A Poem by Dominique Lambright

My life in a nutshell and onward



For a many of years

I felt myself always wanting to be in tears

I kept feeling as if something was missing

Like there was a void insisting

Always sitting in thought trying to figure why I have so much fight

Seeking ways to make it into something useful so my words didn’t bite

So much of this pain I felt inside

Just wanting someone to be there by my side

Not even to go through the pain with me

Maybe someone to guide me to the tee

I had the guidance

My pride was just too advance

Didn’t much like following others

I watch my family have the worst of times and the best of times

The worst of times always had the biggest impact

 So when the best of times happened it was to make sure we stayed intact

My parents are the only stable relationship I know of

I’ve seen so many women in my family be without a man to take care of their child

And some would say that is mild

Compared to other women’s situations anyway
So I promised myself to not be just a baby mama

That void I felt time after time has almost diminished

But that’s also because I haven’t finished

Living life to the extent of all it can be

I have so much ahead of me

So many changes I have made to be where I am

To feel ok with whom I am

And some talk behind my back

The ones who shouldn’t, but have because they were set back

Judging the choices I have made

Quite frankly I’ve grown to let it in and release

It’s like breathing, which it’s come to what I expect

And I don’t think that’s what should connect

Loved ones, blood or no blood

But those are the thoughts that flood

The contents of my mind

Remember when I said I wondered why I had so much fight

I’ve figured it out, life is filled with judgment, and I haven’t had it light

I was being prepared for these very moments here

And I continue to face them head on because there’s no way I give in here

© 2013 Dominique Lambright

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Dominique Lambright
Honest comments, please and thank you

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I really enjoyed this one. There is just a sense of realness here. I feel like you are talking directly to me about your pain, your life, and your experiences. Even tho the tone is mellow (or at least that's the way I've interpreted it ) there is a subtle boldness in the thought of someone communicated their vulnerabilities to such a wide audience. On a side note that font is hard to read lol. I know its pretty and all but damn its not easy on the eyes lol. That would be my on critique: the font lol

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank U

8 Years Ago

Likewise :-)
Dominique Lambright

8 Years Ago

a couple spots could be addressed " I watched my family..."

"to feel okay with who i am"

in poetry better to write out all words rather than using the abbreviations.--

regardless of some slight errors...a really moving poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Dominique Lambright

8 Years Ago

Thank you for telling me. And for the second one I think word changed the "who" to "whom" and I just.. read more
jacob erin-cilberto

8 Years Ago

yes, Word is incorrect on that one...can't trust Word all the time...

really enjoy yo.. read more
i wonder why the worst of times always have the biggest impact...

and we can never get rid of the matter how much the times reverse themselves to good.


Posted 8 Years Ago

Dominique Lambright

8 Years Ago

Yea I have come to realize that you have to get through the bad before the good and unfortunately ou.. read more

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Dominique Lambright
Dominique Lambright

Milwaukee , WI

I am a creative and very active person. I like doing a lot at a time. To keep busy. I am goofy. I am multiple ethnicity but I am majority African American. I am a college student right now and cannot .. more..