Chapter 20: No Longer Alone

Chapter 20: No Longer Alone

A Chapter by Wolf Paws

  "Sick? I bet they're tricking you," said Rhys.

  "I don't think they are. If Terra loves him, then Stormfast being sick would make her feel down. When she came to me, Ahe did look upset." She wasn't sure if he was right but she guess it must be true.

  "Hey, Stone?' Their noses were inches from eachother.


  "Since you're making this new pack and stuff, I'd... I'd like to be part of it!' she blurted out with a big smile. Stone started laughing,

  "Well, of course you can."

  "Oh, thank you." She hugged him. Stone was a little surprised. He started being pushed back. Suddenly, They both fell backwards down a hill. They fell on top of eachother at the base. Stone was on the bottom. "Looks like I pinned you down," bragged Rhys. Stone felt embarrassed.

  "I guess it does." The out of nowhere, a noise that sounded like a pup, yipped.

  "What was that?" Rhys whispered.

  "I wish I knew," he answered. Then a wolf pup jumped out of the bushes in front of them. It scared the living daylights out of them.

  "Don't do that!" Stone screamed. Their hearts were pounding in relief.

  "Please don't be afraid," the pup said.

  He was a little gold colored pup who still had blue eyes. He was big for his age but he was skinny. "I just want a home." Rhys felt sorry for him.

  "Awww. You can come with us sweetie." Stone didn't know what just happened. It went by so fast.

  "Wait, what's your name? questioned Stone.

  "Oh, me? I have no name."

  "No name?" Rhys wimpered. "Must be terrible. We will finde a name for you."

  "You will?"

  "Sure, how 'bout Justin?"



  "Definitely no."

  "Well you got to want some name."

  "What about Stephen?" suggested Stone. The pup jumped in ecitement.

  "Yes! Yes! I want that one!"

  "Okay. Stephen it is."

  "Yay! I got a name!" shouted Stephen. Stone turned to Rhys.

  "How are we going to keep him? Simon will most likely not let him stay in his cave."

  "I guess we're going to have to find one, then," said Rhys




  "Does this look okay?" asked Stone. Near the waterfall was a good-sized underground den.

  "Yes. It looks nice." She stared into his eyes. Stone looked away in shyness. Then everything went quiet. After a few minutes Stephen came.

  "Whoa. Is thismy home?"

  "Yep," Stone and Rhys both said. It surprised them.

  "And look! What is that?' The pup pointed towards the waterfall.

  "Oh, that is a waterfall." The pup never heard of a waterfall.

  "Wa-... water... ta... ta..." Stephen tried to pronounce it. Rhys wanted to make sure he got it right.

  "No, no, Stephen. It's a "fff" sound."

  "Okay. Water... fa... fall. waterfall!"

  "Good job, Stephen." He ran in circles in happiness.

  "Well, it looks like we're back at the place where I found you," said Stone to Rhys.

  "Yeah, I still see that sharp rock."

  "Well, do you still want to sleep with Simon or..." Stone then tripped on himself and fell inside the den. Rhys laughed. Then she tripped and also fell inside on top of Stone. She turned her head and the next thing she knew, she touched noses with Stone. She closed her eyes. He was the wolf she wanted to be with.



To be continued...

© 2013 Wolf Paws

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