Made of Glass Chapter 22

Made of Glass Chapter 22

A Chapter by Charlie

Project Emmett! Football is waaaay better than baseball.


“So what was it like? I heard the Cullen mansion is fabulous?” Elaina said attacking me as I walked into work the next day. I needed to stop taking off work when I did these kinds of things. There was no hope of keeping any little thing of our relationship a secret from little miss gossip if I had to announce to everyone in the bar when I was going to be going out with him.

“It was really nice,” I answered Elaina vaguely.

“Come on, Doll! You know you’re not getting away with just that!”

“How were things at the bar last night? I heard you waited a couple of tables because they were behind,” I tried to shift the conversation to her.

“I only did like two and they didn’t even tip good! That is not the exciting part! Tell me! How gigantic was it?”

“It was really big and there were expensive furnishings and white carpet and it all seemed very model home-ish,” I grabbed my apron and notebook and tried to escape from the kitchen but Elaina wouldn’t let me go.

“Did you meet his family? Did they love you?”

“Yes. And no.”

“They didn’t like you? Scandalous! Tell me more!”

“They’re . . . they’re just . . .” how to explain this to an outsider? “They’re so rich, and I think they think I’m not good enough for their son and brother.” I shrugged. That was sort of it except not really at all.

“Awww, bummer,” Elaina said instantly depressed. She looked even more miserable about the whole thing than I felt.

“Relax, Elaina. It’s not the end of the world. Eddie doesn’t care.”

“But he won't want to get married if his family doesn’t like you!”

“Elaina! I’m 19 years old. We’re not getting married!”

“Maybe you should think about it! He could be the one!” She giggled and tugged on my arm.

I took a deep breath.

“I’m sure in like six years when I’m ready to get married and we’re still together his family will come to the realization there’s nothing they can do and just get over it all. Until then, we’re just some kids having a good time and it’s not a big deal.”

“You are no fun, Dolly. This is the most exciting time of your life and the most exciting time of your relationship! You’ve got to live it up! You really need to start watching some CW to see how these things are done!”

“Please, Elaina, that stuff is not what life is really like. And I hope to God that this is not all we have to look forward to.”

“Why not? Think of how much fun you’re having!”

“I don’t ever want to be the best at everything. There is no fun if you know you can't go anywhere but down from there. Now please listen to me carefully. We are strong women. We make of our lives what we want them to be. It doesn’t matter what others think or what his family says. It matters if you are happy and right now you’re too young to know what will make you happy in ten years so just keep chugging along and don’t make any rash decisions. The good stuff will come with patience.”

“Here, here,” Bucky grunted from the back of kitchen without looking up from his fries.

“Thank you, Bucky,”

He grunted again.

“I don’t get it,” Elaina said.

I threw up my hands in exasperation.

“I have to get to work. Try not to sell your body for the good opinion of a boy,” I said as departing advice.

I wish I could say this was the worst conversation of the day but everyone in the bar knew I had gone over to Eddie’s reclusive mansion and wanted to know how it went. What could I tell them but he played his piano for me and it was nice? None of them were satisfied with my answers.

Eddie thought it was all hilarious though. Sometimes I envied his ability to scare everyone away. No one asked him any questions about the day. He wasn’t as thrilled about that as I would have been though.


Several days later Eddie invited me back to the house. Well actually the clearing behind his house for a game of football.

“Vampire’s like football?

“We have to find something to do with our unlimited free time,”

I tried to image the Cullens tackling each other. Earth quakes came to mind.

“I suppose I have to watch . . .” I knew I looked very disappointed.

“Actually, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start Mission Emmett.”

“Ha! I am not going to be tackled by Emmett,”

“It’s just one little play and you’ll score before he tackles you,”

“You do realize he could kill me by sneezing? And he wouldn’t have any qualms about it either!”

"You’re not afraid, are you, Buttercup?” he tried to goad me turning my teasing nickname for him back to me.

It didn’t work.

“Hell yeah! He’s gigantic!”

“Yes and he knows that and he knows that anyone who would attempt to go up against him is some special kind of brave.”

“Or stupid,” I mumbled.

“If you do it you will gain his respect plus he loves football and you love football. Once he learns that together with this fabulous play he’ll have no choice but to love you. It can't go wrong.”

“Oh it can go wrong; it can go very wrong,”

“Okay so here’s how it’s going to go,” he was just completely ignoring me now “Emmett and I are always on separate teams. I’m going to throw you the ball and he’s not going to be anywhere near you because he is going to be blocking me. You catch the ball and score the touchdown before he knows what's happening!”

“That’s not going to work,”

“Well it’s slightly more complicated than that but it might work!”

“So Emmett might be busy but what if Jasper comes at me and accidentally rips off my arms?”

“Emmett is the only one competitive enough to tackle you. Everyone else is too afraid they’ll rip your arms off or something,” Eddie said with a wave of his hand “Emmett’s the only one willing to chase you down. Trust me.”

“That’s comforting.”

“Really you’ll be standing right on the goal line and he’ll be clear down the field! He probably won't catch you even though he’ll try. Now can you catch a ball thrown a hundred yards?”

“Thrown by a vampire?”

“I’ll throw it gently. But you have to catch it. It’ll be right to you. I’m a very good quarterback,” he said smugly.

“But won’t he be able to out run the ball?”

“He won't see what’s happening till it’s too late,”

“And if he does and decides to tackle me?”

“I do have a backup plan but we won't need it.

I was so going to die this time.

I sighed. “What's the backup plan?”

“Emmett jumps the last fifteen yards when he tackles."

“Oh great.”

“That air time is more than enough for you to get out of the way. You just concentrate on getting to the end zone and I’ll watch him if he gets too close I’ll yell and you just have to hit the deck. He’ll sail right over you then you just get up and prance the rest of the way in,”

“Eddie we live in the real world not the movies! There are too many factors here.”

“Actually we live in the magical world of monsters and fairytales. I can read his mind. I know Emmett better than anyone else. He is completely predictable. You do your part. I’ll do mine and he’ll do his.”

“I really am psychotic for considering this. If I die I won't forgive you, you know!”

“Yes you will, you always do. You’re terrible at holding grudges.”

Despite his confidence I was nervous all week waiting for the big event. When Saturday finally arrived my knees were shaking as Eddie drove me over to the clearing they used as the field. They continued to do so while we walked over to join the others. I received the same antagonistic stares as last time from Rosalie and Emmett. I imagined they were whispering the same things about what was I doing there.

I was grateful for the exceptions to this behavior. Esme glanced down at Eddie’s hand around mine and smiled warmly at us. Jasper flashed to our side.

“You guys are late. Teams’ve already been picked. Sorry big guy but you got Carlisle this time!” Jasper punched Eddie playfully in the shoulder.

“Is Carlisle a bad player?” I whispered unsure if he could hear me.

“No that’s just Jasper being cocky. Carlisle and him are always on separate teams just like Emmett and I are to keep things fair,”

“Is everyone going to play?” I glanced at tiny little Alice standing in front of Emmett arguing over who kicked off first last time. Then I remembered my duty here was going to be a thousand times more dangerous than hers. Oh and she hated me. That helped dispel the pity.

“Yep, everyone gets involved. Esme is actually a fantastic cornerback.”

I looked to Esme surprised. She laughed all chimes and warmth.

“Get your game face on,” Eddie whispered to me before running out to the field.

“Right,” I said under my breath. Then I turned to Jasper, “Whose team am I on?”

He straight up laughed at me. “I’m afraid you might be out of your league with this one, D. You can referee but only if you don’t throw the game for Edward.”

I pouted and tried to look miserable. Jasper gave in very easily.

“Fine, you can be on Edward’s team so the numbers are even just don’t . . . get yourself killed or anything,”

I smiled pleased. Emmett sauntered over to us and glared down at me.

“I think I’ll just go stand over on the other side of the field,” I laughed nervously.

“Are we ever going to start this?” Emmett demanded of Jasper.

“Take it easy, big guy, we’re going,”

“Eager to lose?” Eddie teased him as they all joined him on the field.

Emmett just snorted. It sounded like a freight train. I gulped.

Vampire football is a little different from what I was used to watching on Sundays. There was no out of bounds. Sometimes Emmett threw the ball clear out of my sight to the ever ready hands of Rosalie. Somehow she always came back with it. the only rule was that you had to be in the clearing when the other team tackled you or the ball was put back on the line of scrimmage. The plays lasted much longer. Eddie would zigg-zagg all over the field and up trees to find an opening to the end zone which Jasper guarded something like a goalie. He usually just managed to inch out of Emmett’s gigantic grasp. If they ever did crash together the earth quake came just like I suspected but it still made me jump a mile up into the air every time. It was even more surprising when Alice would throw herself at Jasper and the noise was just as great.

Eddie was actually a very good quarterback just like he claimed. The ball always flew exactly where he wanted it to. He scored his first possession. I cheered from my spot safely on the fringe of the game. Unfortunately Emmett’s strength was unbeatable. Not even a direct hit from Eddie could keep him down and he scored just as easily. There were no first downs. Each team had only three tries to score or they had to kick it away. Unfortunately on the third down of Eddie’s second possession Esme swatted the ball away from Alice at the last second and soon Emmett’s team took the lead. Eddie made a comeback and the teams yelled playful insults as the lead switched back and forth. It was by far the best football game I had ever seen. I got so caught up in being an innocent bystander I forgot about my play until the final drive of the game. The score was 42 to 35 Emmett’s team. Eddie had only one chance left to score. That’s when he looked at me and made the signal. My moment of truth arrived. I placed myself firmly on the two yard line. No chances, I had to be close. Jasper still stood close to me but I believed Eddie when he said Jasper wouldn’t be the one to try something. I was ready.

And yet I had this strange feeling that something bad was about to happen.

“Hey Dolly,” I jumped as Jasper magically appeared in front of me.

“Hey sorry, do you mind standing down by the twenty the wind shifted and you’re making it hard for me to concentrate."

I was shocked at the request. He so casually asked me to move so that he wouldn’t be tempted to eat me. I wondered if I misheard or something. I recovered though and gave a nervous laugh “Uhhh sure . . .” I moved away but still kept my eye on him like he was going to laugh and say just kidding, but he seemed perfectly serious. I moved further down the field and he flashed back to his spot in the middle. I shook off the bizarre request and turned my focus to the game. I saw Eddie meet my glare with a look that clearly said “What are you doing?”

Crap. I had forgotten about the play in the bizarre ten second conversation with Jasper. Now I was too far away from the end zone.

“Let’s go Eddie! Too scared?” Emmett demanded impatiently.

“You wish! Set hike!”

I had no choice I let off like a rocket back to the end zone. I concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other as fast as I could. I was too preoccupied to notice the sounds of the scuffle behind me had stopped or Emmett’s deep voice as he said “What the?”

When I was ten yards away from the end zone I looked over my shoulder. The ball was already flying at me. I watched it as it practically floated into my fingers. I didn’t have to do anything. It was that good of a throw. I didn’t miss a step as I clutched it to my chest.

First trial being over I concentrated on the really crucial part. I strained my ears for the command word expecting it to come at any second but it didn’t I covered the next five yards. I only had a few more steps and I was home free. Yet I was sure the command was coming. I could feel what was about to happen and I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the end zone. It was only four more yards. Three more.

“Drop!” the command finally came and I didn’t hesitate. My body instantly responded to his voice. I didn’t even slow down as I flung myself to the ground. The air in my lungs swooshed out of me as I hit the ground at the same time I felt a great rush of wind flying over me. There was a loud crash a little ways away which I ignored as I scrambled back up to my feet and skipped the last couple of yards to the end zone.

I jumped up in triumph and let out a cry of exultation before spiking the ball. Eddie was at my side in a flash. He scooped me up in this arms and twirled me around.

“I told you, you wouldn’t die!”

I looked over to where I heard the crash and saw Emmett climbing out of a mess of branches and debris that used to be a tree.

“He was going to do that to me?” I looked at the destruction sure I wouldn’t have survived that. Eddie just laughed.

“You got guts, kid!” Emmett boomed as he marched over. “That was a hell of a play.”

Eddie winked at me.

“But you still didn’t win! It’s only a tie!”

“Oh I don’t know about that Emmett,” Jasper joined in “I think there should be a new rule that all points scored by a human count as double,”

“I heartily agree. Dolly definitely earn that win, but I don’t think you should be so reckless with her, Edward,” Esme added sternly followed by a warm smile.

“I knew she could handle it,” he said mussing up my hair playfully.

“You got some good hands there little one. Where’d you learn to play?” Emmett asked conversationally.

I was ecstatic that Emmett was talking to me but I really didn’t want to be answering that question. My stepfather was the one who taught me but all memories with him were tainted.

Instead I shrugged. “I think it had more to do with the pass.”

“Uh-huh” Emmet elbowed his brother in the ribs and gave him a loaded look “Nice pass! Although I still think it was all cheating. She wasn’t even playing and she was offsides!”

Eddie argued back that the rules were different for me but I quit listening when I noticed that the rest of the family had disappeared. Emmet, Esme, Jasper, Eddie and I were all standing in the end zone but Carlisle, Rosalie and Alice were nowhere to be seen. Eddie of course noticed my searching and squeezed my hand. I still had to focus and complete the mission, securing our win.

“Perhaps I should go pro be the next Jerry Rice!”

Emmett dove right into the bait. He quizzed me on my football knowledge for a half hour straight until Eddie reminded them about my human needs.

“Oh alright you can take her but we’ll be ready for you next time! No more freebees!” Emmett bellowed as a farewell.

© 2010 Charlie

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