Chapter 16: Great Feelings

Chapter 16: Great Feelings

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

Rhys was muttering in the cave. Stone had came in to see what the problem was.

  "Rhys, is there something wrong? She acted like nothing happened.

  "Oh, nothing." Stone knew she was faking, so he played along.

  "So, what were you doing in here?"

  "Umm, I was taking a break."

  "A break from what?" She didn't know what to say now.

  "Rhys, I know that you're playing."

  "You do?"

  "Yes, what is it that you're really doing?" They sat across from eachother.

  "*sigh* I was really sorry for you."

  "For what?"

  "The fact that Stormfast did that to you." Stone now knew what this was about. He didn't blame her. She was just caring.

  "I told you before, he will get what's coming to him," he assured her.

  "What do you actaully plan?" Stone didn't know.

  "I don't know, revenge was Simon's job. I was supposed to help him."

  "Well, I hope he does get it, 'cause he deserves it!"

  "Just as Terra deserves it!" he sdded. As Stone was about to leave, he thought of something. "You know, Rhys, did you know that I was a orphan."

  "No, I didn't know that."

  "Stormfast's mum took care of me."

  "It seems insulting to be cared for by a family like that."

  "Not all of them are terrible, just Stomfast," he frowned. Rhys couldn't stand Stone upset.

  "Please, Stone, don't be upset. It makes me upsset." She tried to cheer him up. She grabbed his paw.

  "I'll do this revenge thing with you."

  "You mean it?"

  "Yes, for you." He hugged her.

  "Thank you, you're such a great friend." He then walked out. There was a bit of a jerk in his step. It was his broken paw. She wondered how he could hold the pain. She wondered how he could hold any pain. There was no other wolf she knew, at least in The Pack of Honesty that went through a lot of pain.




  They were in Sparks's den. Terra or Stormfast did not want to stay in the riverside cave anymore. Not with the fear of another bear attack. They both knew they couldn't stay in Sparks's den for long. His den was too small.

  "I should have seen the signs," Stormfast spoke quietly. "I should have known it was a bear cave."

  "Stop talking," Terra demanded. "Save your strength." She rubbed his wound. He clinched his teeth. It was obvious that it was painful.

  Little did they know, there was a onion sitting not far from them outside. They did not know it had healing powers. Terra thought meat was the best medicine.

  "I'm going to get some more meat for us." She went out.

  "Be careful," Sparks called out.

  "Take care of Storm," she said back. She went on. She was now determined to get some meat. To help Stormfast. It would be hard. Though, she was a omega. They weren't trained to hunt. Their job was to keep peace in a pack and give dating advice. However, she had ran away. She was living a new life now, but would have never happened if Sormfast hadn't saved her. She wondered what her future would be. Would she spend the rest of her days in a pack with her true love? Maybe..., she thought. just maybe.. we could have a pack of our own.



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Wolf Paws
The next chaper would probably spook you. :)

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Awesome chapter. I really like this cool wolf word that you have created. And, I agree, there is a lot going on which keeps the interest level high.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Wolf Paws

7 Years Ago

What wolf word?
Star Wolf

7 Years Ago

Sorry, I meant world! My mistake.
There's a lot going on here to keep the story interesting. Relationships, the hot desire for revenge, all of which can go either good or bad. Good writing.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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