Chapter 18: Being Pack Leader

Chapter 18: Being Pack Leader

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  Mike was a red wolf. A couple of black patches covered his flanks. He used to be a alpha for the Eastern Pack but now he was a scout for the Grand Pack. He was already assighned a mission. New pack leader Garth told him to check anything wrong or different beyond the borders.

  He had been traveling for some hours now, Nothing to report so far. He was a league away from the east border of the pack, when he noticed clawmarked trees. He also smelled two things: Apples and and a message. It was a scent mark. He tried to read it. It said: Stone's Territory, western border.

  I didn't know there was a pack here, he thought. He decided to tell Garth.




Garth was in what used to be the Western Pack's main den. It was a rock formation that stood on a hillside. A tree grew on top of the den. Its roots clawed in all directions like lightning.

  "Sir, there is a unknown pack, a league away from our eastern border."

  "Really? Humm... must be new."

  "What do we do?"

  "Send them a treaty, to keep peace between us."

  "Yes sir." He then went. Lilly soon came after.

  "Hi, honey."

  "Hey, Lilly," he said back. He liked seeing her face. It made him feel good.




  "Was that really Terra?" asked Stone.

  "Yep. Omegas are so immature," answered Rhys. They came back to Simon's cave.

  "Where have you two been?"

  "Oh, we met a old friend," said Rhys.

  "Oh." Simon was now not amused. At the moment, all he thought about was revenge.

  "Anyone here?" asked a voice. Simon looked back to see the red wolf.

  "Over here, sir," he called to him. Mike came to him.

  "Mike, sir." He held his paw for a pawshake. He pawshaked him.

  "Name's Simon."

  "Is this Stone's Pack?"

  "Yes, sir," he answered. Stone was surprised at how well Simon was handling it.

  "Well, I'm from the..." Simon interrupted him.

  "Wait, wait, let me guess. Eastern Pack."

  "No, the packs united." Simon was astonished. How could the packs unite back? "Grand Pack leader Garth sent me to ask your pack for a peace treaty." Simon took one look at Stone.

  "He's right here, sir." Mike looked at him.

  "Hmm, he's a bit young. Well then, do you want peace?" Simon shaked his head "no".

  "No, thank you," he said. Mike frowned.

  "But... but... are you sure?"

  "Yes, positive."

  "So, you should be going," Simon added.

  "Uhh... yes." He turned away and walked slowly. When he was out of sight, Simon bursted with energy.

  "Are you kidding?! The packs united! How could they?! Worst, that barf guy is in charge1" Stone now wanted to change the subject.

  "Wait. why no?' Simon turned back to him.

  "Because. We don't want them to think that we're doing something to them.




  Garth was getting worried.

  Where was Stormfast ans Stone? He decided to send a search party. "Hutch! Can-do!" he called out.

  "At your command, sir."

  "I need you and a couple of other alphas to search the entire territory for Stormfast and Stone." Both Hutch and Can-do knew better than to argue.

  "Yes, sir." Mike walked in Gath's den.

  "leader Garth, they didn't accept."

  "What? No, no, no, no, no, I fear something."

  "What is it that you fear?" Hutch asked. Garth looked directly in his eyes.

  "A possible future war."



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Good over all story. I'll still enjoying this and I like the dialogue. Good job on that too!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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