Chapter 1- Another One

Chapter 1- Another One

A Chapter by Roslyn Rosalie

  I was reading Wuthering Heights when a couple walked in the orphanage. The lady was tall, blonde, slender, and perfect and the man was tall, brunette, muscular, and perfect. No surprise there. They were very young maybe 17 or 18.  Obviously they were looking for babies or younger kids; because why would two 18 year olds want a 13 year old Goth. Right. So Miss Grande, the owner of this devil home walked them over to me. She motioned me to flash a smile which I ignored but my twin brother Adam shoed all his white teeth. "That's Willow and her twin brother Adam." Miss Grande said pointing to us like we were show dogs. "Willow, Adam, this is Taylor and Peter Haddock." Taylor whispered something in Peter's ear.
  "We'll take them." He said looking at Miss Grande. Again show dog. Sigh.
  "Okay well let's do some papers. Mrs. Haddock you can help Willow and Adam get ready." Miss Grande took Peter's hand and led him in her office.
  "Hi I'm Adam." Adam, the kiss-up said. I mean he was a jock, popular, smart, class president you name it.
  "Hello Adam do you do any sports?" Taylor asked. This will Take a while.
  "I thought we were suppose to pack up and not socialize." I said bitterly.
  "Sorry about her, she's a bitter teenager." Adam chuckled. Taylor laughed along. I sighed and got my things together. I didn't like Taylor it's she's too perfect and seems like one of those cheerleaders who spill smoothies on you. Thank goodness it was summer no more blueberry. 
  Someone tapped on my shoulder and I turned around to see Peter. "Need help?" He offered with a sly smile. 
  "Yes." I muttered giving him my suitcase. In that suitcase contained something more important than my clothes but a picture of my parents before they died. Gosh I miss them. We walked outside and it was like that scene in that movie where that girl walks into the sunlight since like that many years. I have no clue what I'm talking about but the scene was in my head. "Which one is your car?" I questioned. Peter pointed to a silver Porsche. Wow. I got in the back seat to see Adam looking excited, I however was not. How are they so young and can pay for this stuff and how are they married? They look so young.
  "Taylor's awesome. She was a cheerleader and models." Adam whispered in my ear. I could've sworn I saw Taylor smile. 
  The drive was long and restless. Finally we pulled up to this mansion which looked like a huge castle for a princess. Probably Taylor. We all got out and Taylor and Peter carried all of it. Who knew Princess had it in her. Princess is Taylor if you're confused. The house was even prettier inside. it had a picture of Taylor and Peter on their wedding day. Taylor and a little baby. Hmm where was the baby. Probably with her parents. It was all creepy like something was missing. "Well how about we get to know each other." Peter suggested. Taylor a.k.a. Princess, Adam, am I sat down on the big couch. "Taylor you go first."
  "My name is Taylor Anne Region Haddock. I was born on March 5, 1992 so I'm 18. I'm from Germany but was born in England. I have a brother named Gregg and a sister named Eva." Princess said. So she was English German, wait what?
  "Who's she?" I said pointing to the picture of Taylor and the baby. Taylor had tears streaming down her face. Had I said something? She ran away crying. Okay Will nice job of making a good impression making your new mom cry. "Did I say something?" I asked. 
  "No it's just that was our daughter Katie before she died." Peter whispered. 
  "She died." I whispered. I now pitied Princess a.k.a. oh you get the idea! Peter ran upstairs. 
  "Look what you did Willow." Adam said.
Peter's Point Of View
  I ran upstairs to comfort my wife. Willow didn't mean to say anything I would've done the same thing.
  Taylor was in our room crying and obsessing over pictures of Katie. I really can't blame her. I  walked over to her and rubbed her back. "You okay?" I asked. She nodded. "Do you wanna go back downstairs?" She nodded to this also. Taylor took my hand and we walked downstairs. Willow had tears stripping her face. 
  "Willow don't cry." Taylor said wiping away her tears.
  "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything."
  "No it's okay. Mow on to my bio." I said sitting down with Taylor. "My name is Peter Anthony Haddock. I was born in Austria and moved here when I was 13." I said. "Now Willow."
  "My name is Willow Brooke Cain and now Haddock. I'm 13." Willow said.
  "I'm Adam Isaac Cain Haddock and I'm 13. Willow is my twin and 5 minutes older than me. I play every sport except Cricket. I never liked it." Adam said. I laughed.
  "Well then are you guys hungry?"

© 2010 Roslyn Rosalie

Author's Note

Roslyn Rosalie
Can you tell I like Wuthering Heights? I got the smoothie idea from Glee! Review!!!!!!!!!! I love it!
<3 DoneAllWrong

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Added on June 24, 2010
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Roslyn Rosalie
Roslyn Rosalie

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