Made of Glass Chapter 28

Made of Glass Chapter 28

A Chapter by Charlie

In the dark of the night evil will find her, find her. in the dark of the night just before dawn. Soon she will feel that her nightmares are real. In the dark of the night terror comes true. Doom her!


I disliked closing up the bar less and less the more often I did it. For the first time in my life I preferred being with people more than being alone. Well being with Eddie. A lot of times when I had to close Eddie would stay and help me out but Eddie and his family had departed for their hunting trip that afternoon. After a bitter goodbye (not really sure why goodbyes are said to be bittersweet. There was nothing sweet about it) they all packed up and drove off to some God forsaken forest with large beasties to kill without me. It was the first time I felt I was missing something by not being a vampire. But I was still glad that Eddie was going. He had been skipping these trips for months to be with me. Finally he got a chance to be with his family like he should be. And it was only five days. He would be back before I knew it. Probably. Maybe not.

After Sara and Bucky departed for the night leaving me completely alone in the dark and empty bar I actually felt a little uneasy. An ancient building that was a very real health hazard, vampires, and a pretty blonde college girl, I mean come on. It all screamed horror movie. The day where I was going to be hacked into a hundred pieces was surely coming.

But then again my vampires were the good kind and I wasn’t a bimbo so maybe that meant I would be okay. At least that’s what I usually told myself.

Only tonight I felt especially creeped out. I was constantly looking over my shoulder and jumping at the slightest of sounds. I didn’t finish wiping down the tables before I decided that I needed to be locked up tight in my apartment. I laughed at myself for being such a woosie It was probably just because Eddie was away that I was so wigged out. I tried to rationalize as best I could but I still couldn’t shake the anxious feelings.

Up in my room I triple checked that the deadbolt was locked and shut the windows tight before slipping into the shower. I wasn’t able to thoroughly enjoy the heat as it attempted to ease away the tenseness in my shoulders. I rushed through it and jumped into my sweat pants and t-shirt. I ran my toothbrush over my teeth quickly but didn’t bother to floss. I don’t know why I thought my bed would be a safer place than my bathroom but I was certainly in a rush to get there. I had to restrain myself from sprinting into the bedroom.

Once I stepped into the doorway I stopped on the balls of my feet. My bedroom window was wide open, a sure sign a vampire had entered. I thought back for a moment and tried to convince myself I had left it open but couldn’t manage it. I had checked it twice.

But there were no vampires in Washington right now. So who?

“Eddie?” he must have come back early and was just teasing me. I took a calming breath that did absolutely nothing because he didn’t respond. I stood frozen for a solid minute listening to the absolute silence.

“Edward,” I whispered.

“Guess again,” an unfamiliar male voice said from behind me. Before I had time to spin around my vision started to fade away into darkness and numbness over took my whole body. I opened my mouth and commanded my lungs to scream bloody murder but heard nothing. I heard absolutely nothing at all anywhere in the world. I tried to move away from my unknown visitor but couldn’t find my body in the blackness. It was like someone had suddenly shut off all of my senses.

I relaxed quickly when I realized I was just dreaming. Either that or I was having a stroke. I hadn’t read up on strokes yet but I thought they mostly affected older people or at least not 19 year olds in perfect health. Actually I had gone through a lot of head trauma when I was little so maybe I just had a delayed hemorrhage. Still unlikely. I was just asleep it was just that this was unlike any dream I had ever had before. And it was dull. There was absolutely nothing. It was like being lost in space. No, lost in space would be better because at least you would have the cold to distract you.

I decided very quickly I didn’t like it and I needed it to stop and abruptly it did. The world suddenly came back to me. I was in a heap on the floor of my bedroom right where I was supposed to have been. So I wasn’t dreaming so that meant . . .

I bolted upright to see a large unfamiliar figure standing in my doorway. I didn’t get a clear look at his face in the darkness but I could tell he was staring at me in deep concentration with a little trace of confusion wrinkling his brow. These were all side thoughts though mainly I was just freaking out because the man in front of me had the brightest red eyes I had ever seen. I attempted a scream again but before anything came out I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head and darkness took me.

This time it was just normal sleep. Normal for someone who had been knocked out anyway.


The next time I came to I sat bolt upright all the terror from last night was coursing through me again. I certainly wasn’t safe and comfy in my bed. In fact I had no idea where I was and my hands were bound behind my back. Two things that immediately suggest to me that I had been kidnapped although I wasn’t really willing to accept that theory yet. Who would want to kidnap me? It’s not like you could ransom me? I had no money and no family to give money for me.

Finally I thought of that man in my apartment. I had been kidnapped by a vampire? Also, very strange. Wouldn’t they just eat me on the spot. Dude! Maybe it was a henchmen for Rosalie taking advantage of Eddie’s time away from me!

Probably not. I believed that she would stick to our understanding. But what then?

I was in a perfectly square unfurnished room that looked like it belonged in a log cabin. The scent of pine was heavily ingrained in the ground below me. I looked around and appeared to be the only one in the room. There was only one window next to what I assumed was the front door and then two other doors leading off to other rooms of the house, I guessed.

I groaned while I tested each of my body parts to see if anything was broken or missing. I had been laying in an awkward position on the hard wood floor for way too long and had pains all up and down my back but other than that and a dull ache in my head I felt fine.

I twisted around to try and see what was holding my hands together. It felt like a zip tie and wouldn’t give in the slightest when I tugged on it.

When I looked back up my heart stopped.

There before me was a gruff looking man with a dark lumberjack beard and shoulders to match. Yet his features were oddly beautiful. He had on heavily worn jeans and a leather jacket that hung open over a well formed chest that rivaled Emmett’s.

“Good morning,” he said politely. I matched his voice to the mysterious one from the night before. So this was my kidnapper. A shiver ran down my spine.

I didn’t exactly know how to respond to his greeting. What do you want? Sounded so cliché.

“Mornin’” I attempted to smile back.

“My name is James,” he looked at me expectantly.

“Dolly,” I said more confused.

“It’s a pleasure. I’m sure you’re wondering what you’re doing here,” he talked in a very deep voice but in a completely non-threatening manner.

“Well yes, I’m rather curious,” I was so proud of myself that I was capable of making full sentences.

“You’re kind of strange aren’t you?” he stood halfway across the empty room absolutely still. He didn’t approach me or make any sort of threatening movements as we talked.

“Uhhh . . . yes, but I think you might be the stranger in this situation.”

“I appreciate you not screaming.”

“I’m still contemplating it. Not sure if anyone would hear me though,” I peered out the one window and could only see evergreens. I guessed we were in a cabin in the mountains somewhere. That would be where I would go if I were going to kidnap someone. Definitely some place no one could hear my kidnapee’s scream.

“You’re absolutely correct. We’re miles away from civilization so nothing you do now would really help you.”

I doubted that very much. I hadn’t given much thought as to how to kill vampires after that one conversation with Eddie but I wasn’t about to give up.

“What do you want?” I was going to have to ask it eventually.

“Nothing from you really.”

“Great! Then I can just go!” I said faking a little cheer. It had been what worked in the past.

“Oh sorry, I misspoke. Nothing you can give me. I want the Cullens.”

“The who?” I hadn’t read any pamphlets on what to do when you’re being held hostage lately but I think playing dumb might be one of the suggestions.

Finally he crossed the room in four giant steps and crouched down to look me directly in the eyes. He took my chin between his thumb and forefinger. I flinched away from his touch but he held me firm.

“Let’s not play stupid, sugar. It’s insulting to me and a waist of effort for you. Trust me I’ve done my homework.” Uh-oh. Term of endearment. The bashing in of the head was coming for sure this time.

“Are you sure? I think you might be over estimating their attachment to me.”

His hand whipped out so quickly I completely missed the movement as he slapped me across the face. It stung a bit but I was grateful nonetheless. He certainly could have removed my jaw from the rest of my skull easily enough if he wanted to. Finally, my hypothesis about strangers calling you sugar was confirmed, and I wasn't just being paranoid after all.

“I told you to stop that. Lying doesn’t become you. I'm well aware of the situation. Trust me they’ll come for you.”

I think intimidation might be another thing they tell you to try in the pamphlets. Okay no. That probably isn’t one but I didn’t feel like being meek. It’s pretty difficult to intimidate anyone when you’re barely a hundred pounds let alone when your target is a vampire. I was going to have to get creative.

“Well then you know there are seven of them. I hope you have some back-up around here,” actually I really hoped he didn’t but I knew that was unrealistic. I just needed to see what I was up against. Getting away from one vampire would be hard but if there were seven of them I was going to have to channel Houdini or something.

“Don’t you worry about that one, sugar. I’ve worked out the whole thing. Many long grueling hours have gone into planning this event. I’ve calculated my success and it is assured.”

“Oh well if you put so much work into it perhaps you’d like to brag a little about it to me?”

Get more information was definitely one of the things they tell you to do.

James threw his head back and let out a deep roll for a laugh. Then suddenly he was back across the room and disappeared behind one of the doors. He was back in half a second holding a wooden chair. He brought it back to me and yanked me up by my upper arm and plopped me down into it. It was a very welcome change.

“You are a very funny girl. The fact that you know as much as you do about our kind and you’re still thinking of ways to get away. It’s astounding how stupidly determined humans can be. If I was as weak and disgusting as your kind I would probably just lie down and die in a ditch somewhere.”

Well he didn’t have to be a jerk about this. He was clearly winning no need to kick the loser in the gut or smack them around a bit.

“It’s a shame you didn’t follow through on your beliefs back when you were a human.”

“Be nice, now,” he raised his hand in a threatening gesture. I got the idea. If you don’t have anything nice to say you get one right across the face.

“You’re not being nice. Why should I have to be?” just because I understood it didn’t mean I was willing to follow his rules.

“I can't say I understand what your boy sees in you. Humans are way too much effort,” his voice trailed off as he looked me deep in the eyes with a look of concentration I recognized. I felt a tingling at the back of my spine as he tried to use his powers against me.

“That won't work against me. I’m vampire-proof,” I said smugly.

James laughed while striking me across the face again. “We both know that isn’t true. Although this is very strange to me. How is it you don’t seem to be affected in the slightest?”

“I'm a very funny girl,” I said tasting blood in my mouth. My smart a*s attitude was going to be detrimental to my health.

James continued to look at me for another long moment before unexpectedly breaking off the stare said indifferently “You stay here and be quiet. Laurent here,” he directed my attention to another corner of the room where another large man had suddenly appeared “will be watching over you. Just in case you decide to be stupid.”

“Do you have somewhere to be?” I asked politely.

He just smiled at me before disappearing.

I suppressed my sigh. Well I wasn’t going to get anywhere with him anyway. Time to turn my attention to my new friend Laurent. He was a little smaller than James but was dressed in similar rugged attire. He had a smaller goatee instead of the full beard. I suspected he couldn’t pull off the James’s look. His short dirty blonde hair was in a mess all around his head. He stared at me with great intensity but there was something lacking in his eyes. Clearly James was brains of this duo. I could get something from Laurent. Also, a good deal of the fear left along with James. Don’t get me wrong being in a room with a strange vampire was never going to be completely scare-free but I was getting really good at ignoring those feelings.

“Hey there, Laurent. My name’s Dolly,” I greeted him cheerfully.

He grunted at me.

“I’m a bit thirsty. You guys have any consumables for humans around here?”

He didn’t respond.

“You know you can't really use me as bait if I die from starvation.”

“Humans don’t die that quickly.”

“Really? How do you know?”

He didn’t know. He shifted his weight. This was progress.

“Listen I don’t know how long you plan on keeping me here but I’m going to need some basic essentials. I am human and I can't just sit around in a room for days like a vampire.”

“The boss says you stay put.”

“Fair enough, all I am asking for is a glass of water. You could bring it to me. Please,” I tacked on the end.

He didn’t say anything for a few moments while I smiled innocently at him pleading with my eyes.

“Victoria,” he finally said. I thought he was addressing me because he said it in exactly the same tone he used in our conversation but a wild looking Amazonian type woman appeared in the doorway immediately afterward. So that makes three. Things were not looking good.

She had bright red hair in a hectic array falling just past her shoulders and small sharp features. I thought if she wasn’t a vampire she wouldn’t be counted amongst the beautiful.

“What is it, babe?” she addressed Laurent in a singsong voice that was very much at odds with her appearance.

 “We brought some water didn’t we?”

“Yep, it’s with the rest of the supplies in the kitchen.”

“Could you get her a glass?”

“She’s your charge you do it?” she sneered.

“I’m not supposed to leave her.”

“Oh wah.” She disappeared from the doorway.

Laurent glared at me.

“She seems like a nice girl,” I said with a smile.

He walked brusquely into one of the other two doors and reappeared in a few moments with a dirty glass half full of water. He held it out in front of me. I simply looked from the glass back up to Laurent then gave him my “come-on-now-lets-try-and-think-a-little-here” look. He went back to the kitchen and returned with a straw in the glass. I took a couple of dainty sips but wasn’t completely sure I wanted to be heedlessly gulping down everything they gave me.

“Thank you very much!”

“Now sit quietly.”

I sat without making a peep for an entire three minutes before I decided to work him down a little more.

"So . . . any idea how long I’ll be staying here?”

“No.” he said curtly.

“What do we have planned? Do you have a rough guesstimate?”


“That James dude looks like a bit of a fuddy-duddy. Is he a nice boss?”


“Oh that’s too bad. Do you know his problem with the Cullens?”

“You’re supposed to be quiet,” he said very ticked off.

“Why? You think someone’s gonna hear something? What is my talking hurting? I’m just trying to make this extremely dull situation a little more bearable for both of us.”

He didn’t respond.

“If I’m going to be here for days which I probably will considering the Cullens won't be back to notice I’m gone until at least Monday then you can't honestly expect us both to sit here without talking the entire time.”

“Some of us have more self-control than others,” This response didn’t come from Laurent but Victoria who had reappeared at Laurent’s side.

“You all set up?” Laurent asked.

“We’re all ready for the show,” she grinned from ear to ear. She redirected her gaze toward me with a smug glint in her eye. I was guessing I wasn’t going to like the show.

“Those poor Cullens will be dismembered before they even realize they’ve lost.”

I really was starting to hate this place.

© 2012 Charlie

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I mean, why would they take her? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted 9 Years Ago

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