Chapter 15: Standing United

Chapter 15: Standing United

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  Back at the Grand Packs, things had changed. A wolf by the name of Humphrey, who was a omega had fallen in love with a alpha wolf named Kate. It was the Eastern and Western Pack's rule that a omega could not mate with a alpha wolf. But despite their differences they showed their love anyway. This almost caused another war between them. While they were bickering, a stampede ran through them. They thought they lost a loved one. Luckily the wolf survived. Since they felt together as one when a such important wolf dies, they decided to be as one. So now the pack are united as the Grand Pack once again.
  This minute, they celebrate their love by having a royal marrige. They usually have royal marriages when the pack leaders falls in love with a alpha female or when the pack leader's daughter or son falls in love with a alpha but now that rule has been broken, the pack leader's son or daughter can now marry whatever he or she wishes.
  "I now present you : Alpha Kate and Omega Humphrey," Winston anounced. They were starting the marriage now. The wolves were cheering. Humphrey and Kate were now standing on top of a aflat boulder. Below were assembled wolves. The first step of marriage was to accept eachother scent.
  "So should you go or me?" he asked.
  "Lets start together," she encourage happily.
  "Okay." he agreed. They stated sniffing eachother at the same time. During this Winston was crying with joy.
  My little girl is grown up, he thought. Now with her true love. The next step was nibbling the ears. They both started doing just that.
  Humphrey was a grey wolf with black on his tail, mane, and ears. One thing Kate liked was his blue eyes. Usually pups are born with blue eyes and then change to brown or dark brown, but rarely turquoise, lavender, and blue. As she liked that, she mostly liked his howl. His voice was amazing! He could have the best howl, the Grand Pack had ever seen!
  The next step was to rub noses. Though, they have done it before, it wasn't official. So they got close and closed their eyes. Garth was also watching the marriage. He was going to originally marry Kate but he had not loved her just as she had not loved him.
  Now the final step was coming. This step was new. Tony and Winston both walked to one side of the boulder.Tony started talking.
  "Do you, alpha Kate, take Humphrey to be your trustworthy mate?"
  "I do," Kate said with a smile. Now Winston spoke.
  "Do you, omega Humphrey take Kate to be your trustworthy?"
  "Most definitely." They then rubbed their noses. The crowd was clapping their paws. It was over. During their dispatch, Garth realized some wolves were missing.
  "Oh, yeah, Stormfast and Stone. Where are thoses sly dogs?" Stone was one of his best friends and Stormfast was his only cousin. Many things were "only" in what was the Eastern Territory. Alot of wolves thought it was Issac's curse. He did say the pack's would suffer loss, and just as that, they did. Garth had lost his mother last winter and he was their only pup. Just as Sormfast was the only pup of Owen and Debby who also died last winter, but despite all that, the Weaterns were a whole lot luckier. Even know, their royal family had urvived longer, they still kept having one pup at a time.
  Garth also had a mate now. A pure, completely what wolf with lavender eyes. Her name was Lilly. She was awfully shy, but Garth would comfort her. They were both part of the royal family but they decided they didn't want a big wedding. So they had a small one instead. Lilly, like Humphrey, was a omega, but that didn't stop Garth. Love was too great to miss.
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Author's Note

Wolf Paws
You'd probably think this is Alpha and Omega 2 but The Journey of Stormfast cuts into that too. So those Alpha and Omega fanfic fans will love this!

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Nice chapter. Interesting marriage scene between the two wolves. Romantic.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Awesome chapter. I like, very romantic!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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