Made of Glass Chapter 26

Made of Glass Chapter 26

A Chapter by Charlie

When jealous vampires attack!!!


I had hoped that Rosalie would just give up once she became the sole survivor of the dark side. The opposite seemed to be true. It’s liked she was working extra hard to make up for everyone else. She mastered the death glare while she was in the room with me which was not all that often because mostly whenever I walked into some place she stood up and walked straight out. She was constantly trying to get in the way of the plans I made with the other members of the family. Mostly this only worked with Emmett which I could understand but she got tickets for a concert with Eddie or a fashion show with Alice right when we were supposed to be going to a movie or having a nice romantic dinner just a little too often and it was really starting to grind on my nerves.

Eddie and I decided the way to get to her was through her cars. I was really the one to propose it. Mostly so I could play with the cars not so I would bring Rosalie over. I thought it would be a win, win. But she wouldn’t take any of the bait. She would not be left alone with me and she would not let me anywhere near her babies. It was quite frustrating.

I couldn’t help but shoot her dirty glances in response to her hostile ones. Time spent at the Cullen’s would be so fabulous if it wasn’t for her. She was ruining everything. I was in danger of disliking her just as much as she disliked me.

“Something wrong?” Eddie asked me when we got back to my apartment after an afternoon of exchanging death glares with her.

“No,” I snapped at him. My angry thoughts towards Rosalie were tainting my mood.

“Really?” he said good humored. Luckily Eddie wasn’t taking it personally.

“You don’t have to stay tonight,” I told him while trying to calm myself down.

“I think I had better.”

“You have that trip next week to get ready for. I know Emmett expects you to help restock the supplies tonight.”

“He’ll understand.”

“Eddie I’m fine. Really just go,” I said successfully keeping the anger out of my voice.

Eddie took a long examination of me.

“If you insist. Call me if you need anything.”

“Will do,” I vaguely waved to him as I walked into the kitchen to fix myself some dinner.

In the end I was feeling too angry to bother with more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then I got too frustrated with the peanut butter to finish that task so I ended up with a mainly jelly sandwich.

I need a good book to cheer myself up.

I walked into the living room and noticed the window was hanging open. I knew what that meant: vampire visitor.

“Eddie?” I called frustrated.

“Did you think he would come back when you asked him not to?”

I spun around as the melodic voice came from somewhere behind. I gasped as I took in Rosalie in all her perfect glory, standing in my crappy bare kitchen leaning casually against the island.

“He does everything you say, you know.” She said examining her bright red nails.

That was completely untrue. Like she would know she was too busy avoiding us and glaring at me to know anything about our relationship.

What could she be doing here alone? This was not good. I felt the need for a weapon to defend myself.

“I presume you’re wondering what I’m doing here.”

I managed a nod.

“I’m rather offended you left me for the last target in your little project. Although I guess it’s smartest to do it that way. Edward had to know I wouldn’t be willing.”

“So you didn’t come over to offer a truce?” I asked without believing that was her goal for a second.

“Oh heavens no.” she slowly pushed off the counter and then flashed across the room to stand several inches in front of me. “I’ve come to convince you to leave.”

I snorted. “Good luck with that.”

It wasn’t the right thing to say. In movements too quick for me to see she put one had around my throat and pushed me roughly against the wall. I clawed at her hand as it cut off my airway passages.

So Rosalie was what was going to kill me? This was the worst way to die yet!

“I’m not going to kill you tonight,” Rosalie said in her dark beautiful voice.

I didn’t believe that for a second either. I should keep some wooden stakes in the apartment.

“I just want to talk,” she continued on. She loosened her hold around my neck just enough so that I could gasp in a couple of breaths.

“Talking probably won't work out so well this way,” I rasped at her.

“I meant I am going to talk. You are going to listen. You can do that right?”

I wanted to be difficult. I didn’t want to go along with anything she said. I wanted to plug my ears and say “la la la” just so she wouldn’t get what she wanted.

But fear has a way of controlling your actions despite what you want most.

I nodded meekly.

“Do you know why I hate you so much?” Rosalie asked in a calm monotone voice.

I shook my head no.

“At first it was petty. I was jealous that Edward liked you more than me."

Seriously? She was killing me for that! It was petty!

“He was meant for me you know. That’s why I became this way. But he wouldn’t have any of me. My whole life, my real life,” she clarified “thrown away for some boy who wouldn’t get me the time of day. It’s not like I wanted him but I had never been rejected like that before. I hated him for it for a while. But then I found Emmett so things all went well for a while. I thought something was fundamentally wrong with him. He wasn’t capable of love and it had nothing to do with me. But then you came along and he feel head over heels.” She looked me up and down with a dirty sneer on her face.

“For a nobody. A broken skinny twerp. Barely a woman.”

Hey now. That was below the belt.

“I got over that though. Edward is never what I wanted. Emmett works wonders on my selfishness issues. He talked me out of hating you for that reason. But at the same time he talked me into something much worse. It is one thing for you to have Edward wrapped around your finger but Emmett too? How could he choose you over me? How could the entire family choose you over me?”

“Emmett loves you,” I pleaded. “He cares so much more for you than he does for me.”

For what reason I had no idea. How someone so sweet as Emmett could go for someone so evil I didn’t understand but hey to each his own.

“I know that!” Rosalie shouted at me. Then calmed down and continued. “So why isn’t he on my side? Why can't he see what a danger you are to this family? Why doesn’t anyone understand that you aren’t one of us? You can't ever be a Cullen. You need to stop trying.”

“I’m not going to become a vampire,” I thought that might be what she was getting at.

“You aren’t a vampire. You’re a human. You don’t belong in our world.”

That didn’t make any sense to me. We weren’t in different worlds. It’s not like in my reality vampires didn’t exist. There were vampires here just like there were humans over where she was at.

“I belong with Eddie,” I said determined. After all the trouble I had admitting that to him the words seemed right, here in this near death situation.

Again it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. With the smallest flick of her risk she flung me across the room and I slammed into the wall on the other side of the apartment. Pain rocketed through my body as I slumped to the floor. I tried to push myself back up but my arms wouldn’t do what I told them to.

“I can't reason with you.” Rosalie continued in her unaffected voice “You can't understand. I don’t need you to understand what my problems with you are. What I do need you to understand is this.”

She appeared a few inches in front of my face again, pulling me up so I could look in her suddenly deep red eyes. She breathed her words at me.

“You are not welcome here. You take your stuff and you get out or I will force you to. You do it now. I don’t want you saying goodbye to Edward or anyone. It shouldn’t take you too long to get all your stuff together. You gather it up and you get the hell out of Washington. If you don’t I will do it for you. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Good,” she stalked away toward the door. “I had better not see you ever again,” she called over her shoulder before she disappeared.

I really hated that woman.


The next morning I arranged and rearranged a scarf around my neck to cover all the bruises. There were five long distinct marks where her fingers had gripped me. My voice was a little raspy but I could just chalk that up to a bad cold. Besides the bruises covering the entire back side of my body there were no serious injuries. I was a bit uncomfortable but it could have been so much worse and better still no one would know if only I could cover up the marks on my neck.

I ripped the scarf all the way off my neck and started over again. It was really much too nice out for scarves. It would be weird for me to be wearing one all week. I didn’t really have a choice though. Maybe people would assume I was just covering up a hicky. That was a lot easier to swallow than a vampire tried to kill me last night.

Of course that wouldn’t work with Eddie. There was no hope of keeping this from him. He was going to be here in a couple of minutes and he was going to be furious. I racked my brain again searching for a good excuse. I fell down the stairs and landed on my neck just didn’t quite cut it.

I hunched my shoulders up and tucked my chin into my chest. That covered up all the marks.

I sighed and tugged at the scarf again.

Maybe if I just came clean and told Eddie the truth he would go kill his sister for me. That would be nice. No more Rosalie to deal with. Then Emmett would probably be sad though. Maybe that was a good thing. Maybe Emmett was better off without Rosalie he just didn’t know it.

That wouldn’t work either. There had to be some reason the Cullens kept Rosalie around. They would probably all miss her. Hell maybe even Eddie would miss her. After he was done killing her I mean.

No none of this was going to work. Rosalie was a part of the family and I wasn’t going to be splitting them up. I was just going to have to make this scarf work. I started over again.

“What happened?!” Eddie asked shocked from the doorway of the bathroom.

I jumped a foot in the air clutching the scarf to my neck. “What did I say about knocking?” I scolded him.

He walked into the bathroom and ripped the scarf away from my neck. His eyes were wide with horror.

“I fell on my neck?” I tried.

“Rosalie did this to you?!” he demanded. He could smell her all over the apartment. There was no way I could deny it.

I shook my head slowly. “Nope.” Technically there was a way. Just not a way I could hope would work.

“Dolly!” he snapped at me.

“Hey don’t be angry with me! I didn’t do this to myself!” I grabbed the scarf again and hastily wrapped it around my neck. It was actually the best job I had done yet. I gave a satisfied grunt and pushed past Eddie out of the bathroom. I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator searching for something to eat.

Eddie stood in the doorway working his mouth in shock.

“Don’t give yourself a hemorrhage, man,” I cautioned him.

“What happened?!” he demanded again through clenched teeth.

I shrugged. “I don’t remember.” I said with my nose up in the air. He wasn’t going to get it out of me.

“This is serious, Dolly!”

I pulled out a left over piece of pizza from a few nights ago and took a bite out of it. I promptly threw it in the trashcan while checking to see if all my teeth were intact. It might have been more than a few nights ago. I went back to rummaging through the fridge very pointedly avoiding eye contact with Eddie and ignoring his heavy breathing. His lack of movement was making me very nervous.

Then he just stopped fuming at me and turned to the door.

"Where are you going?” he definitely shouldn’t have given up that easily.

“To someone who does remember.”

Eep. That wasn’t any good. I ran after him and tugged on his arm. He just continued walking completely ignorant to the fact that I was pulling with all my strength. He dragged me down the stairs and out the door.

“You should take it easy on her!” I said giving up trying to stop him.

He finally stopped and turned on me. “So Rosalie did do this to you?”

“Did I say Rosalie?” I said backtracking from my mistake.

“I’m going to find out! Why don’t you just tell me?”

I stuck my tongue out at him.

He trudged off again and I helplessly chased after him.

It was a tense drive to the house. I feared for the poor steering wheel Eddie was gripping it so hard. He glanced over at me every few seconds. I couldn’t tell if he was concerned or angry or confused or a little of everything. I met each glare with a peppy smile.

Maybe I should tell him hufflelumps attacked in the middle of the night and Rosalie saved me by . . . grabbing my neck . . . and yanking me out of the way. He probably wouldn’t buy that either.

I tried to stop Eddie one last time when we arrived at the mansion by claiming it was leprechauns but he barged right in the door. For being a mythical being himself he sure wasn’t willing to believe in much else outside the ordinary.

Rosalie was standing in the entree way. I felt very smug as I noticed her eyes bug out when she saw me firmly attached to Eddie’s arm. I don’t know what she was thinking that scaring me away was going to work. First, her only opportunity to kill me was last night and she missed that so I had nothing to worry about now. Second, physical violence wasn't new to me and not the best weapon to threaten me with. Third, I hung out with vampires. I didn’t scare easy.  It was a stupid plan.

She made a low hissing sound at me which was immediately drown out by Edward’s furious roar. His angry face had appeared with red eyes and fangs bared. In the next heartbeat Edward ripped his arm away from me and jumped toward Rosalie. Emmett appeared between them restraining Edward as he struggled to get past him to his target.

I guess he didn’t like what he saw in her head.

“What have you done?” Edward growled toward her.

I was pretty surprised he could form words in his state. He seemed positively animal. I was so glad I wasn’t on the receiving end of that anger.

Rosalie swallowed and took a step backward with fear written all over her face. She did gets points for not making a run for it. I sure would have.

“You monster!” Edward yelled again gradually pushing Emmett back.

I was quite impressed that anyone could out muscle the hulk. He was freakin amazing.

Yeah, that was my boyfriend.

Abruptly Emmett lost the struggled and was thrown across the room smashing through the wall. The perfectly spotless wall. I wondered if Esme’s talents extended to rebuilding walls as well as removing stains. It probably happened more than this once. I hoped this was a typical thing anyway and one that could be brought under control quickly.

I thought Rosalie was done for, for a split second but suddenly Carlisle and Jasper appeared in the room. They each planted a firm grip on each of Edward’s arms.

“You’ll never touch her again,” Edward seethed. He certainly had a one track mind. He didn’t even spare a glance at Carlisle and Jasper he just twisted and jerked frantically to try and escape them while keeping his bright red eyes trained on Rosalie. It was pretty clear Carlisle and Jasper were losing too. Carlisle was trying to call Edward back to himself with soothing words but Edward wasn’t hearing any of it.

"Oh come on, guys. What are we cave men? Who solves their problems through fisticuffs anymore? Wouldn't talking be better?" I was pretty sure I was talking to myself. No one could hear my pleas over the ruckus the boys were making.

It was past time to stop this. I had already decided Rosalie wasn’t going to die. She made some bad choices but she was a Cullen. That meant she wasn’t a bad person. Desperate actions needed to be taken.

I made a big circle around the three struggling vampires and planted myself midway between Rosalie and Edward.

“Eddie.” I said calmly.

He didn’t even spare me a glance.

“Dolly, you need to get out of here,” Carlisle demanded of me looking thoroughly exhausted.

It was probably a good suggestion but I knew something he didn’t. I was capable of pulling Edward out of this state. I had done this once before. Instead of stepping away I moved closer standing just inches away from Edward as he thrashed about angrily. I pulled his chin down so that he had to look directly into my eyes.

“Knock it off,” I said firmly staring straight into his bright red eyes.

He immediately stopped struggling and stood up straighter. Slowly his angry face slid away and Eddie returned to me. Eventually golden eyes were staring back into mine.

“I’m going to be late for class,” I told him.

Just because he was out of angry face mode didn’t mean he was done being angry. “Dolly, she was way out of line,” His eyes flicked up to Rosalie but I demanded his attention again.

“Deal with it later. I’m going to be late.”

“She doesn’t deserve your help.”

I punched him once on the shoulder hurting my hand. “Bad vampire! Get in the car!”

Abruptly his anger vanished and he was laughing. “I’ll take you to class but I’m not letting this go.”

“Whatever. I have to get a new book. I’ll meet you back in the car." Eddie disappeared and I turned back to Rosalie. I wanted to say something very mean to her but I was never very good at insults so instead I just stuck my tongue out and headed upstairs to the library. Jasper stopped me with a hand on my arm.

“How did you do that?” he asked in awe.

“Do what?” I asked looking down at my arm where he was touching me.

He dropped his hold on me. “That with Edward?”

“Weren’t you there?” I said confused at why he would be confused.

“When we lose our tempers there’s nothing that can take us off the hunt until we burn ourselves out. Usually Rosalie loses a limb or two before we can drag Eddie off of her. But back there he just did exactly what you said.” Good, so this was a normal thing. That made me feel a lot less guilty.

“This happens a lot?”

“The boy overreacts,” Rosalie said drily.

“Not this time,” I said glaring at her. She tried to play it off but I knew she was feeling very frightened. Everyone in the room was pretty scared actually and confused as well.

“What are you still doing here?” Rosalie asked angrily.

“I’m not leaving.”

“What’s going on?” Carlisle interrupted our little staring match.

“You’ll have to ask her. Eddie is waiting for me.” I handed my book to Carlisle. “I’ll come back for another later.”

I ran out the door toward the car.

I did end up explaining the whole incident to Eddie in detail. I tried to ignore his reactions as best I could but there was no ignoring the fact that he was furious. Angrier than I had ever seen him before. It took a lot of pleading to keep him from going back to the house that day. I knew he needed more time to think this through before he could stand to be in Rosalie’s company again. We actually argued about it. Not just on the ride to school or during the free time I had between class and work or during the few minutes I could spare with him when I was working. No we argued about it all the way up till I was climbing into bed that night.

“I can't believe you’re defending her!”

“I’m not saying what she did is okay-“

He cut me off, “It sure as hell was not okay!”

“Edward, you’re too angry to think about this logically.”

“Logically?! I don’t want to think about it logically! She doesn’t deserve logic. She deserves to be short a couple of limbs for a little while!”

“And what would that fix?”

“It would make me feel better!”

“And this is all about you, huh? It certainly wouldn’t make me feel better!”

I was really getting tired of this. We weren’t saying anything new and neither of us were giving any ground. I needed a new approach.

“She was just doing what she thought was best for her family,” That certainly wasn’t new. I had said that like fourteen times before. I knew exactly how Eddie was going to respond.


I cringed. I hated it when Eddie cussed. It didn’t suit him at all.

“She was not doing this for the family! She was doing it for herself!”

“She didn’t really hurt me,” I said again. I was calling no harm no foul in this thing but Eddie had a different definition of harm.

“You have bruises all over! How is that not being hurt?”

“She could have killed me! That would have solved her problems.”

“Oh no it wouldn’t! It would have opened up a whole new world of problems for her,” Eddie was pacing violently up and down the small space in my living room. I was afraid the floor was going to give way to him.

I needed to practice arguing more often so that I knew how to end these things quickly and in my favor.

“Alright I’m done trying to convince you,” I gave up. “Just do this for me alright? Try and think about someone else besides you and Rosalie. Think how ripping her arms off would hurt other people. It wouldn’t really solve anything anyway.”

I should have left that last part off. It was the part he latched onto.

“It would stop her from doing it again!”

“You really think she’s going to do it again?” I laughed.

Eddie looked like his head was going to explode.

“How can you not be taking this seriously? She threatened your life!”

“She was never going to kill me,” I said waving my hand to shoo away that line of thought.

“How do you know that?”

“Because she’s a Cullen. She’s a good person. That means she’s feeling bad about this whole thing right now and she’s never going to do it again. Better yet she saw she can't scare me off and she’s never going to try it again. I’ve beat her. I don’t see any reason to rub salt in the wounds.”

I retreated to the bathroom and shut the door in Eddie’s face to prove the fact that I really was done arguing my point.

I could still hear him pacing as I brushed my teeth. He was hopeless. This was never going to end.

Then the pacing ended. Maybe I spoke to soon. I peeked my head out of the bathroom. Eddie sat in the too small folding chair with his head in his hands.

All this time I had been telling him to look at the situation from my point of view and I had never considered his side of thing. What was probably the most important thing to him in the entire world had been seriously threatened last night and by someone else he loved. If he couldn’t even protect me from his own family, how was any of this going to work?

I walked behind the chair and wrapped my arms his neck.

“I really am fine,” I whispered to him.

He rubbed my arm gently with one icy hand.

“I’m so sorry, Dolly,” he sounded miserable. I preferred him angry over this.

“Chalk it up to the hazards of being in love with a vampire.”

“You’re life shouldn’t have to be this dangerous,” I didn’t like this line of thinking.

“I prefer it this way. Makes things more exciting.”

Eddie turned around in his seat and took my face between his hands. His gaze flicked back and forth between my two big blue eyes.

“Why don’t you and I go talk to her tomorrow,” I suggested. “And when I say talk I mean with words and all body parts firmly attached. Until then perhaps you had better stay the night here.”

“I’m never leaving your side again,” Eddie promised.

“There could be problems with that,” I joked. But I was glad he wasn’t leaning toward the other solution to this problem. The solution where he left my side permanently.

Eddie gently kissed me before whisking me off to bed.

© 2012 Charlie

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