Chapter 19: Nothing to Say

Chapter 19: Nothing to Say

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  "What are we going to do?" asked Terra.

  "I don't know. There's nothing we cane do," spoke Stormfast, softly. "I can not go to Stone. I'm too weak."

  "you're right.' Stormfast seddenly got an idea.

  "Which means you have to go."

  "What?' She was confused.

  "Yes. You go and tell him I can't come.'

  "Okay, I will tell him."

  "Take Sparky with you, Stone might have something planned." She licked his muzzlw.

  "I'll be back, hopefully."




  "I'd like to see the look on his face now," muttered Stone, who was walking in circles. Rhys was by his side. Simon was gazing at his garden. His crops had sprouted. They were awfully small. He used to be a great hunter. But that was a long time ago. He did not know much now.

  Terra was nearby, hiding behind  a couple bushes. She felt scared to come out. She thought Stone was a very aggressive wolf, but in reality he wasn't. Garth was most likely the best alpha, with Stormfast right after him.

  "For Stormfast," she told herself She came out of the bushes with a little regret. Stone noticed her immediatly.

  "Where's Stomfast?!" he barked.

  "He... he can't come."

  "What? Why?" Terre didn't want to give the vision to Stone that Stormfast was dumb enough to go head to head with a bear so she said something else.

  "He's too sick."

  Sick? No doubt. Stormfast mum and da both died from sickness.

  "Fine. But when this sickness is over, he's coming to me." He then walked away. Terra knew this lie was not going to hold for long. That Stormfast would eventually face Stone someday. She met up with Sparks on the way back and she told him what she said.

  "Well, that's not going to last long," Sparks pointed out.

  "I know, it's just... I love him and I don't want to see him hurt again.'

  "It's like what they say. Lying will only make things worst."

  But, Terra wondered. The truth doesn't set Stormfast free, not with his river cures. But what Stormfast and Terra didn't know was that the curse was broken. Isaac said it woul;d if the packs united, in which they did.

  Terra wondered about her future. She abandoned her pack. Stormfast lost his. Should they make a new pack? Have wolves protect them. There was nothing else to do but run away. But she was tired of running away. She had already been running away with Rhys when her father killed her best friend just becuase she was hanging around with her when her da thought she was a bad influence. She knew what she must do now. Make a pack. A pack that will protect Stormfast at all costs. But making a pack will be hard. Being the leader will be harder. Even though, she was a omega, she felt like a alpha. A tough, athletic alpha that went through all the alpha training. All the winter moons of Alpha School. She knew in her heart that a conflict was coming. In a couple of years time a war, that she never was going to be like for the first time in her life will come. With the side of Sparks and her future pack, ahe would defeat Stone and bring back Rhys. The only thing that could mess this up was Stormfast's curse that she never knew was broken.



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Author's Note

Wolf Paws
This is the last chapter you'll see of Stormfast and Terra in a while.

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