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Made of Glass Chapter 15

Made of Glass Chapter 15

A Chapter by Charlie

The next day Elaina was teaching me how to perfectly fry a burger. She was very disappointed in how I performed when we switched jobs so now I needed private cooking lessons. Apparently the secret is heart clogging amounts of grease. I was so done eating anything that came out of this kitchen but I could tell Elaina was thrilled to have someone interested in what she did and I needed to keep my mind from replaying the events of the night before. Surprisingly it was Eddie’s face all twisted up in fury and not Damion and his goons that I kept seeing.

Elaina wasn't doing a good job of distracting me, however. Fry cooking wasn’t very difficult work.

Bucky kept on wandering over toward us and helping out a bit while giving me apologetic smiles. I always returned them with a bright smile of my own so he would know the little episode with Ashley wasn’t an unforgivable offense. Especially compared to the rest of the events of the evening.

I was just putting the finishing touches on my first perfectly made heart stopping burger when Monica stuck her head in and with a giggle and an exhausting amount of excitement said “Hey, Doll, you’ll never guess who’s sitting at your table seven?”

“George Clooney?” I asked expecting it to be at least him or the president for the gigantic smile across her face.

“I wish!” she squealed. “Nah, it’s Edward! He’s back!”

Elaina squealed in my ear at the news! “Hooray! I thought he was gone forever! What did you guys have like a fight or something?”

“Elaina, that’s rude! You don’t have to tell us,” Monica said considerately but judging by the way she was leaning forward on her toes with her eyebrows halfway up her forehead, I was willing to bet I did actually have to tell.

“I really have no idea. He’s just . . . just a stupid boy. And they call us girls confusing. I have no idea what is going on in his gorgeous little head.”

“Yeah well that doesn’t really matter cause he’s back! And it’s like super clear he is totally in love with you because you’re the only girl he’ll give the time of day to. Like seriously, Molly asked him what time it was the other day and he told her he didn’t have a watch. Like he couldn’t see the clock like ten feet away from them?” Monica rambled on. I tried really hard not to laugh. She was talking like it was the grievous sin in the world.

“Why didn’t she just look at the clock herself?” Elaina asked looking at the floor.

It was really quite shocking to me that Elaina appeared to be the most intelligent girl in the bar. I held back a sigh.

Monica just rolled her eyes at her. “Yeah well you better go and get him his drink before he changes his mind.”

She shoved me out of the kitchen.

I decided I needed to show him that I wasn’t the least bit affected after seeing him for what he really was. I skipped toward him with a big smile on my face. He greeted me with an equally large smile. I noticed he had dark circles under his eyes. He must not have slept very well last night. Well that made two of us.

“Hiya, Buttercup! What can I get for ya?”

“I’ll have an apple juice, please” he said perfectly friendly. I was having some serious difficulties reconciling the Eddie of the bar with the vampire Edward but I couldn’t let him know that

“Sure thing!” instead of giving the order to Lauren I slipped into the booth across from him. "Whatcha reading?”

With a quick movement he slipped the book away from me and under the table.

“Nothing . . .” he looked away feigning innocence.

“Oh I see how it is! Still being a jerk are we? Did you at least open my present?” I tried to think back to the last time I had seen him in a normal capacity.

“Yes I did and I have to say they were fairly decent but I’m going to have to question your judgment on that Agatha Christie one,” he was so much better at pretending things were normal than I was.

“You read all of them already? And Agatha Christie has never written a bad book in all her life!”

“I didn’t think it was bad. Just not one of her best.”

I lost all confidence in his choice in books.

 “I thought I had better read them all before I came in or you’d ruin them for me,” Eddie joked.

“I promised I wouldn’t!”

“I wasn’t willing to chance that promise after you get angry with me which happens quite a lot and you always end up doing something rash.”

“I do not! And the Count goes mad with his desire for revenge and kills himself!” I thought it was strange that I knew that Count of Monte Cristo was what he was reading when I hadn’t seen the title. Maybe I subconsciously recognized the cover from across the room.

He threw his arms up in the air. I giggled and scooted out of the booth.

Eddie stopped me as I walked away “Hey Dolly,” he stood up but couldn’t look me straight in the eyes. I thought about demanding an explanation. Or telling him that I knew everything and he should just come clean with me. I shouldn’t go on pretending that everything is okay when everything was seriously not okay.

I didn’t do anything like that.

“As long as your back it doesn’t matter,” I said trying to get him to look me in the eyes.

He gave me a small smile “Are you working late tonight?”

“Ashley comes in in an hour. I’ll come back then.”

 “Sounds good. But I’m gonna have to come back after I get a new book,” He said flatly.

I giggled. “I may have lied about the ending to that one,”


I turned and left him with a gigantic smile plastered across his face.


I couldn’t manage to gather enough nerve to demand answers while in the bar but if I could just get him out of this place. Someplace where we could be alone then I’m sure he’d have to explain some things to me. But how to get him out. There was no way he was going to invite me out again. Not after the last two disasters not to mention our run in with Damion.

But I was a strong woman and I didn’t need to wait around for him! We were going out tomorrow and I didn’t care what he had to say about it!

When my shift was over I bounced over to Eddie’s booth. “Hey, Buttercup. What’re you up to?”

He looked up at me from his book puzzled.

“The same thing I do every day,” he said with a great big smile and light eyes. He was in a great mood today.

“Right, what I really meant was what are you doing tomorrow?”

“Sunday?” he asked puzzled.

“Yes, tomorrow is Sunday. Do you have any plans because the zoo opens at nine and I think we should get there early.”

“The zoo?”

“You promised me a childhood remember.”

“You want to go to the zoo. Tomorrow. With me?” he said unsure.

“Yes, that is why I was asking and you can't say no because I already took off work for the first time so I can't be taking it back.”

He looked out the window up at the sky. Was he thinking about the weather at a time like this? Oh, I guess this wouldn't work if it was sunny. Damn.

I pushed further anyway “So is nine too early for you. Do you like to sleep in on Sundays?”

“No! no,” he shook his head trying to look indifferent “No, nine isn’t too early. I’ll come and pick you up,”

“No that’s alright it’s out of your way I can meet you there,” I was being a strong responsible woman now and that meant I could do things myself. Just like I had been doing my whole life before this stupid boy messed with my thinking.

“But you don’t have a car.”

“The bus stop is like two feet away from the entrance.”

“You don’t have to take the bus. I can drive you.”

“You don’t have to drive me. I can take the bus,” I send through clenched teeth.

“Alright I’ll meet you there then,” he said pondering my motives at insisting such a thing.

“Alright, nine o’clock don’t be late,”

© 2012 Charlie

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The end made me laugh. I loved this even though it was shorter than the others. Keep up your awesome work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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