this." Terra started crying.

  "I'm so sorry, Stormfast." Sparks walked to the river and dipped his paw in the water. Then he went back to Stormfast and wiped the blood off his face, which revealed three large slashes on his left cheek. Both of them gasped at how deep the lightning like lines were. His face was so swollen that he could barely talk.

  "You know, Terra. I had loved you too," he croaked.

  "Really?" He had loved me too? she thought.

  "Yep." Terra thought for a second.

  "Well... I love you back'" They then both came close to eachother. When all was quiet and sound, they closed their eye and rubbed their noses together. Sparks just watched.

  I knew they were linked to eachother, he thought. Though, it had only been three days, they had felt their destinies were woven together like a spider's web. Sparks had only witnessed love once before, when he saw the way his father looked into his mother's eyes. Just as that, Sparks never knew what it was or what the name of it was. His parent never had the time to teach him the mystical force. He knew it now. As a force that brings us animals together and a force that was called love.



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Good chapter. It took the bear scare to get those two to see each other. Maybe now they'll have a happily ever after. Exciting chapter.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Lots of exciting action in this chapter. The fight and the deceleration of love. Very awesome!

Posted 7 Years Ago

awwww so sweet and exciting!

Posted 7 Years Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Wolf Paws

7 Years Ago

This is my favorite chapter. :)

7 Years Ago

mine too until you write a new one :)

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